AskAngus: Why I am a Pagan (in EXACTLY 200 words)

The challenge from Patheos: Explain your faith in 200 words or less.

Well, first off, it’s not a Faith; it’s a Practice……but, Challenge: Accepted! Except, these words here don’t count towards the total. This is just the prologue; the explanation; the set-up.

The real words, the countdown clock – the deadline! Start…..right……now:

My story is more like “Why have I remained a pagan?” Because the beginning of my Journey was not of my choosing. I was dragooned into being a witch by the Goddess herself, who found me at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, knocked me unconscious, and installed all necessary yeast and starter into me so when I awoke, 45 minutes later, I had all of the instructions I would need. I have been rising ever since.

(Check out the rest of that remarkable story HERE.)

Wait – do links count towards the word total?

So my question becomes, having emerged a fully-formed pagan at age 31, why do I keep on this path?

  1. I am in charge of my religion. There is nobody above me to tell me ‘no’, no revealed text to limit me, nothing between me and my Gods.
  2. It’s not a Belief – It’s a Practice. Spellwork and energy shaping is a results-driven passtime. I do it – we do it – because it works.
  3. Being a Witch is Natural. It’s all about what is real, and tangible and right outside my door – and above my head – and deep in the ground.

Paganism ROCKS.

Ha! That’s 200 words exactly. I did it! But lordomighty do I dislike wordcounts. This is as bad as that Twitter thing that all the kids are into.

I guess I have this thing about limits being imposed on me.

Thanks for reading.


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P.S. Every Pagan has their own story – another reason why we are so damned FASCINATING. Check out my friend Jason. 

And this one I liked too. Mr. John Beckett.

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  • Peter Dybing

    Wow, Guss makes a statement in less than 6,000 words, Oops I mean 200. That is a first. Wel said!

    • Angus McMahan

      Under duress, I assure you. :-)

  • Mayara

    I’m very… starter. I don’t practice, though I want to, in ways.
    But I think I understand your point 3 – it’s about what’s real. It’s not a religion, it’s not a myth, it’s just about what’s really there. It’s interesting, because I trully believe that Paganism could be proved by science – it’s not transcedental, we just don’t quite get it yet.

    • Angus McMahan

      Well Mayara, every pagan creates their own path, that’s the fun (and the hard work) of occult studies. For me Witchcraft IS a religion, and one based on Myth. (But hey, Truth is where you find it, right?). What I was getting at with #3 is that we pagans find great comfort in moving and interacting with the Wheel of the Year. Aligning oneself with the rhythms of the annual cycle of Nature is a great way to feel focused, grounded and CONNECTED. Ping me privately if you would like to talk more…..

      • Mayara

        That’s probably because I link the words religion and myth with “things that aren’t real, you can’t feel or prove but people expect you to believe anyway”. Prejudice, I know ;)
        Will ping you in private, definitely, this will be an interesting conversation :)

  • Annika Mongan

    I meant to tell you earlier that I loved reading about your experience at the Chalice Well, so now that you posted the link here, I’d better finally say it. Except that I haven’t said it yet, I am just rambling making up for all of the missing words that you wished you had had the freedom to write. You know, the other 5800 words. I don’t think there is a word limit on comments, is there? So that means as a commenter I have more freedom than you do as a writer, isn’t that ironic? Is that enough word heavy ranting? In that case, let me get to the point:

    Love your writing.