What Does it Mean to be ‘Moderate’ – Muslim or Otherwise?

To be moderate means to reject the false alternative that one must either give up life by degrees if they want to practice their religion, or give up religion by default, if they want to “have a life.” Read more

Policing of Our Bodies – Why Women Need to be Each Other’s Allies

No strange man came to hound us into lengths of polyester. It was sometimes an aunt or a grandmother. But usually, it was our own mothers who thrust us into a battle we were never prepared to fight. Read more

Leaving My Silo – Part Two (So That We May Know Each Other)

The Quran says that God made us into nations and tribes so that we may know one another. God didn’t give us differences so we can prove each other wrong and thereby prove ourselves to be solely right. Read more

Remembering Zainab and Women Who Fight Against Injustice

Zainab was Imam Hussain’s sister, the daughter of Fatima and Ali, and the granddaughter of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh). It was she who took on the mantle of leadership when her beloved brother was beheaded. Read more

A Diamond’s Light – Reflections on the Teachings of Usama Canon

As our beloved teacher Usama Canon navigates through his recent diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, it’s important to hold onto hope and gratitude and draw from his teachings on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Read more

Dialing Down the Mental Noise

We don’t want to turn it completely off because some of it can be constructive and positive, two ingredients for self-growth. It’s the debilitating noise, the voices that cause us to miss opportunities. These need to go. Read more

How Do You Recognize a Spiritual Abuser?

Spiritual abusers destroy a believer’s ability for discernment, leading them to spend a life time searching for guidance like a blind man in need of a guide dog. Read more

Nouman Ali Khan Shows Us that We Need More Women Religious Leaders

There is an urgent need for Muslim women religious leaders, speakers, preachers, mentors and organizational decision makers. When vulnerable young women can reach out to fellow women as shaykhas, mentors and leaders, they can be better protected from the wiles and the sexts of the latest buff young hafiz on the lecture circuit, who has only one part of the Yusuf story on his mind. Read more

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