Media Stupidity at The March For Life

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Dear New York Times,

What the hell is wrong with you? Did any one of your number — at any point in your lives — manage to pass a Journalism class? Did you ever even take a Journalism class? Ah, but perhaps you are unfamiliar with this strange and monstrous term, this newfangled ‘journalism’. Allow me to simplify: Was there ever in your professional existence a single moment when an authority figure sat you down and said, “Alright, thousands of young people protesting: That’s what we call newsworthy. Tens of thousands: Very newsworthy. And if you don’t cover a mass of protestors of around a hundred thousand and up, I’m firing your ass, and you can go back to writing columns for Southern Living.” No? Alright, I’ll admit I expected that. Did you at the very least watch the movie All The President’s Men? Something? Anything? mock you.

When the world’s most renowned newspaper fails to cover the March For Life — indeed, when it fails to even mention the massively controversial protest — I can only assume one of three things. It’s either (a) The Times are so bitter and grumpy over their loss of readership that they’ve decided to go out in flames, and simply not cover the news any more, (b) there was a sudden bout of journalistic illiteracy in their offices, or (c) they are not a newspaper, they are a miserable, antiquated megaphone for the Left. Or rather, as seems appropriate to the occasion — a muzzle for the pro-life movement. Given that this is the 5th year the March has miraculously managed to escape your radar, dear New York Times, I’m gonna go with (c). My generation has a word for timid folks owned and controlled by stronger, louder men. I’ll let you figure it out.

G.K. Chesterton, the world’s greatest columnist, wrote that “if you attempt an actual argument with a modern paper of opposite politics, you will find that no medium is admitted between violence and evasion. You will have no answer except slanging or silence.” I believe we’ve heard the silence. Onto the slanging, then: MSNBC’s coverage of the March For Life, featuring — you guessed it — Cecile Richards, the current president of Planned Parenthood!

Dearest MSNBC,

Forgive me if I appear simple-minded, but it seems that you are under the impression that the March For Life is a celebration of the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. What other conclusion can I draw? The only speaker you bring on is the President of Planned Parenthood and you greet her with an “Almost 40 years, it’s amazing to think about it!”

Now it’s all very confusing — I know how that word ‘anniversary’ gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach and makes you want to make love on air — but the March for Life is actually a rejection of the murder of infants.

When you cover the Occupy Wall Street movement, do you sit down a Wall Street executive and start your interview with “It’s been almost half a year now. Isn’t it amazing to think about?” Would you have covered MLK’s march by interviewing a white supremacist, asking him, “What are the challenges facing your movement today” as you asked Cecile Richards?

What are the challenges? Are you kidding me? You’re covering the challenges, dammit! That’s what hundreds of thousands of young people taking to the streets and holding you accountable for the murder of a generation of humans beings is. A challenge. I understand that this is a difficult concept to grasp, but for the love of God and good television, hear me when I say that journalism is not simply reporting the reactions of liberals to the actions of everyone else.

Then we had the Washington Post. Now I am thankful they admitted the existence of the March, but they couldn’t resist playing the game of “let’s-find-the-5-counter-protesters-and-make-it-look-like-it-was-an-ideological-exchange-not-a-massive-rebellion-against-abortion”.


I saw a grand total of one counter-protestor, a self-described troll. I went ahead and had an intelligent conversation with him:

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Now obviously, I was only exposed to this one counter-protestor. There may very well have been striking intelligence elsewhere. My point – Washington Post — is simply this: Seeing as any counter-protest went entirely unnoticed by the majority of the Marchers, is it not a pathetically biased to use these pictures to crown your coverage? And let us not forget the Post’s extra special effort to make the pro-life movement look violent and angry:

Pro-lifers are angry!

To which I’m thinking, pssh, two can play that game.

And so is Obama!

This is fun!

It gets old. Apparently the Post was too worried about one dead cat to seriously bother with a protest against 50 million abortions. But it wouldn’t be a March For Life without the media lashing out in fear and frustration. As it turns out, we’re winning. Let the haters hate.

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  • Catholicmom

    I thank the Lifeteen group at my church for introducing me to your writings. We won’t see proper coverage of the March for Life, but we will see plenty of the leader of our nation singing the praises of RvW.

    • HermitTalker

      I cannot read all the comments on here. However, who really cares about the NYTimes which is so biased, or the Washington Post or any of the major networks. Look at the “social media” last year where the whole Arab World was told about the uprisings, even though the national news and ingternet were shut down. Those pre-teens and teens and college students and everyone else there have all sorts of ways of communicating with other to report on the 23 January March and Cdl-to be Timothy Dolan’s homily, not to mention the Vigil for life in the Shrine all night. That has been and will continue to spread a lot farther and into corners of the USA and the rest of the world that the newspapers and other media do not have a chance of reaching.

      • HermitTalker

        Was it noticed here that the Washington Post did an editorial against the ObamaSibelius assault on the First Amendment. That was a powerful pro- Natural Law and First Amemdment endorsement. WE thank God for any sign of decency. It is really not healthy spiritually to dwell on the “bad” cops and “boorisn” ABC cameramen- do the POSITIVE the internet as one You Tube person at least on here says IS POWERFUL.. Use it, the NEGATIVE feeds the Culture of Death unless we calmly speak to it as the post-er did with the media people from ABC. Yelling and shouting back hurts the cause.

  • Jeniwilmot

    No joke. Every article I did see said “thousands protest” … Um yeah, media you did your math really really wrong.

  • Alex Rasmussen
    • MikeyG

      Too bad it had to be in OpEd…

      • Alex Rasmussen

        yeah, but any little bit helps…right?

  • Rose

    Don’t forget CNN, who eked out a few lines about the “hundreds of anti-abortion activists” who protested on SUNDAY, but then completely, utterly ignored Monday’s actual March. All they said was “Other Roe v. Wade-related events were planned elsewhere in Washington Sunday and Monday, by both anti-abortion activists and abortion rights advocates alike.” (link:


    On the other hand, I attended the March and blogged about it as well! Glad you were there!

  • Lori Miller

    This article is AWESOME. Everyone should post this on their facebook, twitter, google + and so on.

  • SDG

    Believe it or not, the best coverage of this year’s March was from MSNBC, which called the March “the largest and longest-running peaceful human rights demonstration for the unborn,” and acknowledged “tens of thousands” of demonstrators, even adding that the March for Life is “consistently one of the largest protests of the year in Washington, although weather likely kept this year’s numbers down a bit.”

    The WORST coverage was a CBS slideshow that not only deployed the “activists on both sides” meme, but featured a whole series of photos — ONLY of the pro-choice counter-demonstrators. NOT ONE photo of the March.

    I blogged about it here:

    • Andrew

      400,000+ = “tens of thousands” eh? Well, I guess they only missed by one order of magnitude, so let’s give it to them. Oy. The things we settle for these days.

  • Alex

    That is the only switchfoot song that I don’t really like… but fits just so well here :)

    • Ball of String

      I have this song on Itunes, but I didn’t really think of it in this context. It does fit.

  • Fisherman

    We are the proverbial Gies’ to the this generations Franks.

  • Rob

    That interview is infuriating.

    1. It’s been pretty well established for a while now that the most promising areas of stem cell research are adult stem cells, not embryonic.

    2. In Vitro fertilization is not a particularly safe practice, given that most facilities plant numerous fertilized eggs into one woman to keep their success rate up (which results in Octomom, and possibly may be correlated with birth defects, though not so shockingly no one seems willing to actually study whether this is the case).

    3. The idea that the Republican party was *founded* on small government. That’s where it has drifted, but it was founded on the idea that government intervention is necessary when an entire culture decides to accept a despicable transgression against the natural law.

    • Linds

      I could believe your 2nd and 3rd statements, but your first statement is slanted. The only reason adult stem cells are a “more” promising area of stem cell research is because more money is being invested into the research.

      Both embryonic (and I’m talking about amniotic embryonic stem cells, which come from around the embryo but do not require its destruction) and adult stem cells (including iPSCs) are equally promising because researchers have been finding that what one cell type has difficulties accomplishing (in the case of embryonic, immunocompatability; in the case of adult, true pluripotency; and in the case of iPSCs, genomic stability) the other cell type can manage to over come.

      • Anonymous

        The first statement is based on the past few years of reading science-blogs written for layman, and thus mostly press releases in simpler language. I am not at all an expert, barely literate in the field, and reached that conclusion from so many articles going “look at this cool thing that we’ve gotten adult stem cells to do!” while embryonic stem cell research has not resulted in as many exclamations.

        So yeah. Apologies for jumping to that conclusion! Though I hope you can see how it was a reasonable (if wrong) jump to make.

        • Linds

          No worries I see where you’re coming from and it is very logical considering what is available and the way news works. :) It’s a bit unfair how quickly science changes, especially in the medical fields. Embryonic stem cells also had a hype, and the backlash of some of these adult stem cells, especially iPSCs, is just now starting to get some public attention.

      • InvictusLux

        You’re making your own speculations. It could more validly be stated that the reason there is more money on adult stem cell research is because it is the only bio-technology approach that has actually resulted in positive results (not the hype) and because it has less associative expense and no moral or political opposition.

  • asdfasdfasdf

    they were all up in arms about rand paul getting detained at TSA on his way to an “anti-choice” rally. well i just saw that on twitter, but still

  • Anonymous

    Nailed it Marc.

  • Marcus

    SO much butt-hurt in this article

    • Dennis Mahon

      Maybe you should see your doctor about that….

  • Unanymous

    You’re writing this as if you’re entitled to media recognition in independent journals, shows, etc. That’s not the way it works, each media outlet publishes by its own set of criteria–manyif not all focus on stories and events that interest and affect their readership. So the gist of this article is that more liberal media sources not covering catholic pro-life rallies makes you upset? Get over it. Find someone who cares enough to write about it and stop bitching that others don’t.

    • Unanymous

      Which, by the way, you’ve started in this article…so good work!

    • Aaron Lopez


      Marc, just like many other people over the net are pointing out, is simply stating ‘Who the hell misses something like this?’. The news is assumed to be free from bias, and yet, when hundreds of thousands walk protest down the nation’s capital, you could’ve even missed it.

      Did you watch in horror as North Koreans hysterically cried over the death of their ‘beloved’ ruler, Kim Jong Il? Were you disgusted by the incredible manipulation the press had on its people? The same thing is happening right under your nose and you don’t care to see it.

      For you sake, Unanymous, and the sake of the Western world, I hope none of us ‘would get over it’.

    • Andrew

      Can you think of any event (other than the march for life) involving half a million people gathering for a single cause in the past 100 years that the media hasn’t covered extensively? Of course not. It’s the responsibility of media to cover such significant events. Don’t give me your slanted BS. Marc’s argument isn’t based on perspective. It’s based on concrete numbers and examples of bias.

      Are you denying MSNBC’s bias in interviewing Cecile Richards to report on this? Was she part of the march?

      By the way, thank you for showing your ignorance by calling the march for life a Catholic event. People of all faiths (and even no faith) participate. The rally before the march always includes speakers of diverse faiths and ideologies.

      You don’t have to be Catholic to realize that every person deserves the right to life, but it helps. :-p

    • Christina Marie King

      We could have been protesting vegetables and it would still be newsworthy to have almost 500,000 people converging on the Nations Capital. Even those who believe in abortion should want to know what we are up to. If you don’t think 1/2 a million people protesting in Washington DC to such an extent that all of the traffic is shut down, then perhaps you are putting your head in the sand.

  • Tyler Periard

    I’ve never seen some nerd rage so hard. Of COURSE the biggest newspaper in the world doesn’t cover this, they’re busy covering things that matter, like war and disease and famine. Go take your holier-than-thou crusade somewhere else

    • Marc Barnes

      Don’t be ridiculous. The Times devoted half the space of their Monday issue to the pathetic bumblings of the Republican primary. War, disease and famine didn’t even make the front page on the 23rd. Go take your more-informed-than-thou crusade somewhere else.

      • Holly Parker

        I just noticed a 16 minute video on their website discussing whether or not Christian Louboutin heels should be able to copyright the red color of their soles! Does that matter more than hundreds of thousands of American citizens protesting in our Nation’s capitol?

    • Aaron Lopez

      Newspapers care about war, disease, and famine? I thought that was only a Catholic thing!

    • Angela

      Umm…This is Marc’s blog. Where the heck else is he supposed to take his PERSONAL opinions and observations?? Your blog, perhaps?? Maybe, just maybe you should, oh, I don’t know…go somewhere else?? The internet is pretty big.

    • Angela Carpenter

      Umm…This is Marc’s blog. Where the heck else is he supposed to take his PERSONAL opinions and observations?? Your blog, perhaps?? Maybe, just maybe you should, oh, I don’t know…go somewhere else?? The internet is pretty big.

  • PS Hathaway

    to Unanonymous,
    i remember when, six years ago, Mr. Donald Trump had a personal event at his house and when this same New York Times did not do a story on his ‘charitable actions’ he threw a fit and they later sent him an apology, of course then nothing was published and he threw another fit. if someone as low and horrible and self involved as Donald Trump is ‘entitled’ to a story in the New York Times, why should self-sacrificing, thousands upon thousands of young people, young AMERICANS be entitled to show to the not only America, but the world, that they beleive this is wrong, it is wrong and they have a voice about it. Womens rights, African American rights, all of that was covered in the New York Times, why not The Rights of the Unborn. you say this isn’t a war, but we count casualties, you say this isn’t important, but millions have been murdered. is it so different to through a new born down the stairs? and yet people like George Tiller get away with the things they do because a woman isn’t comfortable getting ‘fat’ and admitting to her friends that she’s pregnant.

  • Madmaxi

    This is nothing new, remember when the Iraq war was building and hundreds of thousands marched against it in 2002, and 2003 all over the country? The million that marched in NYC? Exactly, not many do because the media did the same thing, covering these huge protests that were against the powers that be paradigm could not be shown to the Americans that never question the news as presented by controlled ‘journalist’.

    It is bigger then Left vs Right if you study it closer, it is about control to force a agenda few are privy to. Even the battle between left and right media is a farce, a distraction to amuse and divide the person. This distraction and division breeds blind hate towards others and keeps people from uniting for a common good. This media created division keeps people from true discussion and even from agreeing to disagree. It IS the fight between the masses and the few on top who think they can do what they will with us. What the long term plan from the ‘powers that be’ is should frighten us all, and force us to look closely at the even larger picture being presented us and to dig deeper into the hidden background controls that usurps even the political puppet theater.

    The March For Life is another example, of the powers not wanting the masses to see reality of how the common man feels on an issue for they fear it will ruin the nefarious control they try to wield over us. The only real coverage that was secular on the March was the 2 hour live on CSPAN2, which actually was good because it featured the speakers and marchers without commentary from the studio.

  • Jay E.

    Yeah, so when mere hundreds of protestors show up in Wall Street there are thousands of articles and a ridiculous amount of news coverage. But when half a million people all decide to march down Constitution Ave… People from every race, gender, religion… And a good number of congressmen give speeches before hand, and an unprecedented (in all history) co-effort of prayer by Catholic and Orthodox bishops to end abortion… Yep, no coverage. I don’t care who you are or what you think, but if that isn’t just blatant and obvious bias I don’t know what the hell is.

    I myself saw three Pro-choice protestors. And… yeah, I obviously couldn’t keep track of all the Pro-life people I saw. I couldn’t even keep track of all the people wearing Roman collars or religious habits! Even after the march, in food courts and malls on our bus ride back, we kept running into massive bus loads of people including nuns and priests.

    • Alexandra

      The Occupy protests weren’t covered at first, and when they were it was with the same kind of biases and misrepresentations you’re talking about.

      I’m not so sure why everyone is so surprised a march didn’t get covered. This is kind of how news works.

      • Alexandrabaldwin

        It didn’t take the media 39 years to ‘notice’ Occupy… Just saying…

        • Renard N. Bansale


  • anon

    maybe you guys should stop whining about it and just pray. That should help.

    oh wait a minute…

  • Paul Blazek

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve recently sent out emails to all the major newspapers in the country who I felt failed to accurately report on the march. It was very peaceful, non-accusatory, and I mentioned that there is also ample time to prepare for coverage of next year’s march. If we could get thousands of people across the Internet to send in similar news tips to them, that would be phenomenal! Especially for those more connected and influential in the blogosphere. I think it might be the best way to get some attention.

    God bless!

    • Christina Marie King

      At one point I stood there and just filmed people walking. I got up next to that band that was playing on the bleachers to get a good vantage and then just hit record. I still could not show the magnitude of how many people were there.

      • Sandy

        Last year, I think it was EWTN that had a time lapsed video of all of the people passing by one particular spot. It was pretty impressive.

  • Lauren G

    That is in the running to become my new favorite song, so thanks for sharing!

    I saw two pro-choicers, and both had signs about excommunicating (and just denying Communion to) pro choice Catholics. Not exactly the issue at hand.

  • Weweedmaniii

    What I don’t understand about the left is that is 50 million taxpayers to assist in ending our huge debt issue, 50 million readers of the leftist writing (I think the majority won’t be Catholic). But what they don’t want to admit is the media has assisted in the killing on an order of magnitude more than Pol Pot, Hitler & several other despots I am forgetting at the moment more humans than any of these madmen ever dreamed of…

    • Alexandra

      Because not everyone thinks there’s anything wrong with the majority of those abortions.

      • Jacob Timothy Michael Hughes

        Here’s the thing about right and wrong: it doesn’t matter what you think.

      • Elizabeth McClintic

        I’m thinking the press should pay attention to the masses of people under 25 years of age that are the voters of the future. The death of even one child is noteworthy.

      • guet

        You state that nothing is wrong with a MAJORITY of abortions. That means you feel there is something wrong with a minority of abortions. When is abortion wrong in your opinion?

  • KOJohnson

    I don’t understand how this can happen. Why don’t shareholders of the NYT, the networks, etc., attend shareholder meetings and say, look: your editorial policies have made these outlets laughing stocks, and, speaking of stocks, have lost us an avalanche of customers and devalued our investment. Start reporting all of the newsworthy stuff that’s going on, and do it accurately, NOW.

    Why not? They’re businesses, and they’re being run into the ground by this sort of unprofessionalism. Hey, Fox is making money.

  • Andrew

    Thank you for voicing the rage I’ve felt ever since Monday and the following days’ coverage of the march. Also, perfect theme song to end this post.

  • Anonymous

    This is simply brilliant!!

    And @Unanymous–the March for Life is not simply a “Catholic” event. There are people from all walks of life who participate (yes, even atheists) so perhaps someone among the 20 or so people who watch MSNBC would find it interesting.

    And the NY Times is an “independent journal?” If so, it should change its motto to “Only the news is printed that fits our worldview” and stop pretending to be a metropolitan newspaper.

  • Alexandra

    To me the thing is this isn’t really newsworthy. It was a meeting of people talking about an issue the same way they have been for the past few years. It’s like expecting a major report on the fact that there’s a conference of dentists in town. The ideas expressed here weren’t new or radical.

    • Alex Rasmussen

      But when the Gay Pride parades happen, it’s all over the news, yet we still expect them year in and year out…

      • Alexandra

        Well those are awesome! That’s probably the difference. There’s actually something to write about and take pretty pictures of.

        That and I’ve never actually seen them get a huge amount of coverage.

        • Alex Rasmussen

          What is more awesome than people defending the rights of those who are defenseless? In my little house in Illinois, I know when the Gay Pride parades happen in New York, but in my little house in Illinois I only knew of the March of Life because I was invited to it…not by the news…the article from Fox News I posted earlier was because I manually searched for it, it wasn’t on the “front page”, probably because it was an “opinion” article, only to see if a conservative news source would have something. How is a Gay Pride parade more awesome, more moving, more noteworthy, than people getting together from all over the country to say that babies have the right to live?

        • What!

          YA..Im pretty sure that the March for life is a pretty amazing event, for a very worthy cause, that applies to ALL people.

  • Christian Joseph Ohnimus

    In five years of attending the March for Life I have never once seen a counter-protestor. I don’t know if the MSM hires small armies to scour the ocean of pro-lifers in search of them or if the handful of pro-choicers are just drawn to the media vans in a desperate attempt to be recognized. Whatever the case, the Washington Post’s story could not be more contrived.

    • Elizabeth McClintic

      The only counter protesters I saw were ones trying to convince women who had aborted their children to change their minds that abortion had really messed up their lives and hearts. Real compassion. Mother of dead child meets women who could give a rip. Real compassion.

  • Sky

    This year I went to my third March, and unlike the last two, where I saw 2-5 pro-choice protestors, I didn’t even see any this year.

  • Canadian

    I totally want to go to a March for Life like this once!! And yes, media does a pretty shitty job of being non-bias…I just hope people don’t believe everything they hear on the news! (which sadly, some people do…) Don’t fall for the PROPOGANDA I say!…..

  • Canadian

    I totally want to go to a March for Life like this once!! And yes, media does a pretty shitty job of being non-bias…I just hope people don’t believe everything they hear on the news! (which sadly, some people do…) Don’t fall for the PROPOGANDA I say!…..

  • Rachel

    the ‘murder of infants’ you say? so you are angry at ny times for being biased? that’s maybe a little hypocritical don’t you think?

    • Alexandra

      That made me LOL. Thanks for that. :)

    • Evan B.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the author of this blog claiming neutrality.


      Use your heads, folks.

    • Malakh

      I hope this is a bad use of sarcasm, since the only other option is: “Wow you lack neurons!”

      • Malakh

        Oh LOOK!!! A BUNCH OF CELLS!!

    • Malakh

      I hope this is a bad use of sarcasm, since the only other option is: “Wow you lack neurons!” Yes, it is a murder of INFANTS. I’m sorry that saying the truth offends you! Here is a picture of a tree.

      • Alexandra

        Do you not realize that they are not infants? They are embryos or fetuses, and abortion isn’t even legal in most cases for the majority of the fetal stage.

        • InvictusLux

          Alexandra – I’m not sure what side of this topic you are on but you’re making a false statement in saying the unborn children are “not infants”.

          This is out-of-touch with the public and leading medical authorities. The top medical sites refer to unborn children as babies as seen below:

          Mayo Clinic:

          “Near the end of the first trimester, you may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a small device that bounces sound waves off your baby’s heart.”


          “Frequent visits with your healthcare provider allow you to follow the progress of your baby’s development.”

          Johns Hopkins:

          “Additional prenatal care may be necessary if there are any preexisting medical conditions (i.e., diabetes) present in the mother and/or if complications arise while carrying the baby to term.”

          United States Health and Human Services:

          “Prenatal care can help keep you and your baby healthy.”

          It is only those who want to kill/terminate/abort and objectify children as “tissue” who use the well known dehumanizing process used by mass murders of history to justify the murder of innocent human life. We have heard this all be before in the US Western Expansion in reference to the Native Americans (“they’re savages they are not humans”). The Nazis used the same dehumanizing arguments (as Luther did in his book “The Jews and Their Lies”) to justify persecution and genocide of the Jews as an inferior and “subhuman” species. The same was made for slaves who were taken by the Muslims in their expansion of empire, sold to the British and re-sold to the Americans. Wake up – you are arguing from the same Culture of Death that has been using ignorance, pride, false freedoms (anarchy/Nihilism) to war with God for millennium . But this Culture is Death is a parasite that eats its host. It can only bring death, sorrow, suffering and sadness (for all eternity). Get on the right side – get on the side of Life.

          • Alexandra

            Seeing as I’m an atheist, your arguments about your god are kind of meaningless to me.

            Do you not see the possibility that you’re on the wrong side? That you need to wake up? That there perhaps is no god and the culture you know has fed into ignorance?

            I grew up Catholic, and I continue to read religious doctrine, follow religious media, and educate myself. I do my very best to see all sides and make sure that my knowledge of the world and that I understand the various potential view points.

            It is so important to take a step back and challenge your convictions. I suggest you take the time to do the same.

          • Mark

            Ya mean all I gotta do is drop God and my mind will open up to see that butchering an innocent human being (or even millions) in the womb is perfectly rational? Sweet! I wonder what other wonderful delusions I can dream up with such an enlightened mind. Maybe even some that haven’t already been tried.

            No. Wait. I remember stepping back and challenging my convictions, too. I found that killing God is too dogmatically driven — the most dogmatic of all dogmas. It requires too many plausibility gambits, deceptions, dismissals, omissions and justifications, necessitates a perpetual state of moral adolescence, requires too many synthetic, sterile and destructive replacement philosophies, and demands not thinking of too many things in order not to think of the reality of God.

          • InvictusLux

            An atheist? Ah that explains it your sterile detachment. Atheist regimes and atheist ideology are responsible for killing 100s of millions of innocent human life (ref. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot) in the last century alone.

            My arguments had nothing to do with the a pure theological line of reasoning – it was actually pure rational logic independent of any religion. Why don’t you rebut my points rather than evade by suggesting that because you are godless in your beliefs that your somehow exempt from the laws of reason; and then to the Natural Laws that are generally subscribed to Him. Nothing comes from nothing. A principal of causality is observed in every aspect of the scientific/material world. Logic is based on a principality of causality. You can not depart from the plain of logic and causality just because you don’t believe in a prime mover any more so than you can escape gravity by refusing to accept it is real since you can’t see it.

            What if your wrong? You might want to acquaint yourself with the 20 philosophical arguments for the case for God’s existence. Start off with Pascal’s Wager. Here is a link to others at Peter
            Kreeft’s site:


          • HermitTalker

            The topic has absolutely nothing to do with Bible or Church or God-Talk. It is a medical fact that a a sperm and ovum unite, may or may not be implanted. That one cell replicates until birth, or a mis-carriage which may or may not be noticed by the mother, depending on the stage-age. OR sliced, poisoned or vacuumed out. The Church sees that as Natural Law, as many atheists also do, as well as Orthodox Jews, The beleivers from all faiths or atheiets also oppose murder and theft which are illegal AND immoral to boot.

        • Anonymous

          You are incorrect in saying that abortions are illegal “for the majority of the fetal stage”. The case Doe v Bolton legalized abortions in all nine months of pregnancy. Yes, some states do put limits on when abortions can be obtained; however, a woman desiring an abortion in her ninth month of pregnancy could still legally get one.

          • HermitTalker

            not WHEN but where. As you said, the 1973 decision was ABSOLUTE. Only medical parameters could surround the destruction of the human life, but could not block it. So sad for the nations who allow, and Governments who require, and mothers (some fathers of teh baby and parents of the mother) and physicians who cannot see that the whole procedure is so anti-Common Sense and Nature’s Law.

    • InvictusLux

      Would you have felt less critical if he had said “killing of infants” or “destroying of life” or “killing if fetuses”? Roe Vs. Wade did not define life – it simply concluded that infants in the womb have no rights to live unless the mother says so. Roe Vs. Wade gave the woman a new “rule of thumb” (look into the history of that term for an ironic insight. Hint: French psychoanalyst Princess Marie Bonaparte). That is, the liberated woman could now play Caesar in the arena of the womb to give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down on life or death (or repeatedly change her mind to yo-yo as many times as she “chooses”) as an expression of empowerment and authority. If it’s the term “infant” vice “fetus” that pings your hypocrisy radar then it may be that you just need a re-calibration. After-all, the the etymology of the term “fetus” derives from the word foetus (plural foetuses) is from the Latin foētus (“offspring”, “bringing forth”, “hatching of young”). It has NO semantic that serves as a diminutive to human life except in the political zeitgeist and babel of the pro-choice culture.

      Human history bears out that the pro-life perspective is the common human historical belief. Life was considered to begin at conception but that condition was not made manifest to the mother-to-be until “quickening” (signs of first motion felt in the womb). It had always been and still remains true, that causing a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage by inflicting intentional or accidental harm is considered man-slaughter as well as a personal injury to the woman; meaning you can still go to jail for it (even if she gives you permission to kick her in the abdomen area). It proves how irrational Roe Vs. Wade is and also how corrupted our laws have come when they have a double standard. Again, Roe-Vs-Wade does NOT define life – it only sanctions legal killing with out addressing the issue of life in absolute terms but only in terms of viability of life.

      What we have today is a severe irrational condition where a pregnant woman can essentially ‘define life” by fiat. If she says nothing and let’s nature take its course then “it is life”. If she however elects to abort her unborn child then it loses its credential for life based on her election. That is NOT an objective standard – life either “is” or it “is not”. Life is certainly not a function that is subject to a change-of-mind where in one moment it is protected life then in the election to abort it is no longer life and again yo-yo’s back to life again if the woman elects to change her mind yet again.

      We give greater protections to ballots. No one, neither man or woman, once casting his ballot can retract it to change his vote. Likewise, its insane to extend an infinite progression of “choices” to women who (apart from rape) choose to “risk” the occasion of life during intimacy then can choose to shirk the responsibilities of that choice and change her mind about those consequences if election abortion (over and over again ad naseum).

      If America is to remain rational and just Roe Vs. Wade will be overturned just like The “Supreme” court admitted its fallibility when it overturned its Dread-Scott decision that slaves had no rights.

      At the bottom your suggestion of hypocrisy seems unwarranted and is evidence of being biased by a neo-secular attitude that is historically a Johnny-Come-Lately culture only seen in the world in the last 50 years or so.

  • Christina Marie King

    Dare I risk outraging you further? Oh yes I will! I was at the March for Life as well and when I was at the Congress steps listening to Fr. Pavone give his talk I noticed three affiliates from ABC News laughing and jeering with one another while their cameras sat on the ground covered up in plastic so they would not get wet.

    I proceeded over to them and said, “I cannot believe you are not filming any of this, how can you sit there and watch hundreds of thousands of people congregate on our Nations capital, have a camera and yet not film it?”

    I told them that this many people could be marching in protest of vegetables and it would make the news so how can they ignore this? They ignored me and made sarcastic comments like “Oh ya, real newsworthy”.

    Finally, they told me they were not there to tape the March but had come to get footage of the senate hearings and wanted some outside shots and were and I quote “Waiting for a clear shot”. In other words they were waiting to make sure they did not give us any coverage.

    Thank God for internet media. I covered the event and posted to my YouTube Channel and blog feel free to pass it along. or

    We must pray that the government does not shut down the internet sites that actually report on the news. SOPA might have been temporarily overrated but it is a matter of time before they start restricting and limiting peoples ability to access or post things online for the sake of “security”. Sometimes I feel like either people are not even paying attention to what is going on or maybe I am just taking crazy pills but gone are the days when you turned on the news and actually saw what was going on in our country. Now it is all Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce, Katy Perry is getting a divorce, Snooky got punched in the face at a bar, Brad Pitt and Angelina are not marrying until gay marriage is legal and Lady Gaga arrived at the grammys in an egg and on and on the irrelevant information is spewed out on National News as if it actually matters.

    I would love to teach a class showing everyone how easy it is to blog, Ustream, upload to YouTube,, Podcast through Podbean and upload to iTunes etc, etc because if we all do not start passing around the real information when we come across there might come a day when we cannot get any real news or information that could one day save our lives.

  • Michael Lindner


    And one of our group at the M4L told me she saw a group of school children chanting “yay yay, life life” and the *police* were chanting back at the “nay nay, no life no life.” Had I been there I would have taken badge numbers.

  • Goody Goody

    Abortions taste great!

  • Maria

    Thank you for your much needed blog that never fails to be apt, intelligent, and entertaining!

  • Evan B.
  • Paige Deaner

    Mother Angelica, seeing as how she STARTED a media outlet, is REALLY PISSED

  • Beth

    I notice the other person in the “angry” picture is holding up a finger too…

    Man I wish I could have been there! IF there is a march next year – someday soon it will no longer be needed ;) – I hope to be there.

    • HermitTalker

      Just saw the true story. She is a nun and was trying to get the attention of a speaker, she was not angry or finger pointing. She said she continued chatting with the person after that incident which she obviously did not know was used as a “spin” against the March.

  • lalaballs

    How do you know that the Spirit is working?

    • InvictusLux

      Just look and see how rapidly the Pro-Life movement is sweeping around the country and the globe to combat the Culture of Death. See the awakening of people’s consciences as the opinion pools show a complete inversion back toward the rationality of pre Roe vs Wade sentiments in the USA. Even the secularists are starting to see the creeping crud of the Culture of Death and how shameful it is for a country that helped stopped the genocide of the Jews in WWII now has a river of blood on its hands in the infanticide of 50+ million innocent lives (greater than the entire population of Canada!).

  • economista

    Thank you for pointing out this blatant media bias. I was at the March and the next day I tried to find a news story just to see how many people actually showed up, and the only thing I could find was a three-sentence AP report with absolutely no information. What a travesty.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff, but a friendly note from a some time journalist: “alright” is not all right.

  • Joe

    Please tell me you submitted this as a “letter to the editor”.

  • TooSheaProductions

    Amen!!! I was blessed to be one of the 400,000+ people in DC marching for life this year. When I came home and saw the “news coverage” of the March, I was so disappointed. MSNBC, New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and countless others should be ashamed of themselves! Not one article cared to mention the half million pro-life supporters who attended! Instead, apparently only “hundreds” or “thousands” of violent/angry anti-abortionists attended while the peaceful pro-choicers stood by on the sideline calmly defending their rights.

    That’s not what I saw and I know that’s not what these reporters saw either. Biased, much?

  • Mrs. Rachel
  • Kevin J. Jones

    Part of me wants to blame the pro-life leadership for not being savvy enough to get major media coverage. If we hear these same complaints about coverage year after year, what are the pro-life organizations getting paid to do?

    Pro-choice groups like NOW have been very savvy about networking and securing political dominance of the media. While that explains a lot of the blackout, it just means that the march for life has to launch a march through the institutions if it is to succeed. Which, again, doesn’t reflect that well on the leadership.

    • HermitTalker

      The leaders are not in the same TENT as most of the media. They do however have their own newspapers, some have radio and TV stations, all have access to EWTN. As I noted above, the use of the popular social media has drowned out the black out, so have no fear. I presume the JERSUALEM PRESS did not run a fron page story JESUS RISES that wonderful day.

  • guest
  • Guest
    Looks like complaining on the internet finally had an effect for once

  • Agnes Kulach

    O MY GOD THIS POST IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Thanks soooo much for your insights and I agree a 100% and the media blackout and their LIES make me SUPER DUPER ANGRY!!!! What the heck is going on with this nation?!?!?!

    • HermitTalker

      Nothing new Ms Agnes. Jesus told us in John 15, you are branches on the Vine, good news. The “World” the dark side in each of us will pursue the Good News and do to it what was done to Jesus wherever we are not healthy branches or we stand firm. I wrote earlier that the half million who were at the March, most young and young adults have already told and tweeted and YouTubed and Facebook-ed a lot more than CBS or the NYT or WPost ever could. The NYT showed three dissenters and one “finger” from a pro-life supporter apparently against one half million Catholics, Jews, Moslems and other Christians and groups. All ages, all ethnic groups all major faiths AND atheists! . Our GOD is an awesome God.

  • Christian Ohnimus

    When a news outlet straight up ignores the March, sure they can claim the story does not pertain to their readership (it does). However, when CBS deliberately deals in misinformation they lose any such facade for real journalism. Reporting on 400,000 pro-lifers with a story focused solely on 10 or so counter-protestors? Really CBS, distorting reality to fit your own fantasies constitutes journalism?

  • Ani DiLollo

    I think the Washington Post brought their own personal pro-choice activists with them, because otherwise how would they find them in that crowd? I couldn’t.

  • Guest

    Haha!! I totally saw the guy with the “Pro Choose” sign at the March for Life! I couldn’t believe that. Thanks for including him! And btw, of my 3 hours at the March for Life, he’s the only counter protester I saw.

  • Reader

    I went to a catholic college, and one thing i learned is that I never want to be catholic.

    • HermitTalker

      I feel sad for your experience and your feelings and or ideas about the Church. I rented my upstairs and was stolen from, thrown down from a walker, lied to and had my furniture smashed by a black man who was part-time mentally unbalanced. Another black male came to do some carpentry work for me and stole my credit card, sold back some of the paint etc he bought and charged several hundred dollars for his needs. I was handicapped and was not aware of all that both were doing But I did not take that out on all black males. It is not easy for me but I have to set that awful experience aside and look at every race, every institution as a mixture of sin and grace. And move on.

  • EdinburghEye

    “When the world’s most renowned newspaper fails to cover the March For Life — indeed, when it fails to even mention the massively controversial protest…”

    I wondered about that.

    So I did what you didn’t.

    I went to the New York Times website, entered “March for Life” in the search box, and found that, er… it DOES mention this protest.

    Funny how the most outraged rant can trip over an awkward little fact, isn’t it?

  • HermitTalker

    If not already familiar with them, LIFE SITE NEWS based in CANADA provides a daily feed of news stories from around the world that affect human life and religious liberties. great source for any interested person or group

  • Madamqueen2u

    I’m glad you didn’t get any attention. You don’t deserve any. Mind your own business.

  • Stuffedanimal197

    Rock on! The libtarded, left-biased media SUCKS because they lie&cheat. And even when they do, they STILL FAIL at their own abortion agenda, because—AMERICA IS NOW PRO-LIFE!!! Just look@Louisiana! For real news, go to