Ramadan 2014 – Reclaiming the Sacred


This article comes on Day One of our special Altmuslim/Patheos Muslim Ramadan #30Days30Writers blog project, in which we are showcasing the voices of 30 Muslim leaders, activists, scholars, writers, youth and more (one on each day of Ramadan) as part of our commitment to own our own narratives and show how we are one Ummah, many [Read More...]

False Equivalencies Between the Oppression of Palestine and Israeli Zionism

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

By Obaid H. Siddiqui If George Carlin were Muslim (a statement that is probably causing him to turn in his grave), his list of dirty words would have numbered eight — the last of which being Zionism. For years, the term has been narrowly defined by the militaristic violence and oppression perpetrated upon the Palestinian [Read More...]

Ann Coulter Says Soccer is the Bane of America – Really


By Zainab Chaudry Soccer is the bane of America’s existence. At least, conservative syndicated columnist Ann Coulter thinks so. Her latest column mocks and ridicules one of the world’s most popular sports – attributing the dramatic spike in soccer fans in America over recent years as “evidence of our nation’s moral decay.” As someone who recently publicly called [Read More...]

Getting Ramadan Ready on a Busy Schedule – Parts Three and Four


By Siraj Ramadan is known for its ups and downs.  Moonfighting arguments reach a fever pitch the days before Ramadan (magnified nowadays by social media), then drops like a rock once the fast begins.  Motivation for ‘ibadah also peaks in the first few days like runners taking off at the beginning of a marathon, only [Read More...]

Getting Ramadan Ready for Busy People on a Schedule – Part One and Two

Ramadan meme_non fasters

By Siraj I’m all for uplifting messages that inspire us to put forth our best effort in worshiping Allāh  during Ramadan.  However, in lands where people do not have the luxury of time and sleep post-suhoor, getting maximum benefit out of Ramadan requires a bit of doing before entering into the month full force.  With this in [Read More...]

Ramadan 2014 – #30Days30Writers – A Special Altmuslim Blog Project

Ramadan calm

Friends, it’s about that time of year again. Are you Ramadan ready? Neither are we, but we’re getting there! This is time that Altmuslim usually shares its call-out for Ramadan reflection pieces. The past few Ramadans we’ve been honored to publish an amazing collection of Ramadan essays, op-eds and reflection posts from known and unknown [Read More...]