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Coming Up: Guest Post by C. Luke Mula

Next week I will be sharing a guest post by C. Luke Mula, author of The Way to Actuality blog.  Luke will be sharing his experience of his liberating loss of belief and the role that spiritual practice continues to play in his life.  Stay posted for more! [Read more…]

Confession: Pagan Fundamentalism

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series.  Previously, I posted a 3-part series about my vision of Neopaganism when I came to the movement.  The previous series was a kind of retrospective.  This series will be more forward-looking. I have a confession to make.  I have been guilty of a kind of Pagan [Read More…]


I’ve always thought we needed a memorial day for the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria.  On that day, we could mourn all the instances of book burnings over the centuries, from the accidental ones like the Alexandrian library to intentional ones like the recent burnings of Harry Potter books and the Qu’ran by [Read More…]

A politically incorrect opinion on cultural approriation by eclectic Neopagans

Eclectic Neopaganism is criticized by anthropologists and other academics who condemn the removal of religious symbols and practices from their cultural context as trivializing, as well as by feminists and race advocates who condemn the theft of the traditions and practices of another culture as another form of Western colonialism, and finally by other Pagans.  [Read More…]

Sign of the (Pagan) End Times?

Peter Dybing, former first officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, has quit Paganism.  Well, sort of.  He has left public Pagan life, resigning all of his leadership positions, to focus on his relationship and on being a “simple dirt worshiping Pagan.”  Over at the Wild Hunt, Michael York has written a guest post in [Read More…]


I am a label junkie.  If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you probably have realized that.  I am obsessed with drawing distinctions, circumscribing every social phenomena, and labeling it with an -ism.  Anyway, I’ve discovered a great new label: Post-Pagan. Glen “Fishbowl” Gordon maintains the PostPagan blog and recently guest posted [Read More…]