“We are opening ourselves up to things we should not, like belly dancing and magic spells”

The quote above comes from one of a long line of speakers at the Pahokee city council meeting addressing (largely conservative Christian) public outrage at a planned Pagan summer solstice festival. You can read the article here. Lots of memorable quotes, but the one above was my favorite. I actually find it a little disheartening that this is all the pastors of the community could come up with. Paganism can be a truly radical critique of Western (read Christian) civilization. But all these people can come up with is “God does not look kindly on witches and warlocks.” (from the comments). If only these people were a little more educated about Paganism … then they might be really upset!

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  • http://druishinthedesert.wordpress.com wilderquill

    This made my morning…So funny.
    Even as a Pagan I wonder why Belly-dancing seems to be part of every Pagan event…weird.

  • http://herlanderwalking.wordpress.com syrbal

    I imagine they really hate yoga, lol. Kind of cracks me up that they think all those things…yoga, bell-dancing and so forth are SO potent. Reveals a certain lack of potency in their own practice if you ask me!