I claim my never-born sibling as an Ancestor, because hir death fundamentally shaped my life. And so, this Samhain, I will be inviting my spirit child sibling to come and share the evening with me, as a member of my family of Mighty Dead, Beloved Dead and Ancestors. Read more

Imagine a forest underneath the pavement, waiting to come out…. Read more

During those quiet days of the weekend I had time to sit in the hospital and think about the energy of the place. I realized that I mostly shut it out, not wanting to know or think about what goes on in there. But even in a sleepy hospital in a small town surrounded by wheat and lentil fields, there is the frenetic energy of life and death and scary moments that change people forever. Read more

Walking the paths of memory might get us closer to understanding eternity… Read more

It’s time for us to stop thinking that improving the lives of others means making them live more like us. It’s time to start asking what technologies people in “less developed countries” can teach us about. Read more

I do my best to appreciate the land as it is, today, through all of the seasons. Sometimes I sing about it; sing to it. It helps move the energy of the season through me; it helps me to settle into how things are, not how I would wish them to be. Read more

The Dead are never far away. Sixth in the series, “Where They May Be Found.” Read more

Sometimes Forests need trees to hide them. Read more

There is a place where there are No Directions, and yet from that place spring All Directions. Read more

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