Naturalistic Pagans, Jungians, and Polytheists, O my!

1.  B.T. Newberg has published a fascinating breakdown of the Naturalistic Pagan Community: Jungians, cognitive-evolutionary types, Pantheists, Cosmic types (Sagan’s Pagans), cultural/philosophical types, environmental types, and other atheists/agnostics.  I’ve recently been educated a little about the diversity of the Polytheistic community when I wrongly assumed that all Polytheists approach their gods in the same way.  It’s a useful reminder that Naturalistic Pagans are just as diverse.

2.  Over at PaganSquare, I just published a response, from a Jungian perspective, to P. Sufenas Virius Lupus’ call for a return to the Polytheistic gods.

3.  I’ve updated my collection of links related to the most recent Pagan-Polytheist controversy.

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  • B. T. Newberg

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’d be interested to here if you have any criticisms, like any types I may have forgotten. :-)

  • 12StepWitch

    I’m curious about how you see Pantheists fitting into the Naturalistic Pagans world. Being as how that belief system expressly acknowledges a divine power? How then do they get put in a group which also includes atheists, secularists, etc?

    • John Halstead

      I’m confident that many Pantheists would not fit into the Naturalistic Pagan category [See B.T.’s definition here: ], either because they are not really naturalists (as you imply), or they are not Pagan. But there are some that do, and B.T.’s list seems to be an effort to describe the variety of NPs, not an attempt to define the group.