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  • Cat C-B

    When I began writing about my spiritual experiences at Quaker Pagan Reflection, part of my doing so was so that there would be someone out there writing things about Paganism that I wanted to read. And I wanted to encourage a kind of open-minded, open-hearted discussion around religious life and experience I did not see in the Pagan world.

    I do think I’ve contributed a bit to creating that sort of online community. However, I want you to know, I am utterly and completely GOBSMACKED by your writing. I had the feeling as I read these three posts that I had when I saw Cherry Hill Seminary’s faculty expanding and thriving after I left that institution: a feeling of sadness at my own relative unimportance in the bigger scheme of things–for my accomplishments have been so far exceeded by others–and a surge of delight, that something I love and care about so much has such good work fostering it in the world.

    I love, love, love what you have to say, John. Even when I see the world differently, it is the kind of difference I long to unpack in a long, rambling discussion over mead and a bonfire some day… The kind of discussion I’ve missed in the online Pagan community for much too long.

    Thank you for writing about your world. I am really grateful you write… and that I’ve found your writing! Huzzah!

    • John Halstead

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cat. And honestly thank you for your blog too because it was one of a handful of blogs that did encourage me to start my own. I hope you don’t downplay your own work one bit. I know we’re all so miniscule in the “bigger scheme”, but when two people can make a connection in a discussion, it feels to me like the universe in a grain of sand that is that moment. Please keep up your writing.

    • John Halstead

      I left out “one of” in my original response. Yours was one of of the blogs that encouraged me and continues to do so.