Maxim Monday: Praise the good

Yes! A maxim I’m already good at!

I am by nature very critical. Do you need some one to pick something apart? I’m your girl! On the flip side, if you need a cheerleader, if you need some one to get excited about you and what you’re doing, if you need some encouragement, I am equally your girl. I love to praise to what is good.

So many people will gladly disparage those around them in an effort to build themselves up or to drag others down to their level of misery. Cynicism can be funny, but is mostly depressing. Praising the good, and its sibling gratitude, is a powerful antidote to these tendencies.

On that note I’d like to list some things that are Good: Justice, forgiveness, love, hugs, compassion, listening, friendship; my homemade mac and cheese, roast chicken, a warm cup of tea, a glass of wine with friends; paying the bills, climbing into bed at night, making love with someone who makes your heart and body sing, kissing; walking outdoors in the late afternoon sunshine, laughing children, health, freedom, new shoots in springtime, the first snow of winter; wool, books, fresh air, clean water.

As a parent praising the good in my kids is important, too. So often I have to say No, Stop. Opportunities for saying, hey that was really well/kindly/lovingly done, are important not to pass up. Thanking the people in my life for supporting me and helping me to live the life I want to lead, am leading, is important. It’s too easy to focus on the things that are hard in life. I choose to praise the good whenever I can.

My life is really, really Good, and I am grateful.

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