Announcement: Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Book Now Available

Last year, Elinor Prędota and I, along with Byron Ballard and quite a few other people, participated in the first Pagan academic conference co-sponsored by Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina. John Beckett was also in attendance and wrote about his impressions at the time.

A book compiled of some of the papers (including mine, titled “Song of the Chattahoochee:  On Being a Southern (Pagan) Witch in Atlanta’s Urban Landscape”) is now out.  In the introduction by Ronald Hutton, he called my essay “fascinating” which filled my heart with glee.  Though I have a different take on what he was saying about the presence of Pagan divinities…but that’s essay material in itself and I want to think on it longer and also re-read what he wrote first. My contributor’s copy is in the mail, I believe.  You can get yours here:  Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes, edited by Wendy Griffin, ADF Publishing.

In other news, my poem “Living Like Lions and Bears” will appear in the next issue of NonBinary Review.  It has been a good publishing week for me :)

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Sara Amis writes fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and rants. She is a Faery initiate who kicks it old-school, a member of Hellbender Coven, and has many opinions. Her work has appeared in Datura, Jabberwocky, Lilith Queen of the Desert, Witches and Pagans, Moon Milk Review, A Mantle of Stars, and her blog, the Consequence of Chance. Her poem series The Sophia Leaves Text Messages was published as an artist's book by Papaveria Press. She teaches Tarot and magic sometimes.