Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Prayer

True to their aging, crippled form, Planned Parenthood has left me speechless. Not because they’re too offensive, but because they’re too embarrassing for words. They’ve given me 347 ways to mock them, all at once, and I’m left feeling like a hyperactive kid in a candy store.

I speak, of course, of a California Planned Parenthood’s awkward attempt at setting up 40 Days of prayer for abortion.

And it truly is an Attempt. These old folks have no idea what prayer is, much less abortion. As evidence, I give you one of their ‘prayers’ — “Today we pray for a cloud of gentleness to surround every abortion facility. May everyone feel calm and loving.”

Sweet guys, keep calling on your cloud of gentleness. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be in Church, doing the whole “Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God! For Thou hast smitten all my enemies on the cheek; Thou hast shattered the teeth of the wicked” thing. It’s in the Bible. You know, that old, patriarchal book with the “Thou shall not kill” line you pretend to like? And the “Thou shalt refer to the invasive procedure of infant-killing as “loving women” and thus sleep well at night?” Oh wait,

But seriously, a good sign that a man is praying to a being other than God is this: His prayers will be boring. For our God — though I often wish it were otherwise — is anything but boring. Not only did he create the duck-billed platypus, appear as a pillar of fire and send his only Son to be crucified for our sake — he is also in the odd habit of making his followers levitate, bilocate, and otherwise be brought up into ecstasy. Thus, reading over the prayers (made by FaithAloud) for this pathetic imitation of 40 Days For Life, I am lead to wonder — Who the hell are you praying to?

“Day 14: Today we pray for Christians everywhere to embrace the loving model of Jesus in the way he refused to shame women.”

Right. Because Jesus, being the incarnation of Goodness itself, would never let a woman know her actions were shameful.

“Day 30: Today we pray for women to throw away their secrets and claim their histories with power and truth.”

Are you just putting words together you think people will like? Does this have any meaning outside of your super-hip-we’re-not-old-we’re-just-elderly circle? Also, can I try to translate? I can? Thanks. (“Day 30: Today we pray for women to tell everyone things they previously didn’t want to and also to admit that things happened in the past, loudly.” Or: “Day 30: Today we pray for women to throw away their diaries and get back to their history homework, enthusiastically.” Or: “Like us, like us, please like us, we use positive words, badly.”)

I could go on, but I’ll let you have some fun. It makes sense that Planned Parenthood’s ‘prayers’ would have all the power of an old man coughing on you. The Clergy For Choice who set this up look fairly decrepit.

Like being stared down by the Republican Party.

It’s obvious enough that they’re not praying to God. It’s far too boring even to be Satanic, although I’m sure the bastard is proud. No, there is only one conclusion: Planned Parenthood are praying to themselves. 40 Days of Self-Affirmation. 40 Days of slogans confirming their very best opinions of themselves. 40 Days of Acute Narcissism, snobbishly disguised as prayer.

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  • JoAnna Wahlund

    Yes, indeed, Marc. This farce has been organized and promoted by the Church of the Holy Mirror.

  • Bridget Adams

    Almost unbelievable.

    Lord have mercy…

  • John J. O’Sullivan

    It’s done by Boomers, so of course it’s going to be filled with self-affirmation, acute narcissism, and utter snobbishness. It’s what The Me Generation™ does best!

    • eliz27

      Baby boomers have not cornered the market on self-affirmation and acute narcissism. Living with two teenagers has taught me that. I love them, though, so I don’t characterize their entire generation with such a broad brush.

  • Laurie Schultz

    I think it’s disgusting! No worse than spitting in the face of our Lord. But I’m glad you can have fun with it :) all they need for their prayer group is some pot – I mean what ever that indian peace pipe smoking item is….

  • Kelsey

    maybe it’s somewhat good news. maybe their advertisers realize they’re beginning to look like the bad guys in the good v evil game. while the tactic is exceedingly annoying, it’s somewhat encouraging in that light.

    let them pray: they’ll arrive at the truth, shudder at it and turn from their prayers, or – albeit, less likely – open themselves to renewed and awakened hearts.

  • Lordshadowblade
  • MaggieMelchior

    It makes me nervous… who, exactly, are they praying to? St. Michael, defend us!!

    • Hatchetwoman

      Maggie, fear not. Jesus is more powerful than Satan!

      • MaggieMelchior


  • smockmomma

    it’s a mockery and a shame. it makes me sick.

  • David Casper

    I say let them pray, and pray REAL hard. If they really are praying to God, and not just thinking positive thoughts about themselves, then He will not let the opportunity to change their hearts pass Him by. This might just be exactly what we need Planned Parenthood to do in order to take them down – to actually be confronted with their immorality by God Himself. If they’re serious about all this, then they’ve handed victory to us on a silver platter.

    • Cal-J

      They try and imitate us, and fail that, too. “40 Days for Life” has a nice ring to it, and does you the honor of being honest to your face. The best they’ve got is “40 Days of Prayer”, and the hope that nobody asks “Prayer for What?”

      Of course, these are the same people who gave us, “We believe that human life is holy. That’s why we believe in your right to choose to be a parent or not.” Which is perhaps the most enticingly vague train of thought I’ve ever wanted to poke a stick at.

      Of course, that would be far too easy.

      • Will

        Imitate? So you invented prayer? Or the Catholic church invented prayer? No one is denied the right to pray, in whatever terms they find prayer to be.

        • Christie

          Oops, liked this accidentally. I meant to hit reply.

          They probably mean imitate as in “40 Days of Prayer for Life” and “40 Days of Prayer for Abortion.” I don’t think the Pro-Choice ministers would have any problem admitting they’re imitating the original 40 Days for Prayer, especially as it seems to be a response to it.

        • Sarah

          “Imitating” the “40 Days for Life”. No one has suggested that Catholics or any other denomination OWNS prayer. And for the record, 40 Days for Life is supported and promoted by multiple (mostly Christian) religions, not just the Catholic Church, as is the Pro-Life movement as a whole.

      • Metro

        Lol. That choice to be a parent is made when one chooses to jump in the sack. *Their* definition of “choose to be a parent” would make any kids they currently have nervous. They may “choose to not be a parent” anymore at any time. Run kids, run!

    • Rannie

      You cannot seriously think that they are praying to God!

      • Dennis

        Well, if that “God” is Baal…then, yeah.

    • Javier Salinas

      I completely agree. Prayer is animated by the Holy Spirit. If they’re honestly making an attempt to talk to God, it gives Him permission to change their hearts. And if they’re not serious, well then it really does nothing anyway.

      • Will

        And how do you define seriousness? Has the Holy Spirit spoken to you and confirmed your prayers and desires? Did He give you permission to pray?

        • Cal-J

          We define serious as an attempt to seriously speak to the true object of all prayer — God himself — and in so doing bring ourselves closer to Him.

          Compare this clinic’s actions, which are unoriginal copycat play and a heinous act of blithe and blithering self-affirmation.

  • David Casper

    Oh, and PS – that Captain Falcon pic is priceless. My new favorite for sure.

    • Helpful

      True that!

  • AngelaJoyce

    OMGoodness! I PRAY that you will continue to tell it like it is and that you will continue to pray for God’s guidance in your life, Marc Barnes. He is using you to do His will. I will continue to uphold you as a model for my Life Teen students to follow. Peace to you and thank you for being the voice crying out!

  • pllym

    Hmm, i guess they also forgot about this little thing that God said in the Bible: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5.

    • lizzie

      That would matter to them if they actually believed in God.

      • Will


        • pllym

          I’m not sure what either of you is talking about, but here is the definition of prayer:

          -Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with a deity or object of worship through deliberate communication. -Wikipedia

          Prayer= invoking a DEITY. They are praying for abortion…to who??? Who is their deity that affirms abortion? Certainly not any god of any religion that exists on this earth. And it certainly isn’t the God of Christianity:

          “If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.” Exodus 21:22

          Conclusion: Just a sick parodying and mockery of prayer in the hopes that pro-choicers of faith, whatever “faith” means to them or what god they actually have faith in, feel justified and spiritually righteous in their mission to help women kill human life in the womb.

          My prayer for them: Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they are doing.

          • Will

            We can throw around bible passages if you wish…

            “The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.” (Hosea 13:16)

            And I’m sorry but wikipedia is a horrible source to cite. At least use the reference they cite…

          • Sydney

            “O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself, but in Me is thine help.” (Hosea 13:9) Do you truly think God was threatening to crush the Israelites’ babies? They had renounced their God and his protection from capture (Hosea 13:3 and 8:3). They turned away from love and became vulnerable to cruelty at the hands of others and self-inflicted horrors by their adoption of evil ways. If we are taking verse 16 literally, then it is an atrocity occurring in a nation that has forgotten God, not as a punishment but as a direct consequence of them replacing God with other idols.

          • pllym

            Sydney – You make great points, but it’s been my experience in life that when you are dealing with someone who is so evidently jaundiced in their judgments and interpretations, for whatever personal reasons, im afraid the simple and many times obvious truth you try to articulate just falls on deaf ears. The only hope is that other readers who are looking to learn from the dialogue can get some illumination and come to appreciate arguments objectively, for their logic and consistency, rather than for their flare or gusto. Seriously, anyone who uses the Bible or wants to invoke God in prayer to justify the destruction of any innocent human life, not just the unborn, is not only clearly misguided and blasphemous in their intentions but willfully blind to any words of truth. Its better to just pray for them and let them be.

          • Will

            “dealing with someone who is so evidently jaundiced in their judgments and interpretations, for whatever personal reasons, im afraid the simple and many times obvious truth you try to articulate just falls on deaf ears. “…you know what that is an awesome rebuttal for me to your statement above. Exactly right! Someone who has never once questioned what they have been taught, or allowed themselves to interpret things as they see it, will let what I say or argue go in one ear and out the other.

          • Will

            I thought God was forgiving and all-knowing. That even if you renounce him, any attempt to find him again will grant you salvation. How then, if the people were not given a chance to repent, is “ripping open their pregnant women” (performing an abortion) justified?

            Are you saying that if a woman denounces God and is an atheist and commits sins, that it is just to rip the child from her stomach performing an abortion on her as well? That’s sure what it sounds like you’re saying…

          • CPE Gaebler

            You read the Bible like the fundiest fundy who ever fundied. Just sayin’.

          • jacques

            will i understand exactly what your trying to say, for the mothers going through the incredibly difficult time associated with this they may be scared, confused, lied to, forced quite literally; god works thro everyone, even bring good out of bad situations. a regardless of why, they are talking to god and it could very well cause a conversion. just because the organizers might not have had the best intentions does not mean god can not work through it. to say this is bad is not really seeing comletely through this, i look at it as a victory; these mothers are talking to god. however it seems this discussion has a strong emotion undercurrent going on, and this is where things get out of hand. so yes you are right, i just wish this could have been exlained better

          • Darrin Federspill

            Ex for jacques: story of Joseph and his brothers

          • Darrin Federspill

            Will, to put how God offers a relationship with us, I’ll put it to you this way. Imagine that God, Heaven, the saints, and whatnot is like a family, but they have a problem: one of the family is a severe alcoholic that is dragging everyone down with him, and after trying all alternatives, they are left with casting him out to protect themselves. The family never stops loving him, though, and is always reaching to the alcoholic to have him accompany them once again if he is willing to address his problem. The same is with what happened with the Israelites: they chose to turn away from God and refuse His protection, so their children were murdered and the unborn were murdered in their mother’s all while God, hurting by what was happening, stood there with His arm left hanging.

          • Tammy

            The people of Samaria were on their way to suffering the effects of their misdeeds. God was describing what was to happen. The bed stuff that happened was a natural consequence of disobedience and sin, but that doesnt mean that God DID it to them…when we experience the effects of sin, were doing it to ourselves. So…these little ones being dahsed and wombs being ripped werent God performing abortions, it was Him alerting the people as to what was to come.

          • musiciangirl591

            ok, the context in which that is written? some books of the Bible aren’t meant to be taken literally, there is one verse in particular that states “blessed those who seize your children and dash them against a rock”, it describes the way the prophets/ people were feeling at the time, not something God wants us to do

  • Carrie Taber

    “Today we pray for a cloud of gentleness to surround every abortion facility. May everyone feel calm and loving.” – as we rip apart pre-born children, limb by limb. Gag.

    • Tanya

      No cloud of gentleness for you, little baby, just a horrific death, and years of gut-wrenching heartbreak for your mom.

    • Alaskashellone

      That was EXACTLY my comment to my teeneaged son as I was reading this blog aloud to him. He agrees that Bad Catholic is a pretty cool dude…

  • Theophilus

    Loved the lines about God’s creativity revealed through the duck-billed platypus and PP “prayers” having old-man-cough power. Brilliant!

    Alternate post title suggestion: “Sanctity: You’re doing it wrong.”

  • Stephanie Coberly Pluta

    this one gets me: Day 18: Today we pray for all the staff at abortion clinics around the nation. May they be daily confirmed in the sacred care that they offer women.

    ummm sacred? I’m missing the connection.

    • Lily

      You know, the way it was sacred to burn infants to Ba’al Hammon. I think that’s what they’re going for…

      • Will

        Sacred like this?

        But the LORD told me, ‘Do not be afraid of him, for I have given you victory over Og and his army, giving you his entire land. Treat him just as you treated King Sihon of the Amorites, who ruled in Heshbon.’…”We destroyed all the people in every town we conquered – men, women, and CHILDREN alike. But we kept all the livestock for ourselves and took plunder from all the towns.” (Deuteronomy 3:1-7)

        • Cal-J

          Your given passage, Will, describes punishment and military conquest of a forsaken people who deserved it.

          Ba’al-Haamon was the recipient of human infants as sacrifice.

          Also, you’re doing that whole “wave random unhappy-sounding OT passages in everyone’s face” thing.

          • Will

            Then please enlighten your fellow commenters to stop doing that whole “wave random happy-sounding OT/NT passages in everyone’s face.” Two can play at that game my good sir.

            Why did they deserve it? Because they strayed from the beaten path? Because they erred and sinned? Then are not women seeking abortions cursed sinners as well in your eyes? Do they not then deserve the same punishment on those “forsaken” people, according to you?

          • Chiyo

            No, of course they don’t deserve that punishment, because there is the new covenant.

            Before the Resurrection, there was a different law than there is in place now. The old law, which was designed in a more strict, punitive way in order to ensure that the Israelite race overcame their enemies and survived, has been replaced by the new covenant, which is a covenant of love and of forgiveness of sins. The children of the Amorites were being destroyed because they themselves were Amorites, who would grow up to war against Israel, but the children being harmed today by abortion are not the ones who have done wrong. “Punishing a sin down to the seventh generation” may seem wrong to us, but that is because we see God today in the light of His Death and Resurrection. Before that time, the sins of the many had not yet been forgiven and the world was a very dark place in which to live.

          • Jeniwilmot

            I don’t know if this is completely relevant but I know a lot of people struggle with the God of the New Testament vs the God of the Old Testament (ie one is merciful one is harsh). However I’d like to confirm that God has always been a God of mercy and love — I hope this video explains a little about reading the Old Testament in light of God’s people the smiting enemies and what not.

            Skip to 3:35 — Fr Barron knows his stuff!!


          • Sheryl

            “They have built pagan shrines at Topheth, the garbage dump in the valley of Ben-Hinnom, and there they burn their sons and daughters in the fire. I have never commanded such a horrible deed; it never even crossed my mind to command such a thing!” Jeremiah 7:31

            Seriously! Will, GOD does not command what he hates…

          • Darrin Federspill

            Will, you cannot just take a few passages of anything, and make a conlcusion; you must take in EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, even the ones that seem to be as small as a grain of rice. Then you must make yourself as unbiased as possible–i.e. do not hold the sins of priests guilty of assaulting kids over those who have no part in it or hold the sins of the past over the heads of those today; JFK would say, “Change is the law of life, and those who only look to the past or present are sure to miss the future.”–Only when you get ALL the facts and study them with a clear, unbiased conscience can you as well as anyone come up with an near-perfect conclusion.

        • musiciangirl591

          you must really search to find these passages…

  • Mary Liz Bartell

    After reading a book called DEMONIC ABORTION by Rev. Thomas J Euteneuer I wouldn’t put it past PP to pray for women’s rights to murder their babies, they are probably praying to Satan.

  • R.E.O. Johnson

    41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth, filled with the holy Spirit,
    42 cried out in a loud voice and said, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” (Luke 1)

    Mary: <3 months along, Elizabeth: about six months. However, they were not talking about the current state of their sons, but about the anticipated future when they would finally become fully human. They're speaking figuratively, as we all know that life doesn't begin until a baby can breathe with its own lungs and die by SIDS. Though poetic, this passage should never be used in prayer, because it's not self-serving and denotes that the most blessed of women are those who bear children.

    • Chuck

      Haha, nice.

  • Jo

    It figures that, not only would their “prayers” be a series of sappy and muddled slogans, they would focus on “feeling” good. Welcome to the veil of tears! A little remorse would do y’all a world of good.
    Some of y’all made a good point, though: If they really are praying (despite their pagan babbling), then they’ve opened the door of their hearts a crack, and that’s all God needs.

  • Jeremiah Evans

    Day 39: Today we pray for a contagious love to overflow from our spirits.

    Today we pray to have a wicked awesome party, have drunken sex and transmit various sexually transmitted diseases?

    • Will

      That is a sweeping generalizing statement that has no bounds to be made.

      • Shawn

        No it is fair, these same people are advocating for abortions or the removal of consequences by abortions.

        • Will

          What does your statement have to do with abortions? So all women seeking an abortion are sex-crazed, alcoholic, STD infected women? What about rape victims? Mothers in danger of dying from their pregnancy?

          Again, your statement is too general and frankly rude and disrespectful to all women.

          • Cal-J

            And what about your given examples, Will? From what I recall, both subgroups are exceedingly rare when it comes to abortion.

            If Shawn is being too general, than you’re stacking the deck.

          • Jeremiah Evans

            Ummm… Not the point. I took the words of the prayer, and re-interpreted them, in general. Not to make generalizations of women who have had abortions, but to play with that phrase. That’s all. Well, maybe making generalizations of the aging hippies who grew up in the summer of love…

          • Cal-J

            Fair enough.

          • rlbell

            If the Pope was a qualified ob/gyn, and a woman needed a life saving procedure that had the secondary effect of terminating her pregnancy, the Pope would not think twice about performing it.

  • Lauren G.

    I’m really not worried. God says “no” to tons of prayers, the ones for abortion should be no different.

    Also, I think this is a victory. It means we’ve gotten under their skin. Big time.

    • Will

      Because you’re God and you would know right? That he says no to a bunch of prayers…Thanks for the update.

      • Lauren G.


        Well obviously I’m not God, but I do know a couple of things about him. Using that knowledge, I doubt He’ll answer prayers for abortions to happen with “yes”.

        And you’re welcome!

        • Will

          None of the prayers stated above explicitly ask for an abortion.

          Give the right to pray if they so desire, and stop trying to determine the outcome of their prayers. It does not matter to you.

          • Lauren G.

            Sure, they have the right to pray. I never said otherwise.

            God bless!

          • Rob

            I think the real intention of the ’40 Days of Prayer’ was to stifle the prayers of Christians around planned parenthood facilities. The ‘cloud of gentleness’ prayer is a not so subtle way of saying, “You Christians are being really annoying and forceful, please leave and stop praying for us.”

        • DeeH

          Hi Lauren-I think we can change that “I doubt he’ll answer…” to He will NEVER EVER answer prayers for abortion.So, yes to Will with his “That he says no to a bunch of prayers” He absolutely does say No and He already did- Thou Shall Not Kill

          • Will

            Please, with your infallible ability, teach me how you know what God’s answers are? Are you God? Did you trade with Him for a day like “Bruce Almighty?” Spare me…

          • Sheryl

            Just because God seems incomprehensible does not mean he is illogical.

            God does not cause what he hates. And he HATES murder. eg: Cain and Abel, and how DO I know that?

            The writings on a stone wall and reads ‘Thou shalt not kill’ or maybe the verbatim ‘suffer, little children come unto me’….

          • rlbell

            God answers prayers by giving us what we need, when we are ready to receive it. While I do not have the career that I prayed for, I gained the humility and fortitude (along with the needed strength) to do the work that currently feeds, clothes, and shelters my family. My friends marvel that, as a university educated fellow doing semi-skilled labor, I maintain a hearty sense of good cheer, when I have every reason (all those shattered hopes and dreams) to be the bitterest person that they have ever met.

          • Alexandra

            I’m pretty sure it was that you shouldn’t murder, not not kill, thou shall not murder. There’s serious differences.

          • Aaron

            I have no doubt that there are some translations that render it “thou shall not murder”, but it’s generally accepted as “thou shalt not kill”. Besides, both terms are applicable to abortions, so it’s really a moot point.

          • guest

            According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, the Hebrew word used in the Commandment against killing is רָצַח Ratsach which means literally, to dash in pieces.

            Coincidentally, that is usually the way the poor unborn child ends up at the end of an abortion, in pieces.

          • Darrin Federspill

            I went to a Catholic school, and during one of the years when we covered the 10 Commandments, we went over killing longer than the others. In there we learned that all murders are killings, but not all killings are murders; when you threaten the life of an innocent person, you give up your right to live; for example, the Nazis murdered Jews, priests, gypsies, and anyone who did not obey Hitler, so the Allied soldiers killed the Nazis to save the innocent.

      • Sarah

        I was going to once again post a reply to you, Will, when a saying my Grandpa says entered my mind: Never argue with an idiot. Onlookers won’t be able to tell the difference.

        Instead, maybe we should all just pray for you and others like you. It’s one thing to disagree, debate and partake in discussion. It’s another to be condescending, sarcastic, hypocritical and assumptive. Although I’m starting to wonder why you are still on this site and commenting to everyone if you think we have “never questioned” what we taught and if everything you say “goes in one ear and out the other.” Perhaps you really are searching for truth…

  • Paul Bonekamp

    “Today we pray for women who have been
    made afraid of their own power by their religion. May
    they learn to reject fear and live bravely.”

    Ever played Knights of the Old Republic, Marc? This one reminds me of the philosophy of the Sith. It was interesting, because you could choose to be a “Light side” or “Dark side” Jedi. I think there was an honest attempt on the part of the writers to make the dark side seem tempting, while still protraying it as ultimately evil. The dark Jedi who try to convince you to join them appeal to “freeing yourself from your chains” – from the “lies” that you were told by the “orthodox” Jedi. They tell you something about being taught to fear power, when you should actually be embracing it. Through power you gain freedom, or some crap like that.

    Anyway – to anyone with a proper Christian education the demonic element is so blatantly obvious it really is almost humorous. I say almost, because in actuality too many people swallow this crap, and because we are dealing with very real and disgusting violation of human rights.

    Keep up the good work Marc. Let’s keep not only the unborn, but also the “Clergy for Choice” in our prayers. Sounds like they really need ‘em. Peace.

    • Jarnor23

      I remember that from those Star Wars games. In all honesty though, Sith influence would make this all make far too much sense.

    • John

      Woot! KOTOR for the win! Love those games. And a great analogy too. As a Catholic and Star Wars fanatic, I’ve found there is so much great stuff in Star Wars that is similar to Christianity. I hope to be a priest one day, and I’m probably gonna pull a ton of stuff from Star Wars for help with homilies. :P

      • Tamsingeachop

        May the fourth be with you!

      • MotherSetonsDaughter

        I know God will bless you as you discern your vocation. Good luck, I just said a prayer for you.

      • musiciangirl591

        a priest that i know quotes LOTR in his homilies :)

    • Kristen InDallas

      Cool analogy I love StarWars!
      I’ll ammend this intention too: Today we pray for women who have been
      made afraid of their own (God given)(maternal) power by their religion(-like liberal dogma). May they learn to reject fear (of motherhood) and live bravely. (Amen).

  • Hatchetwoman

    Goodness, it’s as if their prayers were written by Ashley Judd!

    The “power” and “truth” and “history” tie into the latest (read: hip-est) relativistic claptrap making the rounds. I’ve been seeing/hearing all sorts of proclamations from my more left-leaning friends about their “truth.” As in “This is my truth,” usually following some self-indulgent, misty screed that’s meant to be intellectually and emotionally deep, but as you say, is really narcissistic snobbery.

    I will say however, that not only does imitation appear to be the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case it also appears to be capitulation. The Forty Days for Life *works* — that’s why they have to try to make their feeble attempts to launch a parallel offensive.

    • Lisa Mladinich

      So true! We launch a prayer campaign, they finally launch one after they see it works. We launch an anti-HHS mandate petition at the White House site, they launch an alternative one that fails to match ours. We vote for Cardinal Dolan in TIME’s “person of the year” campaign, they vote for Cecile Richards and Barack Obama, and we win hands down. They’re so unoriginal. But yes, it is capitulation. God’s ways are powerful, and while they can see it, they don’t understand it.


    “They’ve given me 347 ways to mock them, all at once, and I’m left feeling like a hyperactive kid in a candy store.” Mocking – - – How Christian of you…I believe you should spend time defending life not degrading others.

    • Jarnor23

      The Devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked. -St. Thomas Moore

      • Anthony Ray Hernandez

        Gal 5:12 “I wish those who unsettle you would emasculate themselves!”

        St. Paul, mocking those of the circumcision party.

        Generally mockery is morally acceptable in Catholic tradition when 1) it’s more of a public enemy and 2) it’s geared toward waking people up, not just harming them out of spite. But yeah, there’s an established tradition among our ranks of what Mark is doing.

    • Karie Mitchell

      I know Myacekicker, he really should, but sometimes, when they present their hiney like this – it is just so tempting to kick. Ain’t it? Sorry, soooo not Christian. :(

    • Anthony Ray Hernandez

      Jesus’ had much harder words than this. And so did the Church fathers. But since they’re either God Himself or saints, we assume good motivations and let it go. But if they can do it sinlessly, how come all of a sudden in modern times we think it’s impossible?

    • OptimisticPessimist

      I think they’ve already degraded themselves beyond the point of no return. All Marc is doing at this juncture is pointing it out to us. Remember “We are your private parts.”?

    • Hatchetwoman

      Myacekicker … perhaps you should review the title of the blog. It’s “BADCatholic”(emphasis mine), not “AngelicCatholic.” ;P

      At any rate, mocking the behavior isn’t necessarily being un-Christian. See OceanSkye’s post, below … note how the Prophet Elijah, a man in direct communication with God, taunted the priests of Baal. Elijah was not a Christian, you say? I say, “Check the Transfiguration.” I’ll wait.

      • Alexandra

        Sure, he’s a self admitted bad Catholic, but does that mean that when he posts things to the internet that make him look like a really mean guy, we shouldn’t point it out?

        Posting something to a blog takes a few steps, and offers points where a person can reflect and say, is this how I want to represent myself? Is this a wise thing to broadcast? Marc posting it anyway really says something about his character and that he is failing to make the choice to not behave like a bad Catholic.

        I’d post the same sentiment on a post of an atheist blogger. Regardless of our faith, the way we present ourselves on the internet is important, and Marc is making a huge faux pas to be posting something this mean to his blog about being a Catholic.

        • Laura

          Umm this is not mean, you must live in that cloud of love they talk about… Everything that comes from them is the most ridiculous thing ever, there really isn’t a need for us to do anything. You know who else was “mean”? Jesus. What with all the hypocrite-calling

          • Alexandra

            You’re correct, Jesus was pretty mean. It really bothers me when people talk about just following Jesus instead of being part of a real religion, because if they actually read the gospels, they’d see how douchey he really was.

          • Aaron Lopez

            Your comments about Jesus are incredibly disturbing.

            If you are a Catholic, I suggest you read up on Our Blessed Lord very fast. There is a reason that Catholics for 2000 years have looked upon him with unprecedented reverence. I don’t think you look upon him with the same reverence, and that’s not a good thing for your soul.

            If you are not Catholic, then welcome to the roundtable. You will find we do not take sinfulness and evil very lightly.

          • Alexandra

            Not a Catholic, but grew up one. In my high school scripture classes we didn’t look on Jesus as the kind of all god infallible kind of icon that you all seem to. He was human and flawed just like us. He got angry, and he got mean. Just because he was the son of God, didn’t mean that he didn’t have his cranky days and do things that aren’t the picture of perfect.

            No wonder so many Christians behave in objectively immoral ways. If you pretend Jesus wasn’t also man, and try to emulate him, you’re going to behave in ways that aren’t good!

          • Chiyo

            ‘Objectively immoral’? By whose standard, if not by the LORD’s?

          • John

            Jesus is God. His behavior as a man is God’s behavior, no flaws whatsoever. Everything He did was letter perfect, righteous anger and all.

          • Cal-J

            “In my high school scripture classes we didn’t look on Jesus as the kind of all god infallible kind of icon that you all seem to.”

            We kind of figured. Of course, in sharing this with us, our claim in kind is that Jesus was “the kind of all god infallible kind of icon” we seem to hold him as, although that’s a tad too convoluted for the sake of this discussion. Let’s just say we hold that Jesus was God. You’re welcome to dispute this claim.

            “He was human and flawed just like us. He got angry, and he got mean.”

            Human? Yes. Flawed? No. Angry? Yes. Mean? Show me.

            “Just because he was the son of God, didn’t mean that he didn’t have his cranky days and do things that aren’t the picture of perfect.”

            This sentence would only make a useful point under the assumption that “perfection” naturally excludes anger, which sounds like an unappealingly blithe view of perfection. I propose that Jesus getting angry in fact was part and parcel of his perfection.

            “If you pretend Jesus wasn’t also man, and try to emulate him, you’re going to behave in ways that aren’t good!”

            Basic Catholic Catechism: Jesus was both God and Man. Nobody’s accused Him of being inhuman, or implied it, for that matter.

          • musiciangirl591

            you just called Jesus douchey? he wasn’t mean, there’s a difference between his sarcasm and wit and sometimes anger and mean

          • Kristen InDallas

            Comments like these sent me reeling from the church when I was young. When you claim to be Christian you represent the entire faith for the non-Christians you interact with. You will either be an open door or a closed door. People do not come back to the church through closed doors. I thank God for blessing me with friends whose faiths were so strong that they were able to love me in spite of my faults and show me the way back.

        • Gail Finke

          I don’t think it’s mean.

          • Alexandra

            Then your perspective on what is mean is bizarre to me.

          • musiciangirl591

            definition of mean from you please?

        • strandedandbored

          You must remember that the majority of people that read this blog treat Marc like Gods scribe. The man is nigh infallible, and any attempts at pointing out flaws or missteps will be met with a less than loving response.

          • Aaron Lopez

            Erroneous. If Marc was flawed and made misteps, you can see many examples on the internet of what we make of Catholics who have trodden that path.

            And our responses are always loving. That is, they are loving in that they are always directing you towards Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

            What you’re pleading for is kindness. Nay, ‘niceity’. We’re always loving. We’re not always nice.

            Kindness can kill if Love is unwilling to wound. Continue to hope then, that we’re loving.

        • Shawn

          I’ve read most of your comments on this blog and I’m having a hard time believeing you are pro-life or Catholic for that matter. If you don’t like what you are reading then why do you bother to stay and comment?

          • Alexandra

            Because it’s interesting and entertaining. People have provided really interesting and civil discourse. I’m learning a lot about what more fundamentalist Catholics believe and do. I grew up in a very liberal Catholic community and went to liberal Catholic schools, so this is fascinating to me. Hateful, but fascinating.

          • Cal-J

            Are the only two options Fundamentalist and Liberal? And are all your compliments backhanded with spiked knuckles?

    • MarquisOfSkepticism

      So if he attacks them with fire and brimstone, he’s another crazy, anti-choice, Bible-thumping Christian fundamentalist (insert image of inbred banjo-playing hillbilly here). If he mocks them, he’s a hypocrite because, apparently, humor is incompatible with Christianity. This leaves us with what? 100 days of paper airplanes for life?

      Ridicule is a powerful tool, and it’s the one that the Leftists have been using effectively against social and fiscal conservatives since the Boomers were still in diapers. It’s about time our side used ridicule as effectively as the leftists.

      • Alexandra

        There’s a difference between mocking and humor.

        • MarquisOfSkepticism

          And who gets to make that determination? You? The Church? Obama’s latest Czar?

          I’d be pretty hard-pressed to make that distinction, and I suspect you would as well. And in case you haven’t noticed, the left and the media have no problem painting everyone in the pro-life movement as moronic Jesus-bots who can’t paste two words together without checking with Pat Robertson.

          A little mockery flowing in the opposite direction for once isn’t going to harm anyone and might help level the field. The left is certainly not going to allow the discussion to center on morality or even facts, so we don’t have a whole lot left.

          And I personally find a little mockery aimed at people who profit off of the murder of infants to be a pretty mild response.

          • MotherSetonsDaughter

            “The left is certainly not going to allow the discussion to center on morality or even facts, so we don’t have a whole lot left.” Truer words were never spoken, my friend!

            “And I personally find a little mockery aimed at people who profit off of the murder of infants to be a pretty mild response.” Amen!

            Nice post!

          • Alexandra

            Really, you don’t know the difference between humor and mocking? There’s a dictionary definition. Webster made that distinction.

            Stooping to the level of mocking just because your enemy uses is it doesn’t really smack of having the moral high ground. I really don’t think it’s that odd to expect Catholics to hold themselves to a higher moral standard and use less crude tactics when they claim to have the moral high ground in the debate.

          • MarquisOfSkepticism

            Just so I understand this…

            The other side is praying (PRAYING!) for the “right” to murder infants still in the womb, but WE are the ones at risk of losing the “moral high ground” if we make fun of them for it?

            Did I miss something here?

          • Kristen InDallas

            The idea of a “moral highground” is flawed to start. Being slightly less sinful than someone else does not equal a free ticket to heaven. Are YOU doing what God has asked of you? (Am I?) That is the only question that matters. There are much better ways of saving the unborn than scorning the less morally educated.

          • Cal-J

            Except there’s more to it than a lesser “moral education”.

            Pointing out flawed behavior is an act of good, yes. The mockery of utterly foul ideas can itself be good, as well; a person’s self-image is not the end-all standard of activity.

          • Kristen InDallas

            I agree. And generally the behavior he mocks is foul, and I laugh. But here he mocks prayer. Yes, prayer with not the best of intentions, but still prayer. It’s not the best attempt at connecting with God, but it’s closer than I’ve ever seen from this group in the past.
            When a person walking though a swap turns and make one step towards the shore you can either jeer at them “you’re still in the swamp dummy!” or you can encourage them to take another step. I encourage the latter.

          • Cal-J

            I see your point, but I have to wonder if this is actually them turning towards the shore at all. It seems as though this exercise in prayer is largely an exercise in self-validation; they’ve turned towards the shore to shout at the passersby, “Hey, this swamp is awesome and nobody should feel icky about it!”

          • Andrew Patton

            Jesus openly mocked the absurdities the Pharisees engaged in, like saying an oath taken on a gift on the altar was binding, but an oath on the altar itself was not. If Jesus did that, so can we.

    • vpstartcrow

      Have a look at 1 Kings 27 cited above. Elijah is not the worst of role models.

  • Alan

    This thing isn’t exactly new. Last fall when I was praying in front of the abortion clinic in Fargo, they had something similar posted up on the front of their building, a lot kf the “prayers” seem pretty similar. It’s really kind of sad that they don’t have anything more original.

    • Jarnor23

      Yeah, saw the same thing when I was in Fargo for a wedding last summer, decided to stop and pray with some brothers and sisters there. I thought these sounded familiar from somewhere…

      Still makes me as sick now as it it did then.

  • Denise Swanson

    I would add perverted to their aging, crippled form. Much like an old, perverted man that makes you want to throw up when he smiles with his nasty, wrinkled lips. Absolutely disgusting.

    • praedicator

      Umm – at this point I think you should read that comment, and then delete it. Old people don’t have teeth, but nor do babies, and neither is exactly to blame for the fact. Worth remembering in a culture crying out to destroy the elderly as well as the young.

  • Snsb

    I don’t understand why you feel obligated to attack planned parenthood. They are just a tool for women. If women didn’t seek abortions there wouldn’t be a need for planned parent hood. Why don’t you attack the source? Focus on education women and men rather than attacking a company that’s there to help them out. doesn’t the bible say to love everyone anyways? Regardless of what they do. Kinda hypocritical if you ask me. You think your bashing and trash talking is going to earn you “points in gods kingdom” think again buddy.

    • Mike

      “Focus on educating women and men rather than attacking a company that’s there to help them out.”

      And yet, the bashing and trash talking is more benign by orders of magnitude, than “helping women out”, to use your vague, shamefaced formulation. Explain to me why I have to take the creepy, smiling moral insects in the above picture seriously.

    • moral_absolutes

      Loving everybody is far different than loving or CONDONING immoral actions. I pray for the women that are having abortions as well as for the people performing them. But as Christians, we have a duty to confront evil in our world and try to establish “God’s kingdom” here on Earth, as best we can… And sometimes that means standing up to moral relativism and saying, “No, this is wrong and we will not allow it.”

    • Aaron

      Planned Parenthood consistently promotes abortion. They try to morph society to their twisted view of what we should be. Plus, everything they do is almost hilariously ridiculous.

    • heirsinhope

      “”points in [G]od’s [K]ingdom””? What are you referring to?

      Do you know the history of PP & abortion? Do you know that PP was founded by Margaret Sanger, a woman who was opposed to abortion but who believed in birth control to rid the world of ‘undesireables’ (blacks, other non-whites, the poor, the uneducated)? Do you know that as soon as R v. W was decided PP began pushing for abortions to be allowed in non-hospital settings & began providing them as soon as they were legal? Do you know PP is the largest abortion provider in the world? Do you know that Sanger planned to have black ministers pass on her teaching, sans the racial cleansing portions, in their churches & that they still do today? Do you know that J. Weddington, one of the co-counsels on R v. W, along w/ other scientists, social scientists & policy makers advocate for the elimination of ‘undesirables’ today & that PP facilities are disproportionately located in poor, neighbourhoods w/ lrg ethnic populations? Do you know that about 45% of all black babies conceived re aborted, mostly at their local PP? Do you know that since 1973, 20 million black babies have been aborted & that’s more than 1/3 of all babies aborted in the past 45 years? Do you know that Dr. Bernard Nathanson lied in his testimony about the # of women who died in illegal abortions. that he simply made up the #? (When he converted to Catholicism, he confessed his lie but Roe v. Wade had already been decided based largely on his false testimony.) Do you know that ex-employees reveal that they were instructed to pressure women to have abortions because PP makes more $$ that way? Do you know what happens to a baby that is aborted? Do you know the pain babies experience when they are ripped apart? Do you know that PP opposes sonograms so that mothers can see their babies in utero & that such sonograms cause many mothers to reject abortion? (all this info & more is easily found on the internet; statistics come from CDC & Guttmacher Institute which is PP’s own think tank)

      Planned Parenthood is as much, even more, the cause of abortion as the women who abort: PP has been instrumental in teaching 3 + generations of women that sex has nothing to do w/ marriage & child bearing is a woman’s private decision.

      In the Old Testament, God tells the kings of Israel to tear down the high places & destroy the idols because they will lead the people astray. PP is one of our most deadly high places; PP teaches idolatry of the self is not only valid but a right. If we are to follow Christ, we must do all we can to destroy this high place, this nodern temple to Moloch. Mocking PP as well as doing anything to end it’s evil & change attitudes towards abortion is a viable part of the Christian arsenal. Read Jeremiah & the prophets for more on the vehemence & ridicule w/ which the prophets mocked the idols of their day.

      • Bryan

        May God Bless You for sharing these TRUTHS!!!

    • Jake E

      Does loving someone require you to never tell them when they’re wrong? No. In fact, that wouldn’t be love at all. PP is run by human beings, all of whom I should do well to love, but if i do love those human beings, I want them to be better people. Letting them continue to kill other human beings would violate that love.

  • RKoz

    Captain Falcon was the bow on top of this article.

  • Cephas

    “These are the days of Elijah”

  • Carrielc7

    Interestingly yesterday marked day 5 of the Divine Mercy Novena in which we read: “Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls of those who are separated from your Son’s church, especially those who have squandered Your blessings and misused Your graces by obstinately persisting in their errors. Do not look upon their errors, but upon the love of Your own Son and upon His bitter Passion, which He underwent for their sake, since they, too, are enclosed in His Most Compassionate Heart. ” Yesterday, as we read this I thought, I wonder who exactly we mean; now I know!

    • Mstnmagnolia

      Wow! I love your post. It is so very true. Amazing that Our Dear Lord, so many years ago, gave us the perfect prayers for our decadent and confusing times. I will feel united with you and all Catholics this afternoon when I offer the novena prayers.

  • Joe Gehret

    “Today, we pray that we be allowed to reaffirm a culture of irresponsibility, of sexual objectification, and of astounding emotional damage. Lord, enable us to avoid the consequences of our actions and for the sake of all things base and blase’, please guard us from a light of truth cracking into our dystopian nightmare. Amen”

    • heirsinhope

      Sorry, this prayer is too interesting & honest. Satan doesn’t deal in such clarity of thought.

  • Matt

    So they pray for Abby Johnson on Day 12? Day 10 is a classic example of Pro-Choice contradictions “Today we pray for women who were joyfully expecting a CHILD but have learned that the PREGNANCY is unsustainable.”

    • Lily

      I also like how often they pray for women, and for those in developing countries, never mentioning the mass genocide of girls in parts of Asia through abortion, or those women who are forcefully sterilized. I suppose PP never got the memo about them?

  • Ben of the Two Men

    Jesus says, “This is my Body”. The Clergy for Choice says, “This is my body”. Same words; opposite ends of the universe.

    • Lily

      This is very true, and a little scary when you think of the spiritual implications and self-idolatry going on.

    • YoungAdultCatholic

      That is such a deep and rich statement. So many implications.
      When Jesus says “This is my body” it is given up for many, sacrificed for all. He bled out with His body, took scourges, thorns, and nails.

      I love your statement so much!

  • Janet Cupo

    Well, these folks are wrong, but it sure isn’t because they look old and decrepit. Did you ever look at M. Teresa? If you can’t pray a lot better when you are 60 than when you were 30, you’re doing something way wrong, which, of course, they are.


  • mf

    This is disgusting. Pure mockery of women and prayer.

  • my-moneytrip

    Was the name “40 More Days of Death” already taken?

  • Shammai
    • Dicamiel

      “I find you to be hypocritical because you speak of peace and Love, and then judge others. So, I will demonstrate my moral superiority to you by judging you for judging others. You should be peaceful and Loving, like me.”
      Hypocritical attempt to point ot hypocrisy is hypocritical.

  • Tom Perna

    “Day 34: Today we give thanks for abortion escorts who guide women safely through hostile gauntlets of protestors.”

    I have prayed in front of abortion “facilities” in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. I have never seen “hostile gauntlets of protestors.” I have seen people in prayer and people trying to teach about the evils of abortion. This language is so typical of the abortion movement – a “gauntlet” – over dramatic and Hollywood like (they are in California).

    And that picture – are these the left-overs from the Smurf Love-In? They are wearing essentially the same color – turquoise/blue/black. Who came up with this idea?

    • MotherSetonsDaughter

      I have been praying in Albuquerque for several years now. I have NEVER seen anyone remotely hostile to the women and men entering the abortion businesses, or even to the people who work there. I have, however, been screamed at at close range, cars have squealed out next to me in driveways throwing up gravel, I’ve been video taped, and I was soaked for 20 minutes with a garden hose (in late October) while praying. I, for one, am sick to death of hearing the pro-abortion side talk about “hostile protestors”!

  • Anthony Ray Hernandez

    C.S. Lewis called it when he said that modern man equates love with kindness. I mean, just listen to the language they use to convey their understanding of love. But nope, sometimes love is a slap and cold bucket of water XDDD

  • heirsinhope

    You know they’re boring idolators when they all look as if they’ve bought their outfits from a ’70s health food & cattle feed store. God has much better fashion sense: look at the lilies of the fields!

  • Tracee Portka

    you could say, they came to the right place! <3

  • Katie Steiner

    Just the title ITSELF is hypocrisy! “40 Days of Prayer Supporting Women Everywhere”…(Oh, except if you’re one of those tiny unborn UNPLANNED baby girls – THEN we’re praying for financial and legal support that enable us to MURDER you lest you actually succeed in growing into a woman.)

  • Gracie4309

    The Evil One can never create anything new, just copy in a twisted way the good that God has made. Easy to see who Planned Parenthood follows…

  • Jtpacker

    This (and any religious justification for abortion) reminds me of the Nazis searching for the Ark of the Covenant, desperately searching for anything that adds legitimacy to their dangerously flawed, indefensible position even if it involves twisting and acknowledging a legitimacy of a component of their enemy’s tradition.

  • Rosana

    ok, here’s something to think about. If the “40 days of prayer for abortion” people are praying outside their own clinic, what are the people who are driving up as cutomers for their “health services” going to think?

    “OH!! NO!!! the pro-life people are at it again” and they’ will probably leave. –epic fail on the 40days of prayer for choice. Score one for the prolife people.

    • MotherSetonsDaughter


  • Timothy Burdick

    This is hilarious on so many levels. Planned parenthood, are you out of your mind? Wait, I already know the answer to that.

  • Christine Falk Dalessio

    These poor, deeply wounded women, who long for God and long for hope… and in turning to one another instead of the Creator who heals, the one who is everlastingly in love with His beloved… their prayers are empty and without hope, because they are without truth. My heart honestly aches for their ache – dear Lord, have mercy.
    And I have to think that this smacks of the Evil One precisely in its imiatation, yes? He cannot create, but imitate only – all evil is precisely this: boring and unimaginitive. I agree. It’s like the witch from CS Lewis “this sun you imagine is only a bigger lamp…” We really need Puddleglum to stamp his foot in the fire, and let the smell cleanse the languishing lies…

    At the risk of posting too much – I attended a prolife/prochoice “discussion” in Princeton last year and sat next to a pleasant young woman who is an abortionist in NYC, and after 17 years of Catholic education chose her career to “help those poor women” because she wanted to do the kind of social justice the saints must have done. We have a LOT more praying to do…

  • OceanSkye

    Let them ‘pray’… That’s what Elijah encouraged Ahab & Jezebel’s priests to do in 1 Kings 18… “26 So they took the bull given them and prepared it. Then they called on the name of Baal from morning till noon. “Baal, answer us!” they shouted. But there was no response; no one answered. And they danced around the altar they had made.
    27 At noon Elijah began to taunt them. “Shout louder!” he said. “Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.” 28 So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. 29 Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention.”

    At worst, God will ignore them b/c they aren’t talking to Him. At best, He will work in them to change their hearts. Either way, what have we to be afraid of?

  • Alaskashellone

    hey, YOU!
    While I object to the continuous scornful references to the “Old, elderly, and aged” (I am 57, young man!) I am once again very grateful for a generation rising up embracing the reality of the world around them with a Catholic Worldview. Please keep blogging and publishing your work, Marc–it’s a good thing!

    • MaggieGoff

      I’m 66 and to me Marc is a very, VERY bright shining ray of hope for the future of our Church, and of our country. I, for one, will be praying for him daily. Thank you, Marc.

  • acricketchirps

    Blessed be he that shall take and dash thy little ones against the rock. (Ps137:9)

    • Lily

      Metaphorically speaking, of course. Since the Psalms are song/poetry.

    • JoAnna

      No prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation. – 2 Peter 1:20

  • Maureen O’Brien

    False prophets are called that because of what they produce from themselves. They live by their own authority and what they do, they themselves call holy; and they defend themselves not by the authority of the Scriptures, but by lying words. They are the thieves and robbers who will not enter into the Church by the Door, which is Christ.

    St. Beatus of Liebana, Commentary on the Apocalypse. (This particular part is partly taken from St. Isidore of Seville’s Etymologies.)

  • M. Baker

    So sad and mean spirited…we all care deeply about what we believe regarding quality of life on this blessed Earth, and the misunderstandings underlying this issue are profound. If Jesus Christ were witness to your sarcasm, would he approve?

    • MarquisOfSkepticism

      So you’re recommending…what? Another “ribbon campaign”?

      This is the sort of statement that makes a mockery of the claims that the left wants a “civil discourse” on everything ranging from taxes to race – it’s ok for the left to mock and ridicule conservatives, but as soon as the tables are turned, the cries of “racism” and “mean-spirited” go up. It’s ok to paint pro-lifers as knuckle-dragging Jesus-bots, but let a little sarcasm go in the other directions and it’s the end of the freakin’ world.

      Given the number of people who’ve become convinced that the government is completely deaf to thier “deeply held beliefs” on this matter, coupled with the consistent ridicule poured on the pro-life movment by the lickspittle media, I’d say that a little sarcasm is (a) well-earned, and (b) a reasonable and measured response.

      If you can’t handle a little sarcasm, maybe you should stick to reading the online versions of Kathy and Family Circle.

    • Scotty Mac Attack

      Yes, he absolutely would approve. Have you ever read the things Jesus said to the Pharisees? Jesus was INCREDIBLY sarcastic, and had no problem ridiculing the religious leaders of the day, because sarcasm and ridicule have a uniquely intense power to convict and confront in a way that no other medium does. Yes, sarcasm is biting. Yes, sarcasm hurts feelings. It’s supposed to.

    • Praedicator

      Our Lord was not above satire – ‘Render unto Caesar what is caesar’s and to God what is God’s ‘; ‘Let him who is without sin throw the first stone’ – WONDERFUL SATIRE, but we always take the bible with dreadful solemnity, so we miss the humour.

    • Gail Finke

      Jesus is pretty sarcastic.

  • Ann Lewis

    Because Satan cannot create, he must mock. He can only imitate, in a warped way, what God created. That is what this is…a warped mockery of what is of God. You know what this means? This means that 40 Day for Life WORKS! It has wounded the enemy!

    Make sure you all participate the next time. I know I will. I failed to do it this time, but never again will I be outside this battle. Way to go 40 Days for LIFE!

  • Jedi-Priest Padawan

    Nice. It is laughable. But try not to insult their human dignity, guys, come on. We can be more intelligent than that. It is still a sad effort. I wonder what their theology of prayer is anyway… if they have any.

  • rozdieterich

    Actually, I can get behind a lot of those prayer intentions. I’m happy to pray for the women who are traveling a long way to get an abortion, for parents who discover their daughter is pregnant, that the Holy Spirit (oh, okay, if you want to call it a “cloud of gentleness”, that’s your loss) to surround every abortion facility, for the staff members at abortion clinics, and especially for women for whom pregnancy does not seem like good news, that they may realize that they have choices.

    Shall we go down there to pray with them? Where is Eureka, CA anyway? This could be great!

  • Eris

    Not everyone believes what you believe as Christians. With what we know nowadays from modern science (rather than a 2000 year old book), there is a very slim chance your religion (or any religion just to be fair) is actually correct. There are simply too many inconsistencies in the Bible both in itself and with modern science. So while the idea of killing a fetus is horrifying to us all, the chances your “god” is angry about this 40 days of prayer for abortion are very slim. The chances “he” is even existent are just as slim.

    • JoAnna

      Thank you for putting your astounding lack of biblical knowledge and exegesis on display. Now everyone knows not to take you seriously.

    • Scotty Mac Attack!

      The bible’s alleged “inconsistencies” can be chalked up to a basic misunderstanding among laymen such as yourself of the culturally and social norms of the day. And of a misunderstanding of biblical narrative. Furthermore, every attempt to disprove the claims of the bible have been met with failure. The existence of the Hittites is a prime example. AND science still has not offered any sort of explanation for the origin of life and the universe which doesn’t require a huge amount of faith in a technically disprovable notion. At some point, no matter what you believe, you run into the wall that human understanding cannot overcome. EVERYONE has faith. EVERYONE is incapable of empirically proving their beliefs. No religion, nor agnostic scientific answer for life, is empirically provable. But many religions are in fact empirically disprovable. Christianity isn’t one of them. I’d recommend a fascinating book that would totally disagree with your belief that God and science are opposing. It’s called “The Science of God” by Gerald A. Schroeder. It will blow your mind.

    • Laura

      May I ask exactly what method you are using to calculate this chances you keep talking about?

    • Louadornato

      Oh, boy, another evangelical athiest who simply can’t bear the idea that religious people are discussing religion without the benefit of his deep insights. Wow, you don’t beleive in God? That’s so new and edgy! And you’ve been called on by your Not God to spread the nonesistant Word to all the nations! We’re all so lucky to have you join the discussion. Thank not-God we now have your infinite wisdom to guide our foolish and ignorant meanderings!

      How about this – modern science has utterly failed to come up with an explanation of how a fetus in the womb somehow makes the transition from “collection of cells” to “human being” during the 6-inch treck down the birth canal. So by a morality unfettered by absolutes (i.e., “God”) and anchored in nothing more than transient expediencies, there’s no difference between aborting said fetus and killing a baby. And, if killing a baby isn’t immoral, then why would it be immoral to kill a child, or an adult, or any number of adults?

      Maybe modern science (which I’d be willing to bet a lunch that you know nothing about) hasn’t been able to find God because it’s looking for something that can’t be measured. How exactly does one go about finding (or disproving the existance of) the foundation upon which all morality stands?

      Oh, and the Bible is closer to 5,000 years old; that’s five millenia of collected wisdom on the meaning and value of a just and moral life, and even as an agnostic (and scientist), I’d be a lot happier accepting a morality built on that book than in one based the idiocies of “modern” soft sciences, which are nothing much more than voodoo with straight teeth and academic ergot.

      Using “modern science” as a foundation for morality is exactly as stupid as using the Bible as a foundation for scientific research. which pretty much puts you in the same camp as Creation “Scientists”.

  • Jason

    1 Kings 18:24… that’s all I have to say

  • Weary Observer

    Regardless of your views on abortion, deliberately misrepresenting and mocking people who are just seeking to help others is seriously reprehensible. Yes, the “40 Days of Prayers for Abortion” does seem somewhat ludicrous, but it is an effort to help religious people reconcile with the difficult decision of whether to have an abortion or not. It is easy to ridicule and look down on other people when you are not in their situation. Cracking jokes to make these people seem awful so that you can feel better about your own stance on the matter is the same self-affirmation that you accuse of them.

    If you really want to make a difference, stop spreading hate and throwing around sensationalized lines like “as we rip apart pre-born children, limb by limb”. Go to these women and tell them that they have other choices, like adoption. Help them find ways to be financially secure enough to take care of a baby. Give them the social support and infrastructure they need to feel confident enough to bring a new life into this world. Or better yet, implement better sex education so that men and women who do choose to be sexually active can responsibly decide when they want to start a family. These are they ways we can help protect the sanctity of life.

    • MarquisOfSkepticism

      And exactly how is he supposed to implement all of this? I know I’m reading a Catholic blog, but I didn’t realize it was being written by God Himself!

      Or maybe you’re thinking that the answer is to vote for more failed socialist politicians in the hopes that they’ll take our money and to build “the social support and infrastructure they need to feel confident enough to bring a new life into this world” and WON’T continue to fund the Mega Abortion Mart known as PP?

      • Weary Observer

        No, that’s not what I was thinking. By “social support” I actually meant social support, as in family, friends, and community members creating a positive environment for pregnant women. This can be done at the level of the community and doesn’t require any sort of political backing or funding. I’m not sure why this aspect of my comment is met with such hostility.

        • Gail Finke

          Mostly because the people who usually say it are also making sure that abortion mills kill 4,000 babies a day. So I don’t think they really mean it. Maybe you do, in which case I apologize for doubting you.

        • vpstartcrow

          Probably because this is already happening, except in communities where abortion is considered an acceptable option.

          • Weary Observer

            That’s my point- that there should be more social support for vulnerable women who DO live in communities where abortion is available. Those who don’t are not going to have an abortion because they don’t have a choice. Still, ideally women in both cases should have access to what I’ve described above.

    • JoAnna

      They’re helping others to kill children. Not exactly noble intentions.

    • Praedicator

      Why exactly is abortion a hard choice?

      • praedicator

        I am always struck by the fact that we have to treat these people with delicacy and compassion, presumably because they are pregnant… – and so we must not point out to them that they are pregnant.

        • Weary Observer

          If the goal here is to decrease abortion rate, and not simply to persecute those who consider it, then yes we should treat these people with delicacy and compassion. We should sit them down and let them know that they’re not alone, and that there are other options than abortion.

          Or we can damn them to hell and call it a day. From the comments in this discussion it seems the consensus is the latter.

          • Phil Bachmeyer

            It depends on what you’re talking about here. The women that go to these clinics are often uninformed about the choices that they have. As such, it IS important to treat them with compassion and to be respectful of their dignity as human beings. I’m not sure where you’re getting the notion that the women themselves are being ridiculed. If anything, I’ve only seen the opposite — all the anger and sarcasm is directed at Planned Parenthood and those that perform those procedures.

            On the contrary, this blog (and the defense of it) is instead directed at Planned Parenthood, an organization that also collectively represents the idea of abortion on-demand (nevermind that they make more profit off women who get them). As such, the idea and concept of what they stand for IS worthy of ridicule. Just as CS Lewis says, modern man doesn’t fully understand love because modern man equates love with kindness. Love oftentimes is NOT soft and fluffy. It is gritty, gut-wrenching and at some times, humiliating. As long as ridicule is done with Love at its heart, it is EXACTLY what Christ taught us to do.

    • Laura

      “it is an effort to help religious people reconcile with the difficult decision of whether to have an abortion or not” that’s exactly the problem, they’re trying to brainwash people into their moral relativism and complete lack of common sense. So, no thank you.

    • Ghost

      Preach on Weary Observer. /slowclap

    • Gail Finke

      Considering that abortionists do rip babies apart limb from limb, I have no problem with anyone saying so. And “reconciling” anyone to the “difficult choice” of abortion is precisely the problem. No one should be reconciled to it. It’s a difficult choice because it is the choice to kill your own child. I learned long ago that any solution to a problem that included killing people — especially if the people WERE the problem — is no solution at all and has nothing to do with real compassion. If anyone tells you that your life will be better if you kill your children, or that the solution to poverty is to kill the poor, run the other way. Many women are poor, many women are desperate, many women are in a position they should never be in because they should never have been having sex in the first place. It is not compassionate to pretend otherwise.

    • vpstartcrow

      “go to these women and tell them that they have other choices.” We DO. I have done so many times, by volunteering in a pro-life pregnancy center. I have done so with a friend of my sister’s, who chose to have her baby, married his father and is happy with them 11 years later. And I have never been alone in these endeavors. Protesters near abortion clinics are also seeking to do exactly what you describe. All this is already happening, and has been for decades. Be under no illusions–this “making a difference” you describe has been around for a long, long time.

      But as long as abortion is represented as a “difficult decision” instead of a pure evil, it will continue to happen. There can be no reconciliation with people who want to seek an evil, whether they dress it in pious clothes or not. The evil must stop, and if graphic commentary and ridicule help it to stop, so be it.

      Finally, consider that abortion providers do not work for free. When a woman steps into their clinic, she is considered as potential buyer of the clinic’s service, just as if she went into Best Buy or McDonald’s. The employees depend upon her choosing their service if their business is to remain solvent. It is naive in the extreme to believe that any reconciliation between profit-seeking evil and the common good is possible; it is not.

      • Weary Observer

        That’s great that you are involved in pro-life pregnancy centers. My comment wasn’t meant to suggest that this isn’t being done, but rather to promote this approach. On both sides of the argument I see a lot of hate and finger pointing as opposed to any genuine discussion on how to encourage vulnerable women to keep their babies.

        “The evil must stop, and if graphic commentary and ridicule help it to stop, so be it.” The problem with this approach is that it has no long term goal. Okay, you’ve guilted, shamed, and terrified the mother into not going through with abortion. Great, she’s having the baby! But none of the concerns that led her to considering abortion have been addressed. Was it money she was worried about? Or maybe it was that the father is not in the picture and she doesn’t know how to raise a baby by herself? Maybe she has a drug problem, or a psychological problem. Perhaps she was even raped. She’s decided to keep the baby, but none of these issues have been tended to. Who can she talk to? Who will help her? Do you expect her to go back to the same people who ridiculed her to find comfort?

        • CPE Gaebler

          Does that HAVE to be addressed in the same blog post every time? You can’t, say, make a blog post about how abortion is terrible one day, and a post about a women’s less murderous options the next? Or, say, one person posts about how abortion sucks and another person posts about how to not kill your baby?
          I see no problem whatsoever with Marc speaking the truth of the horrors of pre-natal infanticide, and leaving it to e.g. Leila Miller:

          to cover the rest.

        • Chip

          “… but none of these issues have been tended to.”

          And if she has the abortion they are attended to?

          Perhaps that’s not what you intend, but think about it. Resorting to having an abortion as an escape hatch from undesired realities, does nothing to tend to these issues either. In fact, it only compounds the grief.

      • Kristen InDallas

        ” if graphic commentary and ridicule help it to stop, so be it. ” The thing is they don’t.

        People naturally turn away from shocking images and ridicule. If they turn away, they will never really see your message. A smile and a hello go a long way. A caring conversation goes even farther.

    • Cal-J

      “Go to these women and tell them that they have other choices, like adoption. Help them find ways to be financially secure enough to take care of a baby. Give them the social support and infrastructure they need to feel confident enough to bring a new life into this world. Or better yet, implement better sex education so that men and women who do choose to be sexually active can responsibly decide when they want to start a family.”

      We do.

  • Kayla Johnson

    I like how you started this post with a lie. Clearly you are not speechless. :P

    My personal stance on pro-life/pro-choice aside, any reasonable point you could have made is ruined by everything else you’ve said.

    Your “condescending Wonka” is exactly that – condescending. That’s terrible of you to imply that people who are pro-choice don’t love God/don’t pray/etc.

    It’s also a little silly that your main problem/argument is that they can’t be praying to God because these prayers are boring. Um, excuse me? Have you HEARD some of the prayers said in mass and in other church services everywhere? Have you heard youth group prayers? Talk about boring. But it doesn’t really matter. Prayers aren’t meant to be either boring or interesting. Often times, prayers ARE only interesting to the person praying them. Your prayers would probably bore me to tears, and vice versa, having different lives and priorities and such. I just don’t understand how that’s even a factor.

    And you only point out the prayers useful to your attack. Some of their prayers are more than decent and could easily be interpreted as you know, NOT self serving or affirming. Examples:

    “Day 3: Today we pray for our daughters and
    granddaughters, that they will always know the power
    of making their own good decisions.”

    “Day 26: Today we give thanks for the intelligence,
    talent, wit, and wisdom of all the women and girls in
    our lives.”

    and those are just 2. I would encourage everyone to read through ALL of the prayers they’re offering up.

    Related: as far as I can tell, Jesus never shamed women, or anyone. There’s a difference between shaming and simply making people aware of their sins, or acknowledging that He knows of their sins. Unlike the way many Christians/Catholics treat women who get abortions or use BC. So that prayer totally stands.

    • Guest

      I’d just like to echo your words in your final paragraph. “There’s a difference between shaming and simply making people aware of their sins.” The problem with this is that in today’s uptight, PC world where everyone strives for acceptance, if you point out people’s sins, they take it as self righteous judgement, condemnation, and seem to think that you’re calling the fires of hell down upon them. Most pro-lifers that I know do not condemn the women that seek and receive abortions. They pity them, cry for them, and PRAY for them. You can point out someones sins and ask them to change without degrading them or treat them badly. As long as it is down out of love, with knowledge of your own sins, pointing out someone else’s sins is one of the best things you can do for them!
      I do agree that this post was over the edge and mean spirited, but no one is perfect.

    • Gail Finke

      I accidentally hit like instead of reply, so one of your likes is a mistake.

    • Aaron Lopez

      “That’s terrible of you to imply that people who are pro-choice don’t love God/don’t pray/etc.”

      Um, if you are pro-choice, you don’t love God. Saying ‘I love God’, is not loving God. It’s lip service. If you truly understood God, and truly loved him, you would be pro-life. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that.

      “It’s also a little silly that your main problem/argument is that they can’t be praying to God because these prayers are boring.”

      They are boring, and yes, a lot of modern church prayers are boring. Wanna know the ultimate prayer Catholics do? They offer up the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ at Mass every day. They eat that body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ every day (or Sunday). That’s a Catholic prayer.

      These PP prayers are boring because they’re ultimately meaningless. And naturally, they’re ultimately meaningless because they lead to sin and confusion. They are not morally fruitful.

      Prayer Day 3 is an indirect attack against the Church and God. In conjunction with other prayers, it’s meant to outline that the ultimate ‘truth’ is up to the woman, not any objective reality set by a higher power. Day 26 is just another silly one. Is there a daily prayer which thanks….something or someone….. for the accumulated wisdom of several thousand years of humanity? No? Why? Because it’s against Planned Parenthood’s ideals.

      And no, Catholics don’t shame women. We’ve got a much better history of praising women more than any other community in the history of the world. What we do not like are sinners who defile God, his creation, and themselves. Notice how Catholics such as Marc are chastising adherents of Planned Parenthood, not womanhood.

      • Alexandra

        Your definition saying you love God being only lip service sounds a lot like the way that you say you love everyone, even if they go against your Catholic dogma. You don’t love these people. You do not behave in a loving way towards them. You just say you do, and believe you do. You are very hateful.

        • Will

          Get ‘em! Keep going Alexandria. Hypocrisy is a disease that is destroying our church, Aaron…you only contribute to the hatred that so many “loving” Catholics exercise.

          • Cal-J

            Loving someone and being loving is not the same as liking everything they do.

            If your kid steals your car and goes for a joyride, does the fact that you “love” them mean that you can’t be upset and tell him he did wrong and punish him?

          • musiciangirl591

            there’s kids that i love even though they are complete a-holes, i don’t act lovingly towards them…

          • musiciangirl591

            how about this, you’re 16, you mess up in school, like completely fail a class, you come home and your parents are like why did you fail this class…., and you mouth off to them and be a complete smart ass, your dad smacks you across the face (not saying this is abusive or anything, its happened to me a couple of times!), do you believe your dad still loves you even though he acted out of rage and not lovingly towards you?

        • musiciangirl591

          so the other day me and my boyfriend were fighting, not like fight fighting, like i took his phone and he was trying to get it back from me, i punched him in the head, now because i love him, but i didn’t act very lovingly towards him then, does that mean i don’t love him and i’m being hateful even though i didn’t mean to do it and i apologized afterwards?

      • Kristen InDallas

        It is possible to be pro choice and pro life… the words aren’t opposites. I imagine how great it would be to live in a world where abortions were still legal… and still NO ONE was EVER asked to perform one. Making a holy choice is even more holy when done freely.
        God created the world in which I live, including that legalized choice. My mom chose me and I chose my son. I am greatful to God to have that as part of the expirience, that when we struggle I will never doubt that he was part of God’s plan for me.
        I love and trust God and therefore I love every part of His plan, even those I don’t fully understand. Whether it’s the opportunity to make the choice myself or the opportunity to help others choose life even (and especially) when it’s not the norm or legally required. These are gifts. All our struggles are gifts.

        • Cal-J

          “It is possible to be pro choice and pro life… the words aren’t opposites.”

          No, they aren’t opposites, because while they are often opposed, unless “pro-choice” really means “the right to murder anyone one feels like” . But they are mutually exclusive. To be pro-choice is to affirm the right of someone to terminate their pregnancy should they choose to, regardless of the inherent value of the child. To be pro-life is to affirm that all lives, including those of the children, have an inherent dignity that shall not be violated because someone really doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore.

          “I imagine how great it would be to live in a world where abortions were still legal… and still NO ONE was EVER asked to perform one. Making a holy choice is even more holy when done freely.”

          So, wait, it would be better if we were utterly free to pursue evil action without consequence if we didn’t do it?

          The problem here is that your statement requires a law of some kind. You’re saying it would be amazing if we all lived in a world without civil punishment because we all followed moral laws.

          With that principle, I could substitute just about any moral violation in place of abortion. Take your pick: murder, adultery, theft. Now say it again:

          “I imagine how great it would be to live in a world where murder was legal… and still NO ONE EVER murdered anybody else.”

          “I imagine how great it would be to live in a world where theft was legal… and still NO ONE EVER stole from anybody else.”

          “I imagine how great it would be to live in a world where adultery was legal… and still NO ONE EVER cheated on anybody else.”

          I imagine it would be great to live in a world where no one ever did anything like murder, thieve, or cheat, too. But the problem is, they do; of the above activities which are illegal, do you honestly think it would be better to make bad moral actions legal?

          “God created… that legalized choice.”

          God did no such thing. The legalized choice happened due specifically and solely to the actions of certain men.

          “All our struggles are gifts.”

          As are our children. How strange I find it, then, that you regard as a gift not that God Himself gave you a child but that He apparently gave you the opportunity to decide whether you really wanted that child.

          • Kristen InDallas

            You’re cleary bent on arguing so I’ll only post once to clarify. Most of your arguments are against things I don’t actually think because you’re not reading my post in context. Yes substitute any civil law, I am definately saying I would rather live in a world where we didn’t have to have civil laws because we all lived according to moral law. Obviously we don’t live in that world so we must have civil laws. I leave those up to others, because we livein a multi-faith community and those laws can’t always reflect moral laws exactly. Personally I’d rather spend my limited time educating real people in my life about moral truths than fighting the system. The system doesn’t think feel or decide, it reflects the morality of the majority, trying to change a law without first changing hearts does not seem very effective to me. You go ahead if you want and when the time comes I’ll stand by you, but I’m going to keep changing hearts. We have the same goal (no more abortions), and it will take both types to make it real.
            The … you cut out after God created was the more important part of that sentence. If I were born in 1950 and I was a young adult in the time when birth controll began to emerge and abortions were first discussed, then maybe God would have called me to fight them. But I was born well after abortions and the pill were common place. I’m not saying they are part of “God’s Good Earth” but they are part of my world and God can use anything (good or evil) for his plan. In my case it wasn’t love of God that made me realize these industries are evil, it was a dirrect expirience of the evilness of these industries (followed by the choice to carry out an unintended pregnancy in a very scary situation) that led me back to God. I don’t presum to know what God’s plan is for each person in the world, or for the abortion industry as a whole. I do know that my expiriences are such that I am now more able to turn hearts at the door of an abotion clinic.
            Don’t pressume. My child is most certainly a gift. (The best one yet). But all the struggles we go through are gifts as well. Just think of all the people with hearts on fire for the faith that need some feat to prove themselves. If Roe v Wade never happened, if there were no evil in the world, what would you crusade against? In that sense it is a gift, something to find purpose in.

          • Cal-J

            Alright, I apologize for misreading you. It sounded to me as though you were validating the legalizing of an evil action, and I jumped in. Mea culpa.

            Personally, I wouldn’t choose “changing hearts” or “fighting the system” over the other, but both in tandem. “Fighting the system” is just as important to me because “the system” is a cultural catalyst. If we don’t attend to the system, it’s going to get worse because people who aren’t concerned with the common good are shifting the system for their interests.

            Going to apologize again for the child comment. But as to purpose, I can find purpose in knowing, loving, and serving God, such as it is from my mouth (I’m not exactly a good catholic). I don’t particularly need or want to crusade against evil (far too tiring for my tastes), but I do.

      • Kayla Johnson

        “Um, if you are pro-choice, you don’t love God. Saying ‘I love God’, is not loving God. It’s lip service. If you truly understood God, and truly loved him, you would be pro-life. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that.”

        You’re right. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Because you OVER-simplified it.

        People, and faith, are amazingly complex for one thing.

        For another, YOU cannot determine whether or not someone loves or does not love God based on whether they are pro-life or pro-choice or any other views or traits they have. What you seem to be implying is that if someone does not have the exact same views as the Church teaches, or, better yet, if they don’t share the views YOU think are right, then clearly, they don’t love God. If that’s true, then I know a ton of people, a ton of CATHOLICS, and in fact, I might even know a clergyman or two who doesn’t love God. Myself included. I’m clearly a pagan/heathen/Satanist who doesn’t love God because, amazingly, I consider myself BOTH pro-choice and pro-life, because I am PRO birth control, among many other things that make me unlike the traditional or typical Christian/Catholic.

        But regardless of all of that, at this moment, my strongest belief is that you, sir, cannot tell me whether or not I love God. You cannot tell me that I don’t love God because I’m pro-choice. You do not have that authority, you do not have that type of clairvoyance. I love God with every inch of my being, and I know He loves me, and you cannot take that away from me, not with your words, your supposed moral superiority, or anything else.

        I am pro-choice. And I love God.


    • vpstartcrow

      “Day 3 and Day 26″–of course, these women will have to be born first, or these prayers will be meaningless. Or will they be a mockery?

  • Jay E.

    I think this is awesome. The more God gets involved the better. God is on our side, He answers prayers as He sees fit. The more these people pray the better.

    Though of course, they’re probably not praying as you noted.

  • Richard Gerard Evans

    Mr.BAD CATHOLIC and I should actually trade names…I am actually very bad at times, and he is not. Also I am the “aging, crippled type” to use his words for PP, and he is a young 18 year old stud who has it together in ways I hope I one day grow into. So says “Catholicboyrichard…”Great stuff as always…even though it is truly tragic what is happening just in my own lifetime. But evil never truly wins. Never. Thanks again.


    Marc you always have the pulse on the Spirit. This old man appreciates that ever so much. God bless.

  • Anon

    I hate to break it to you but in the 3rd picture, if that’s supposed to be jesus, he was actually a darker-skinned middle easterner who was probably short by today’s standards.

    • Hatchetwoman

      Oh no … the entire fabric of my faith, destroyed! I want a Nordic-looking Jesus, or I’ll have none at all!

      Seriously, that was your best shot?

      • Molly


    • Laura

      Ummm ok?

  • Alexandra

    You got really mean and irrational on this post, Marc. Not your finest work.

    • JoAnna

      If you’re going to make accusations like that, cite examples from the post to support them. Otherwise, you come across as petty and whining.

    • Laura

      Exactly what is irrational about this post? Their whole campaign is irrational, Marc, on the ohter hand is simply presenting to us their whackiness

  • Jason

    Funny that the top says, and I quote:
    “40 Days of Prayer” followed by “Supporting Women Everywhere”… Unless They’re In The Womb.

    Sorry, did I add something?

  • Alicia

    LOL My same conclusion….prayers THAT boring are only addressed to so called “divine within” that is really just themselves. I’m not worried at all about God’s response :)

  • olivia demkowicz

    Day 36: Today we pray for the families we’ve chosen.
    May they know the blessing of choice.

    Since, by “choice” they mean abortion…what they are really saying is, “may they know the blessing of abortion.” Right? Right??!!

    I’m nauseous right now.

    “…have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

  • Andrew Patton

    Sounds like an excuse to do another round of 40 Days for Life. Let them watch as the Pro-Life crowd steals their thunder. Remember, not only were the priests of Ba’al unable to call fire from heaven, but Elijah ordered his offering to be soaked in 12 buckets of water before praying for fire to come down and consume it, and his prayer was answered by God. The onlookers all proclaimed the greatness of the God of Israel.

  • Claire Zachanassian

    Who are you to say what is and isn’t prayer? Just because they’re not praying to your god doesn’t mean that they aren’t praying at all.
    Calling it “self-affirmation” and “slogans confirming their very best opinions” doesn’t mean anything either, because nobody prays for things they don’t personally believe in.

    • Joe Gehret

      Praying for the right to kill people is not a very good prayer, if a prayer at all. Anyone with some perceptivity can see these aren’t necessarily prayers as much as redigested propaganda. Augustine said prayer conforms us to the will of God, however, this form of prayer just conforms their will into pseudo-spiritual form and calls it conversing with the Divine.

      • Ellen Raff

        pseudo-spiritual form and etc etc, and it’s not a very good prayer, judgement and pronouncement from you! Every word you wrote can be pointed back atcha. You just cannot judge another person’s prayer. Can’t be done.

        • erin

          But you can judge another’s actions. And prayer, as an action, to be proud or supported in the very brutal means of death in abortions (seriously, these things would be considered torture in any other realm) is open to judgment.

        • Joe Gehret

          Sure I can. Prayer is an action, and any action can be good or evil. I could, perhaps, if I were a wicked soul, pray that you lose the ability to speak, which would be a bad prayer because it wishes evil upon you. You’d be right to recognize it as a crappy prayer. Now, I’d be wrong to judge the people praying as bad people, but I can evaluate actions for moral quality until the cows come home. It’s called admonishing sinners (in charity, of course), a spiritual act of mercy.

  • ConcernedBrother

    Hey Marc, I’m a huge fan of your posts and have spent hour pouring through this blog, and I really hope you keep up the good work! However this latest post concerns me. It came across as mean-spirited and condemning, and does not reflect the Catholic church, the pro-life mission, or the greater glory of God. That being said, I’ve recently struggled with the same issue while debating my pro-choice friends on Facebook, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I hope we can pray for each other that our posts may reflect the love of Christ for all, and that we can both exercise a little better judgement.
    Keep the posts coming!!!
    Your brother in Christ.

  • L2weir

    In regards to your last paragraph: please take the log out of your own eye before looking at the spec in your neighbours. The same can be said about many pro-life “prayer vigils” used to shame and belittle already vulnerable women.
    Also, Thanks for giving me the link to such a valuable pro-choice prayer practice- I’m going to be sure to forward it to my clergy and take part in praying for the rights of women and the respect for human autonomy and dignity in the act of choice.
    And don’t worry- I’ll also pray for you!

    • Carissima_bella2002

      What about the rights of women in the womb? Are they exempt from your prayer? If you have ever been to a truly pro-life prayer vigil, you would know that they are FAR from belittling. Most pro-lifers are some of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. Quite a contrast to some of the absolute vile I’ve seen spewed my way by members of the pro-abortion left.

      • Weary Observer

        The connotation here is that based on many positive encounters with those who think similarly to you and a few negative encounters with those who think differently, anyone who thinks like you is good and anyone who doesn’t is evil. Both you have L2weir are judging an entire group of people based on a subset of members (who were most likely extreme cases for each group).

    • MotherSetonsDaughter

      “The same can be said about many pro-life “prayer vigils” used to shame and belittle already vulnerable women.”

      L2weir – Please see please see my previous post in response to Tom Perna. All the hatin’ is coming from your side!

  • Brbr_ket

    I hate to admit what a secret thrill it gives me to make fun of earnest, self-absorbed Baby Boomers entering their Muddled Years.

    Our Lord sees their hearts, though. Let them pray away! He will use the opportunity to bring about something…

    • Ellen Raff

      Maybe you also get a thrill from earnest, self-absorbed Baby Boomers who are pro-life? And you will get the same thrill when it’s your turn to see how ridiculous your secret thrill is when you realize the same bell is tolling for you.

      • Brbr_kent

        I do not know a single self-absorbed prolife Baby Boomer.
        I know many, many who are constantly on their high horse about something or another.
        Anecdotal, certainly. But I am sick and tired of their shrill, angry version of Catholicism dominating the conversation.

        And, I am a WHOLE lot older than Marc and many of the blog readers. My death is ever before me. That’s why I “hate to admit it”. Because I know that while I am happy that the Baby Boomer narrative will be passing away soon, so shall I, in the blink of an eye afterward.

        • Brbr_kent

          I meant to write that I know many NON prolife BB’s who are constantly on their high horse…And even some who are opposed to abortion but are pill-pushers and all-around moral wags constantly judging other people.

          • Ellen Raff

            If you are the age you say then you must be wise enough to know that every word of judgment you write can be pointed back at you. And you must also know that your anecdotal experience (like anyone’s) is not enough to make sweeping all-knowing judgment. But hey, maybe you don’t know that. You can still learn.

          • Brbr_kent

            Well, I didn’t make any “sweeping, all-knowing judgements.” I said my opinion about the people *I* know, and also stated my thoughts about the Baby Boomer rhetoric that infested the Church and screwed up Catholic education for me and my generation (late 30′s, early 40′s), leaving me twisting in the wind, dry and desperate for actual spirituality that was not just some hand-holding, SELF affirming juujuu.

            I am sure there are some generationally narcissistic, well-meaning-but-moralizing Baby Boomers our there who are also authentically pro-life. There has to be; it’s the age of the internet, so really there has got to be at least a small group out there of *every* kind of human mishmash of thoughts, non-thoughts, spiritual desire and magical thinking!

          • Brbr_kent

            And, yes, Here’s hoping I am still learning. Cheers.

  • Ellen Raff

    Judgment, judgment, judgment! That’s the thing about prayer, everybody can do it, and everybody has their own causes in their heart. Nobody can be so narrow minded as to mock another person’s prayer or their intentions or their sincerity. You can know your own conscience but you can’t know another person’s, and in the end God is the judge. Not you. If you are really people of faith you should be glad for these prayers.

    • Gail Finke

      Ummmmm. Not so much. Is that what you think about the people from the Westboro Church who “pray” at soldier’s funerals? Do you think it’s not okay to judget hsoe prayers? Should all people of faith just be happy they’re praying?

      • Ellen Raff

        yes, so much, in fact, very much — putting down people’s ages (when there are young and old on both sides) and putting down prayers, when (as stated in a reply above) prayer from PP does no one any harm — and cartoon pictures of Jesus above used to prop up the view of the article? Try this — attend to your own prayers and hope God favors your intention. That’s the best anybody can do.

        • Brbr_kent

          “Everyone can do it”, certainly, but why must it be published as advocacy? I can’t stand smug self-righteousness, not from any “side” (heh) and that pamphlet has it in spades.

    • JoAnna Wahlund

      Surprisingly, Jesus didn’t tell us not to judge. He said not to judge UNJUSTLY. Big difference.

  • TracyE

    Love your writing and your in-your-face Catholic evangelical style. I’ve shared your blog messages and have now nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, You really can never hear enough how inspiring and encouraging your blog is as you continue to spread the Good News!! keep it up!!

  • Mika

    I’m a pro-life Catholic, but I don’t understand young Catholic bloggers who mock their opponents for being old. Stick to the issues. Mocking people for their age or appearance is the opposite of showing respect for life.

    • chantal

      Mika, we are mocking them because they are desperately trying to portray pro-lifers as old men or old grannies. A secular newspaper reporting on a pro-life event will use the picture that has the most old gruppy men and woman they can find. Not a sea of thousands of youth… In the case of 40 days for choice they added their own picture and what do we see.

      • Mika

        Chantal, I appreciate what you’re saying. It may seem that I’m making something out of nothing. But when you’re advocating respect for all life and in the same breath talking like age is something to be ridiculed, you lose some credibility there.

      • Meh

        I fail to see how age (or clothing choices) have anything to do with this. But by all means, mock on, because someday you will be that age as well.

        • Senex

          I’m old. I have no fashion sense. And really, I have no need to be defended by anyone. Thank you anyways. Haven’t either of you ever had the privilege of raising teenagers?

    • rlbell

      It is not mocking them for their age, it is pointing out something that the pro-choicers have themselves commented upon: The unsettling aspect of The March For Life (to the pro-choicers) is that ‘they are all so young’.

  • Jo

    Jeeze… What’s with all the hate on this page? Can’t we just let everyone believe what they want and fight for their own causes whether they’re Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Let them use prayer if they want. That part is not really doing any harm to anyone. Only God actually knows what’s going to happen in the end.

    • moral_absolutes

      What you just defined is moral relativism… which has beed defined as the biggest problem facing our world by many religious leaders. Jesus is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6). There is no room for just letting each person decided what is right and wrong in their heart of hearts. There are things that are evil in this world. Praying for evil is not praying, no matter what the intentions were from the person praying.

      • Will

        And how have you been taught what is right and what is wrong? Have you personally discerned the Bible? Or follow what’s been taught to you your entire life, shaped by someone else’s perception of what is right and what is wrong. They are not praying for abortion, but rather for the women deciding about one.

        • Cal-J

          And what, exactly, constitutes those prayers about women?

        • Lily

          That’s like saying your not praying for murder, but for people who are deciding whether or not to murder. We actually should pray for women involved in abortion (for those considering it, condoning it, or who are post-abortive) and for murderers and hose considering murder. However, the PP crowd is also praying that women feel no shame when they have abortions, and that abortion stays legal, etc. Which is equivalent to praying that murders don’t feel bad about what they did, that they don’t get caught, etc.

          Killing the innocent is wrong for any reason, whether you label it “murder” or “abortion”.

  • chantal

    I laughed and thought.. They are praying themselves to conversion.

  • chantal

    Prayer for choice. I guess they skipped the bible verse “i put before you life or death choose life that you may live..” Sorry I’ll have to look up where it is in the bible.

  • Iosephus

    “Oh, how do you solve a problem like old hippies?”

    • Ellen Raff

      Everybody gets to be old, you too! You either respect life or you don’t. Seems like you don’t.

      • Lily

        Maybe he just doesn’t respect hippies?

  • Erin C

    I was pretty appalled when I found out…. And then I thought more and realized how did I not see this coming?! After they have seen the power of prayer and how the Lord to help us to save lives and change hearts during our forty days for life, they must have thought “hey! I bet we could try that too to help our side”! I just don’t know how a Christian could justify abortion, it just doesn’t make any sense.

  • James

    Interesting how it’s all about the woman and how it’s HER choice and HER decision and we should pray for HER as she makes HER decision… but then when the baby is born NOW the father needs to be involved and start paying for everything.

    Day 41 “and now Lord, we pray for the tiny souls that have been lost throughout the ages, that they will be spared despite the selfish ways of the world and given a crib next to the infant Jesus.”

  • eric

    What about Jesus saying love your enemies. What about the whole he who has no sin may cast the first stone thing. Or that thing about taking the log out of your own eye instead of worrying about the speck in someone else’s. Instead of criticizing someone else’s prayers, maybe you could pray for them, and not just in a “make them agree with us” way. Finally, I find it hard to believe that “pro-life” is a category God checks off to make you “saved.” Jesus loved, not simply tried to persuade and argue to his side, but loved people, especially sinners, not so much the self-righteous.

    • finishstrongdoc

      How do you love your enemies, eric? I try to love my enemies, and I know I’ll never do it perfectly. In my weakness is God’s strength. God can take my imperfect sacrifice and use it to glorify Himself. But I’ve put my hand to the plow….no turning back. The going is tough sometimes, but I’ve learned a lot of things about myself while fighting for God, instead of against Him. Things I could never have learned if all I did was pray. Jesus did a lot of praying, too, but I notice he did a lot of confronting, as well. Happens to be the very reason, in fact, He ended up on that Cross….making the PERFECT sacrifice…..for all us sinners, pervs, pedos, pimps, and prostys out here….just wanting us to join Him on that Cross….so we can follow Him….to His Father.

      • Will

        All I got out of that was a lot of smoke and fanfare and using your “imperfection” as a justification for not truly loving others, as Jesus would have done.

        • finishstrongdoc

          My imperfection is not “imperfection,” it’s really, truly imperfection (sorry, I couldn’t use fewer words…I’ll try to do better….thanks for your insight).

    • JoAnna Wahlund
  • TawdryGamour

    Day 23: Today we give thanks for the strong women in our lives who have given us examples of good decision-making.

    Yeah, those of who were born…

    • Kristen InDallas

      May this prayer remind all women of their mothers… who made at least one good decicision…

  • BlestOne

    wow when I first saw this, like others, I thought… too funny!!! Then, hmmm praying for abortion may lead their hearts to conversion… gee this may not be a bad idea after all. Then reading the responses of the pro-death peeps, I came to believe that we are on the verge of a mass conversion of hearts OR a radical misstep for the pro-death crowd.

    Often our prayers are answered by God and we don’t recognize it because we want our way like a petulant child. What we get is God’s love and mercy, giving us what we need not what we ask for.

    This is a WIN then… to move pro-deathers to prayer can only result in good… I also think that whoever had the idea to go join them in prayer outside their clinics was brilliant! Let’s show them our love for ALL women, born and preborn!! (Should I have spelled it “wymen”?)

  • Guest

    You guys call yourselves Catholics? You are mocking, hateful, unforgiving people which is the furthest thing from a true Catholic I can think of. You are ostracizing people for trying to bridge a gap between your differentiating views; at least they’re trying to better themselves. According to the bible there is not a single perfect person on this earth, which is why Christ sacrificed himself. Yet you sit here and pretend you’re superior to someone else for their shortcomings? To paraphrase, “Acute narcissism, snobbishly disguised as [apotheosis]“. I think you need to read your bible again and take this malevolent website down.

    • Aaron Lopez

      “You are mocking, hateful, unforgiving people which is the furthest thing from a true Catholic I can think of. ”

      Dear Guest,

      Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      We are incredibly merciful and loving, and we welcome people to try and make peace with God. But when you are an unrepentant sinner, when you constantly mock God and his creation, and when you try bring Hell on Earth, don’t you dare think we’ll step aside and let you mow this place down.

      When Jesus saw merchants ‘innocently’ selling their goods in the temple, he brought God’s fury down on them. Imagine what he did to even more vulgar sinners.

      I think it’s you who need to read the Bible again, in all faith and charity.

      • Alexandra

        I’m sorry, are you saying that you should behave like Jesus did at his worst? That Jesus having an angry and unproductive outburst that only made him look like a crazy person is an example to follow?

        Jesus was human as well. He did things that aren’t the model of goodness. He didn’t say, act like me, because even when I was out of control, I was always in the right to behave that way, therefore it’s okay for you to get nasty and excuse it unrepentantly by saying, sometimes Jesus behaved badly so it’s cool.

        • guest

          Jesus is God, therefore, he was without sin and therefore never behaved badly. We should be angry at offenses against God. I dont think our Lords angry outburst was unproductive.

          • Alexandra

            Jesus was also man. Perhaps you’re reading some different theology than I did, but in my Catholic school scripture courses we definitely discussed the fact that Jesus was also man, and that his humanity and fallibility is shown in the gospels.

            Yikes, if you really believe that Jesus did no wrong, then I’m pretty scared for what your model of morality is.

          • Shawn

            Jesus’ fallibility? Where and when did Jesus sin, or was mistaken, or spoke in error? I doubt very much that you were taughtthis in your Catholic scripture courses.

          • Will

            When he disobeyed Joseph and Mary and wandered off to the temple.

          • Erin

            This was not disobedience on Jesus’ part. Mary never said as much, and Jesus himself said, to paraphrase, you should have known I would be about my Father’s business. On one level, this was a precursor of the passion and resurrection of Jesus. In any event, it is not evidence of sin or fallibility.

          • Shawn

            “When the days of the feast were over and they set off home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem without his parents knowing it.”

            He didn’t disobey Mary and Joseph, he just stayed behind, and they had assumed he was with other family on there trip back. You need to read that chapter in the Bible again.

          • Will

            I have read the Bible in its entirety and studied it in a comprehensive course.

            So if your child simply stayed behind without telling you, you’d consider that just an assumption and not a disobeyal. You mean to tell me that Mary and Joseph didn’t tell Jesus to stay with them…Well hold your horses, that can’t be true because its not explicitly written in scripture. Give me a break…

          • Shawn

            ” They assumed he was somewhere in the party, and it was only after a day’s journey that they went to look for him among their relations and acquaintances.”

            Obviously they did not tell Him, “stay with me.”

            You’re basically trying to make assumptions not based on what is written, to prove you point. As I’ve pointed out, you are in error.

          • Will

            So you and the Vatican are free to make assertions about what the Bible means? And I am not. There are plenty of messages that are not explicitly stated.

            Your avoidance of my question also reinforces my original answer.

          • Cal-J

            The bible tells you straight out Mary and Joseph thaught he was elsewhere.

            Further, this example is about as tortured as it gets, because the ultimate authority Jesus follows is God. You have not yet at all demonstrated that Jesus remaining in the Temple was an act of disobedience or sin or fallibility.

          • Lily

            Actually, I always assumed it was a classic case of Mary saying “He must be with Joseph” and Joseph saying “He must be with Mary” and thus they accidentally left him. This happened quite a few times to me and my siblings.

          • Brbr_kent

            Lemme guess….your “Catholic school scripture courses” were taught by…..Baby Boomers???

          • Alexandra

            It was pretty liberal Catholicism, mostly taught by nuns, but a few baby boomers and 20 somethings.

            I had no idea that it was so liberal though. That was a kind of Catholicism that was actually good and I could appreciate. The more fundamentalist kind that Marc and his followers espouse is nearly pure evil as far as I can tell.

          • LJP

            Contrary to popular belief, there are not “kinds” of Catholicism. I suppose there are “kinds” of Catholics though: those that accept, and those that dissent.

          • Alexandra

            There definitely are liberal Catholics. Maybe not that the Church recognizes as real Catholics, but they are a group that calls themselves that, and that are generally recognized as such.

          • Lily

            Alexandra, I ask this honestly:
            If Jesus was sinful and/or flawed, then why do you (assuming you are still a Catholic) and other liberal Catholics worship him as God? And if your answer is “I/They don’t believe that He is God” then that means, by definition, that you and/or Liberal Catholics re in fact NOT Catholic nor Christian

          • Cal-J

            Nearly pure evil? Is that like, “really, really evil”?

            I have to wonder what kind of theology class you took, because from what I understand, evil is a corruption of the good; the only way something could be any degree of “pure evil”, nearly or otherwise, would be if it figured in a Hollywood Blockbuster.

          • musiciangirl591

            so the Catholic school where i went to, because we were taught abortion, birth control, euthansia, and many other topics were immoral, we were fundamentalist?

          • JoAnna Wahlund

            The catechesis you received was shoddy and shameful.

            2 Corinthians 5:21: “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

            Hebrews 4:15: “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin.”

          • Alexandra

            Or you know, realistic and reasonable. Jesus totally acted out a few times. We learned about the humanity he displayed that was described mostly in Matthew and Mark. Perhaps he wasn’t sinful (whatever that means) but he sure wasn’t flawless.

            Wow. So much makes sense now, though. Some people believe that Jesus was flawless, and therefore think that that kind of behavior is justifiable, and not something you should avoid or apologize for. I prefer the liberal brand of Catholicism I grew up with ANY DAY!

          • alana

            Jesus was, indeed, without sin. His human will was in complete conformity with is divine will.

          • LJP

            “Some people believe that Jesus was flawless…”

            Yeah, they’re called “Christians”.

          • Cal-J

            “Some people believe that Jesus was flawless, and therefore think that that kind of behavior is justifiable, and not something you should avoid or apologize for.”

            Jesus being God and all, yes, that is the general claim.

            Unless, of course, the point you’re getting at is that God and His universe and its moral laws should be ordered to the system you think they should be.

            Your argument as it seems appears to depend on intentionally vague terminology. Tell me, what constitutes “sinful” in your theology? And how does “acting out” work itself in?

          • musiciangirl591

            I learned last year in theology class that Mary was to be without original sin otherwise she would have literally exploded from conceiving him, so he was without sin, God and man…

          • Guest

            I am reading A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. You might want to take a look at that book before you made statement like this: “Jesus was also man, and that his humanity and fallibility is shown in the gospels. ” I have to say you misread the Gospels. There is not enough space to talk about the topic here.
            Also I hope you remember “You MUST be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Emphasis mine. Whatever way you interpret perfect, the comparison is striking nonetheless.

          • Lily

            Catholicism 101: Jesus was entirely human in all ways but sin.

            Becoming angry over wrongdoing is not a sin (EX: is you saw someone beating his girlfriend, you absolutely should be angry. That anger can compel you to stop the action).

            Jesus was angry that the Temple, holiest place of all for Jews, was being turned into a marketplace. He overturned tables and drove people out with a whip (though it never says the whip actually hit anyone). Maybe he hurt some people’s feelings, but when you do something bad, you should feel bad about it, then get over it and do better. How was Jesus acting badly? As a Jew, he was defending the Temple as any Jew ought to. As God, he was trying to knock some sense into these peoples heads so they could understand the holiness of the place that they were in.

            What other “bad” things did Jesus do?

          • musiciangirl591

            “He became sin, who knew no sin”…. Chris Tomlin, Jesus Messiah, Jesus was sarcastic, had wit, and sometimes showed his anger, but he had no sin…

        • Aaron Lopez

          Jesus? Worst?

          When did Jesus ever act sinful?

          Did you just appoint yourself the arbiter of Beauty, Goodness and Truth?

          Did you just judge Our Blessed Lord?

          Alexandra, I hope for your sake you have incredible defenses ready, because where you’re going is not a very good path indeed.

          • Will

            “So when they continued asking Him, He lifted up Himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again He stooped down, and wrote on the ground.”

            I believe you just judged her as well my good sir…

          • JoAnna Wahlund
          • Will

            So you’re going to cite a Catholic source for a Catholic argument? That’s comparable to a jihadist citing jihad law as evidence for their cause.

            Please…try again.

          • Cal-J

            “Well, you’re Catholic! And your source is Catholic! And therefore I don’t have to waste any time actually thinking about your argument! Because it’s Catholic!”

            Edinburgh, is that you? It’s really been too long.

            A quick summary of the article produces several links, the second of which provides alternate biblical support for the idea of judging others.

            “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” (John 7:24)

            “Go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.” (Matt. 18:15-17)

            Exhortations from Christ himself to exercise our judgment regarding the behavior of others. Not to judge the ultimate state of their soul, to be true, but whether their actions are good or bad is certainly within the bounds of our judgment.

          • Aaron Lopez

            When a scientist tries to discover the reality of the Higgs-Boson particle, they do not refer to the Bible for veracity.

            When you want to back up a Catholic argument, of course you use Catholic sources. If you are a good sport, you will use another source to help verify your claims too.

            For that, I urge you to take a course in Logic and Rhetoric. Both are secular forms of knowledge, and both will have you realize JoAnna provided a perfectly acceptable source.

            I won’t ask you to try again. I’d ask you, in perfect charity, to argue a bit better.

          • Will

            A scientist cites facts, accepted theories, etc. The source that was cited was not the Bible, it was Catholic newspaper that makes assertions, just as the person I replied to was trying to do.

            If you are so versed in Logic and Rhetoric, you would know that when arguing a point, it is your job to argue it and cite primary sources that back up your claim, not cite the place that you gained your “theory” from or a whole different theory itself.

          • Cal-J

            The “catholic newspaper” further cited several (easily clickable) passages, one of which, as I went on to detail, further cites bible passages.

            Alright, because you insist on being so logical, I could just as easily point out you gave little to no consideration to the argument and made a sloppy evasion.

          • Aaron Lopez

            I didn’t say being judgmental was wrong.

            When you judge God himself though, the one you who created you and everything you know, that’s another story.

            You have an intellect and a will. Make good judgments.

        • whoahed

          Dear Alexandra,
          Imagine you were examining different layers of strata on some clear cut mound. One can read the history of the environment by the narrative one finds amongst the soil. Take now, the extinction of dinosaurs and the correlation of a massive cataclysmic event thus narrated in that soil.
          Now imagine for a moment that said mound reflects the history of humanity. You will notice the usual layers of human development as humankind evolved generation after generation until you come across a certain layer in history that marks a never before seen shift and unrecognizable seismic event unlike anything that has ever been seen before. I would kindly invite you to ponder, if such an event, one that has changed the course of entire human history most distinguishably and markedly so, can be based on a fabricated lie and story by people who had their very own life to loose, and indeed lost it by martyrdom. Would such a marked layer in the course of human history be indented into the narrative by such a hurdling meteor of deceit?

        • Darius

          Hate to point out the obvious here, but Jesus never had ‘unproductive outbursts’ or a ‘worst’. When we say “true God and true Man”, we mean TRUE, as in holy; how man was intended to be. He faced temptation, but never sinned. He is perfect.
          Thus, his reaction isn’t something to be ashamed of. When he lashed out at the money changers, he knew that righteous anger (at sin, not sinNERS) was the only way to end the horrors of his Father’s house becoming a den of thieves.
          We are called to recognize the horror of sin and to fight it. That doesn’t mean we must be judgemental; quite the opposite.
          P.S. Jesus totally calls us to be like him! “Pick up your cross and follow me”

        • Sheryl

          Alexandra, in Jesus’s time, converts to Judaism were not allowed to worship with the regular Jews. There were given the outer most space in the temple to pray and instead of respecting the sanctity of their worship, the priests allowed (dishonest) money-changers and poultry sellers to sell their wares in that sacred space. ‘Zeal for God’s house’ consumes Christ and he defended the rights of those who had nobody to defend (as with the unborn). God does not have favorites. He set a classic example that in the defense of truth and resistance of evil, being ‘nice and courteous’ is not the prerogative.

          The same goes here. To cower because being sweet and nice is more important that speaking the truth is definitely not Catholic. Going with our Church history, I think we have constantly stepped on a lot of toes to stand up for truth in love.

          • Sheryl

            Oops! Typo…he defended the rights of those who nobody defended (as with the unborn)

    • Brbr_kent

      “You are ostracizing people”
      –No, he was making fun of them. To “ostracize” they would have to run in the same circles so Marc could engage in a campaign of excluding them on purpose.

      “..trying to bridge a gap between your differentiating views”
      –Noooo they certainly were not trying to do this; read the linked pamphlet it is fuzzy, feel-good words about empowerment and the right to abortion. NOT about “bridging gaps” whatever that means.

      “you..pretend you’re superior to someone else for their shortcomings?”
      I do think that Marc is pointing out that they have left themselves WIDE OPEN for such ridicule. I am not sure what *you* think are their shortcomings, though? Let me know on that.

      “mocking, hateful, unforgiving people”
      –eh, it probably varies reader to reader. I myself can cop to hateful, but only for moments at a time and mostly toward my husband. (Bless him). I am offensively forgiving. Mocking. Yes. You got me there. (blush). But that’s just me. Anyone else?

      • finishstrongdoc

        Yup…me too, guilty of hate….sure am….got me there. But even when I’m mocking my enemy, I’ve spent time praying for him/her, and yes, dadburnit, just had to forgive those who have trespassed against me. Never go to battle with the enemy (who is ALL HATE) unprotected by prayer. I have learned how not to love hate; hate never loved me back….just wasn’t getting anything out of the relationship. But ol’ hate keeps coming back. Hate sure hates me, but I just mock him, now… Guess I must be human after all. Oh, well, soldier on….

    • Dohertymary02

      Better themselves? Really? Better themselves how? That makes no sense. PleSe do explain how they are trying to better themselves?

    • Sailor

      Even if everything you said about the people on this site is true–and I don’t think it is in this case–you still have no business saying who is and is not a “True Catholic.” That authority belongs to the successor of Peter and the bishops in full communion with him.

      • Will

        hahahahahahhhahahaha! You are trying to call out someone for attempting to determine the Catholicism of another on this site? PLEASE read through these comments. Some of your most adamant proponents have done nothing but question other’s faith and morals, simply because they choose to argue for other’s rights rather than blindly cast them under the bus as all of you have done. You all make me sick.

        • Guest

          Happy Divine Mercy Sunday, Will!
          I apologize for how sickened you are. Might I suggest respectful, compassionate discussions, rather than rage-fueled, bitter, sarcastic remarks designed to instigate arguments?
          I’m sorry if that offended you. Please pray for me!

          • Will

            Please read through all of my remarks on this discussion board before you make a condescending assumption.

            I have exerted tact in most of my posts. I just couldn’t contain myself on that last one, seeing as one of you all was trying to judge the Catholicism of another poster…which I suppose is perfectly okay because all of you are the akin to Christ. However, if someone who decides to maybe poke wholes at your argument, they are an outcast, a non-believer, a heathen to the church.

            Spare me.

          • musiciangirl591

            hi! you have exerted tact? um… look back through your posts and re read them please :P

    • musiciangirl591

      um…. ok? i am a Catholic and i think this stuff is funny, he has wit and sarcasm, and just because he uses them doesn’t make him a bad person…

  • Ellen Raff

    From the web page linked above (the page where you can go if you want to see another side of this issue): “Some of the local “churches” participating in the pro-abortion prayer event include: Temple Beth El in Eureka, Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside, St. Francis in Fortuna, Old Town Gazebo in Eureka, and Arcata United Methodist.” They are real places of worship and they can pray any time they want to. If YOU care about religious rights, you shouldn’t be putting them down. Nor their prayers.

    • Alexandra

      Thank you! You’re right on.

      Marc talks about how people of all faiths should be upset about the lack of the exemption to the HHS mandate for Catholics, but he’s sure not standing with other faiths. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t expect people to stand in solidarity with you if you’re going to behave like a jerk to them.

      • JoAnna Wahlund

        “Standing with other faiths” for WHAT? No one argues that they don’t have the right to pray for the death of innocent children if they so choose. His point is that such prayers go against the tenets of Christian morality.

    • R.E.O. Johnson

      The crux of it is, Catholics particularly oppose this HHS mandate (you mentioned rights) because of its life destroying properties, with the belief that life begins at conception and not at implantation, rendering many contraception as abortificents. Therefore, praying in any way for abortion to be upheld and seen as virtuous is so backwards that it’s most easily understood through laughter.

      It is akin to, and I kid you not, watching an Aztec praying for his right to human sacrifice.

      Perhaps these people shouldn’t be ridiculed, but that’s only because people are less open to seeing the truth when they’ve been insulted or humiliated. However, their decision to pray for the right to abortion is in no way compatible with the Holy Spirit, and we are not obligated to respect this ludicrous decision no more than we are to respect the practice of human sacrifice.

  • Aaron Lopez

    We do love our enemies.

    We just don’t necessarily like what they do.

    Note how Marc, or any of us Catholics, are condemning anyone to Hell. That’s because we love them.

    Don’t mistake love for kindness.

    • Alexandra

      Not condemning people to hell is how you show love? That’s a pretty low bar for love. I know that if I love someone, I do not mock them, and if I do, I am really remorseful for my behavior.

      • musiciangirl591

        eh, trust me, once i punched my boyfriend in the head, he loves me and i love him

  • Jabrony

    God had Israel MURDER innocent babies, so you don’t have a leg to stand on in judgement.

    • JoAnna Wahlund

      Just goes to show your ignorance of the Bible…

      • Will

        So I guess God striking down the first born male of every Egyptian wasn’t murder either right?

  • Green

    “Like being stared down by the Republican Party?” Actually, it is the Democrat party who advocates abortion “rights,” as well as homosexual “equality.” I know it is hard for delusional Democrats to accept that fact, but still, it is what it is. I refer you to the party platforms of both the Republicans and the Democrats.

  • Mwerk1062

    We don’t know how God works for all good, and in all honesty, we sound very snobby and holier than thou in our reactions to this. How do we know that their prayers just might turn some of them around to the evils of abortion? Who are we to judge their prayer and make fun of them? We are all invited to the table remember? I firmly believe that God’s graces might just work wonders…..

  • Will

    How can you as a Christian try to define what prayer is. Prayer is sole dependent of the person praying. Your sense of entitlement, that you can define what prayer is, that you can define who has the RIGHT to pray to their God, that you somehow inconceivably know the truth to all of life’s questions is just disturbing. It reminds me of the whole “I’m a Christian, unless you’re gay” argument.

    • Ryan Peters

      The problem is that their prayer is completely ignorant of the teachings of who they’re allegedly praying to. It would be like praying to God for riches and power even though He clearly does not answer such prayers.

      • Will

        And I’m sure every prayer you’ve ever prayed to God has been of upstanding pure moral and selfless intentions? They have the right to pray about whatever they desire.

        • JoAnna Wahlund

          “Having the right to do a thing is not at all the same as being right in doing it.” – GK Chesterton

          • Will

            Make an assertion, don’t quote someone else unless you are using their quote to back up your assertion. Thank you.

          • Cal-J

            She did make an assertion. It just came neatly prepackaged.

    • Lily

      1. a devout petition to God or an object of worship.
      2. a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.
      3. the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.
      4. a formula or sequence of words used in or appointed for praying: the Lord’s Prayer.
      5. prayers, a religious observance, either public or private, consisting wholly or mainly of prayer.

      My problem isn’t who they are praying to, actually, it’s that they’re doing it wrong. Every single prayer begins “We pray that…” and never actually talks to who they are praying too, who they praise or are thankful to, who they expect to send a cloud of gentleness. Not only do the “prayers” sort of fail in their function as prayer, they are also a bit rude to whatever deity the worshippers claim to believe in.

      • Will

        So if I don’t say “Dear God” in the beginning, or “Thank you Mary” at the end, then my prayer doesn’t count?…pity.

        All of you I have bantered with over the past few days have failed to see my argument. I have never once argued about the abortions itself; rather I have argued about these people’s RIGHT to pray as they please. What does it matter to you if their prayers fail or not? What does it matter to you if they want to invoke Jesus for guidance? Let them, and stop concerning yourself with their lives. Live your own. And back off of theirs. It is not your right, my right, or anyone’s right to judge, only Jesus’.

        • Frank

          God has already judged murder.

    • musiciangirl591

      by prayer do you mean begging for something you desire or wantt or having a relationship with God? because sometimes those can be two different things…

  • Brbr_kent

    Marc after reading this I do think that you write a little too stridently in your conviction that “it’s obvious they are not praying to G-d” …I mean, certainly the way things are written they are obviously meant to function as both advocacy *and* prayer. Well-meaning individuals saying those prayers may or may not be praying to G-d, of course.

  • willie

    It begins with believing in evolution and devaluing the Word of God, then devaluing human life for the sake of convenience, and now we’ve come full circle where PCUSA types have so little left to stand on Biblically that they encant sweet phrases to their uptopia of selfishness, their version of a Creator who is a mix between Santa Claus and Bill Clinton.

    • Therese Z

      Careful, there, evolution is pretty much true for intraspecies development (longer bills, darker feathers, stronger feet). I can use my biology degree to pray with, no disparity there.

      Now, if you try to claim evolution to show the development between species, or from a primordial soup, THAT hasn’t been proven yet and you are being a BAD scientist. God may very well have used that method to bring us from the clay and dust, I have no problem with it. But let’s use our intellects and make sure we know what we know.

      Where evolution is always and everywhere prohibited as a mechanism is when someone postulates that our souls and/or our consciences somehow evolved. From what? the dudes never say. What we know about the soul is based on faith.

    • Ryan Peters

      Pope Pius XII himself approved of Evolution wholeheartedly, assuming that we still believe that our souls are created by God, of course.

      You should read “Only A Theory” or “Finding Darwin’s God” by well-respected Catholic biologist Kenneth R. Miller. The former book is one of the best I’ve ever read and it’s absolutely amazing how so many people will never read books like that because they’re so sure that they’re “right” in opposing true science. Evolutionary theory only makes the world even more beautiful than a specially created one. It’s like poetry about how God gave us free will in more than one sense.

      • Cal-J

        Is that Bug Style? You’re amazing. (And we are both really, really big nerds).

  • Ldenneno

    How self righteous of you!

    • Chiyo

      Wow, somebody sounds pretty self-righteous there. ;)

  • Béatrice Fedor

    Hi, as a post-abortive woman, this is my attempt to address their prayer intentions.

    • Anya

      Excellent link, thank you

  • Tim Canny

    I sure hope they put up these warning signs before they invoked those clouds of gentleness.

  • Katrina Fernandez

    A present for you. Created by Tim Canny.

  • Ryan Peters

    “Day 29: Today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise.”

    Does that not apply to offspring? This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing.

  • Guest

    What if we prayed that most of these intentions actually happened according to the way we as Catholics would pray for them? For instance, I’m all for women to be treated like citizens, but in the sense that they are paid fairly, that male chauvinism and misogyny go away, that women stop denigrating themselves…I’m all for a true docility toward the Spirit descending on abortion clinics, that an insight into the true gentleness of the Lord may show those in the building what kind of violence occurs there by the fact that abortions occur. I pray for an end to poverty that makes pregnant young women or couples (regardless of extramarital context or not) feel that welcoming children is not something they want to or can do. I pray for a deeper awareness of what “choice” means, that being shackled to a mode of being that undermines the very freedom for which I am supposedly a proponent disappears. I would not be able to be a Christian if I did not pray for those who acted as escorts, because otherwise I would probably let whatever righteous anger I had over the sin conflate into a self-righteous anger and hatred toward the sinner. Praying for those who have undergone abortions? Good. Not contestable. They need prayers. I haven’t read all of them, and I ‘m sure we can’t make every single one of the intentions on that list fit what I’ve said above.

    Speaking as someone who is guilty of this at practically every turn, I would caution people on either side to be wary of self-celebration usurping the righteous zeal; all it takes is some snark or condescension, and it can make even the most sound argument compromised by partially undermining charity.

    • Lauren G.

      You know what? Word. Nice.

    • Marissa C

      Very nice comment!

    • Kristen InDallas

      Yes! I said same above before I read here, but with different examples. And while *we* may not be able to make every intention fit into a higher truer intention… I’ll bet anything God can.

  • Sabeth

    Cloud of gentleness surround every abortion facility, except when the procedure actually begins, then that calm we so glibly intone gets a little fussy as the human life gets sucked out of existance, ever so calmly, like calmly clouds surrounding the gas chambers. Relax everybody, be calm, all we want is your next breath. Ever so calmly, die.

  • Anti_pop57

    How dare you say that these people are not praying to God or that their prayers are not sincere. Do you claim to be God? To know the hearts of men?
    I am a Christian and I support the right to choose. There are a lot of Christians like me who defend the reproductive rights of women. Does that fact give you the right to judge my faith too?
    Your arguments are ill-founded and sensationalist.

    • Ryan Seybold

      Read more scripture.

      • Will

        And what? Scripture is open to interpretation. Arguably, a thousand arguments can be made in either direction for each passage in the Bible. Anti_pop57 don’t worry, “read more scripture” is code for, I don’t have an answer for you.

        • Cal-J

          Alright, here.

          We dare suggest these prayers are not to God, because of their object. A prayer vigil for the capacity to be “pro-choice” readily translates into a prayer vigil for the capacity to abort, which is such an abject violation of God’s Law that one may legitimately come to the conclusion that they are not, in fact, praying to God, since they demonstrably know very little of him; or, assuming they do know the commandment against murder and that it belongs to God, perhaps they are deliberately choosing to pray to another deity.

          And if they are not praying to God, then they must be praying to something else; for to pray is to make a bequest of someone. A prayer must have an addressee, or else it is merely meditation; if these people know what the word means, then it is fitting to conjecture who they are, in fact, praying to. For if all things have a proper end, to question an improper one is not wrong.

          Again, in the context of praying to God, who explicitly decreed “Thou Shalt Not Murder”, for the basic pro-choice self-affirmation, which includes the right to abort and still feel good about yourself, it is just as fitting to conjecture whether they are made in Good Faith, since they seem to borrow from heavily contrary strains of thought.

          • Sagrav

            Those of us on the pro-choice side of the argument do not deem abortion murder. A fetus is not a fully-formed human being, and so they do not have the same rights as the women that they grow within. A woman’s body is her domain, and preachy internet memes will never convince us otherwise. In fact, I have no idea why op-ed writers like this one even bother. They never convince someone to join their side of the argument.

            “I was pro-choice until someone called me a baby murdering heathen. Then I was like ‘Holy sh*t! You’re right!’ I became an ultra-conservative christian shortly thereafter.”

            Have you ever heard someone say anything like that? Probably not. Why? Because no one reacts favorably to this stuff unless they already believe it.

          • Cal-J

            “Those of us on the pro-choice side of the argument do not deem abortion murder.”

            We know.

            “A fetus is not a fully-formed human being, and so they do not have the same rights as the women that they grow within. ”

            And what is a “fully-formed human being”? Last I checked, the human body is under a constant state of growth and change. According to you, since toddlers are less developed than teenagers, who are less developed than adults, the earlier stages would not have the same rights as the later ones do.

            So, applying this to the principle of the Right to Life, it would be better to kill teenagers than to kill adults, and it would be even better to kill toddlers. Because they’re not fully-formed and all.

            “A woman’s body is her domain, and preachy internet memes will never convince us otherwise.”

            Ah, but a woman’s body ends where the baby’s body begins.

            “”I was pro-choice until someone called me a baby murdering heathen. Then I was like ‘Holy sh*t! You’re right!’ I became an ultra-conservative christian shortly thereafter.””

            I wasn’t trying to convert anyone, because the people I was discussing with would not listen if I tried. What I was doing was disputing and analyzing several points on the nature of certain so-called prayers.

            Of course, if you want to discuss whether an unborn infant is still fully human or not, we can discuss that, too.

        • Frank

          So Will what is your biblical argument for abortion?

          • Sagrav

            The bible says nothing about abortion. Nothing. There are no passages about abortion. If your god has nothing to say on the matter, then maybe you shouldn’t be asking for pro-abortion passages.

          • Cal-J

            Does it specifically mention the act of destroying an unborn child? That’s rather specific a claim.

            Would you like biblical passages on the value of children? We’re running a clearance sale:

            Children are a blessing:
            -Passages with the command to be fruitful and multiply (Gn 1:27-28, Gn 9:1, Gn 35:11)
            -Children are a gift from God (1 Ch 25:5-14, 1 Ch 26:4-5)

            Children Belong to God:
            -They are His Gifts (Ps 127:3-5)
            -He claims them as his (Ez 16:21)

            From Conceptionby God (pay attention, Sagrav):
            -They are formed in the womb by God (Jb 31:15, Is 44:2, Je 1:5)
            -They are recognized as beings in the womb (Lk 1:15, Lk 1:41)

            Why we should take care of Children:
            -Because it is demanded of us (Pv 31:8, Ps 139:13-14, 1 Cr 6:19-20)
            -To kill an unborn child is a penalty worthy of death (Ex 21:22)

            So, uh, yeah, what was that you were saying? There’s nothing about unborn children or killing them in the bible?

          • Will


            Numbers 5: 11-21
            Numbers 31: 17
            Hosea 9: 11-16
            Hosea 13:16
            2 Kings 15:16


            Psalms 135: 8
            Psalms 136: 10
            Psalms 137: 9

            Murdering of Children:

            Exodus 12: 29
            Exodus 20: 9-10
            Leviticus 20: 9
            Deuteronomy 21: 18-21
            Judges 11: 30-40
            Judges 19: 24-29
            Psalms 137: 8-9
            2 Kings 2: 23-24
            2 Kings 6: 28-29

            should I continue…?

          • Cal-J

            Lessee, if by abortion one means the murder of an unborn, holy innocent; most often for the purpose and sake of the convenience of the parents:

            Numbers 5: 11-31 is the Trial by Ordeal, designed to see whether a woman was innocent or not. Before she consumed the drink of holy water, the woman would swear innocence. Basically, if she cheated and lied about it to her husband, the priest, and God, then the child would miscarry. Of course, the mixture is nigh harmless (water, ink, dirt, bit of animal skin), so it might very well have served to just shut the husband up.

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Numbers 31: 17 — This is one of the war passages, in which God tells the Hebrews under Moses to kill the men, the women, and the male children of a certain group. I could make several points here: God knew the children, already consecrated to Belphegor as was the wont of their people (those who wouldn’t end up as priests would end up as victims). The girls were saved because they were neither guilty nor doomed to evil, and thus might’ve been saved — Moses condemns both the wanton slaughter of the innocent and the defilement of young women, so don’t even go there. God forbade murder to men, but God is also the lord, judge, and arbiter of life and death, and He chooses who lives or dies. A command from God for the purposes of His Revenge does not even remotely equate to permission to murder unborn children.

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Hosea 9: 11-16 — I notice you neglect to include Hosea 9:10, which tells us that the subjects of this particular passage left God for Belphegor. God’s curse upon this fallen people is that he takes their children, in whom they glory, from them. As is His prerogative, again. God enacting His Revenge directly upon people does not remotely equate to permission to murder unborn children, either.

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Hosea 13:16 — Samaria is threatened with death, including violent imagery involving swords and children dashed against rocks. This is not a curse or an imprecation, but a prophecy; some translations run “Samaria shall perish.” This was happening in the context of the imminent assault from the Assyrians, in which this was not the only problem the Hebrews heaped upon themselves.

            Pro-abotion? No.

            2 Kings 15:16 — Menahem leads an army and destroys Thapsa, going so far as to take pregnant women and rip up their wombs. Problem is, Menahem was a Samarian general and murdering usurper. His actions are not in particular supported by the Old Testament.

            Pro-abortion? Now you’re just giving me softballs.

            Psalms 135: 8 (Psalms 134: 8) — He slew the firstborn of Egypt from man even unto beast.
            Psalms 136: 10 (Psalms 135: 10) — Who smote Egypt with their firstborn: for his mercy endureth for ever.

            My translation puts these all a chapter ahead. Okay, so we have God exercising judgment in a way that he is perfectly able to. Justice upon Egypt. Mercy to Israel.

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Psalms 137: 9 (Psalms 136: 9) — “Blessed be he that shall take and dash thy little ones against the rock.” The Psalmist is writing about Babylon, a city so utterly rotten that it came to basically be identified as an embodiment of evil. The same principles are at work, here. A cruel punishment, but not unjust. And that assumes that this happened at all; the Psalmist could just be venting, and we receive no confirmation that such actions were taken in the first place.

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Exodus 12:29 — “Then, at midnight, the Lord’s stroke fell; fell on every first-born thing in the land of Egypt, whether it were the first-born of Pharao, where he sat on his throne, or the first-born of some captive woman where she lay in her dungeon; all the first-born, too, of their cattle.” Ooh, God’s final plague and punishment on Egypt. Of course, you’ve managed to accuse the lord of life and death of being a murderer, which is an… interesting interpretation. Tell me, again, how this makes abortion okay?

            Pro-abortion? No.

            Exodus 20: 9-10 — Dude, I think you might not actually have read this verse. This is the description of the Sabbath, the Hebrew’s day of rest. “(8) Remember to keep the sabbath day holy. (9) Six days for drudgery, for doing all the work you have to do; (10) when the seventh day comes, it is a day of rest, consecrated to the Lord your God. That day, all work shall be at an end, for you and every son and daughter of yours, your servants and serving-women, your beasts, too, and the aliens that live within your gates.”

            Pro-abortion? o.o

            Leviticus 20: 9 — “If a man curses father or mother, his life must pay for it; he has put himself beyond hope of pardon, in cursing father or mother.” Punishment for a vile creep. Does your translation say “son”? Because I’m pretty sure this has little if anything to do with children. Certainly not innocent, unborn children.

            Pro-abortion? Nyet.

            Deuteronomy 21: 18-21 — Short version: A son who is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable (which generally means being a creep) should be taken to the elders at the city gates, and be stoned. Well, first off, children are not subject to the law –> poor behavior on the part of children is naturally imputed to be the result of shoddy upbringing and is thus the fault of the father. When the child becomes a man, the father comes and testifies in the presence of ten Jews that he has taught his son the commandments, the national customs, and daily prayers, and now sets him at liberty to make his own way, hopefully with God’s guidance to virtue. In larger cities, primary offenses were met with the scourging of a stubborn child, and stoning if the child had a relapse; the Jews modified this law to exempt their children under the age of 13. Again, consideration of the rest of the Mosaic Law gives us lots of punishments for lots of different things, many of which would’ve impugned the father unfavorably, so we can easily assume the son in particular had to be a major creep. Innocent? No. Child? No. Murder? No.

            Pro-abortion? Nein.

            Judges 11: 30-40 — Summary: Jephte was a warrior who promised to God that, in exchange for victory, he would sacrifice the first thing to come greet him on his return to God… which happened to be his only child and daughter. Now, then, is this passage a happy one? No. Is this passage at all treated as a good thing? No. It is unambiguously miserable.

            Pro-abortion? Nuh-uh.

            Judges 19: 24-29 — This is uncannily similar to Lot and his daughters, but we’ll go ahead with it. A Levite entertaining travelling guests when suddenly his house is beset by townsfolk demanding sexual satisfaction. The Levite offers his daughter and a woman of one of his guest’s, and still they aren’t satisfied; finally the Levite offers his own wife, and the townsfalk rape her for the rest of the night. As dawn is coming, the wife returns and falls down at the door. The Levite comes, finds her, and discovers she is not sleeping, but dead. He then cuts his dead wife up into twelve pieces, sends one each to all the tribes, and, as your selection of the passage so curiously neglects to mention, summons them all to resolve how to find justice, as Judges 20 details.

            Pro-abortion? Abortion-related? Are you even reading these?

            Psalms 137: 8-9 — Already discussed this.

            2 Kings 2: 23-24 — Eliseus, having freshly taken Elias’ place as a prophet, travels back to Bethel, where he is beset by several dozen boys who begin to mock him. He calls down God’s curse on them and they are killed by bears. Okay. Context. Bethel was the seat of heathenous calf-worship, and Eliseus was readily recognizable as God’s prophet. In all likelihood, boy let out in such a massive number (42) to antagonize the prophet of God, were trained in this prejudice by hateful parents. Again, God is acting here, not Eliseus, in killing these children. The children are not innocent and God is personally acting through a sign.

            Pro-abortion? No. Mess with God and His prophet? Do not try.

            2 Kings 6: 28-29 — Hey, Eliseus is back. And you have, once again, failed to read your stuff. Okay, let’s get some context: Eliseus is making his way across the countryside, messing with the Syrian army. At his request, God blinds a detachment sent to capture him, and Eliseus leads them to the King of Israel, where they have their eyes opened once again. At Eliseus’ urging, the King throws a banquet for the detachment and sends them off. In sending them back, Israel managed to preserve itself from Syrian attacks for a while, but since the Syrian King insists on it, he ends up laying seige to Samaria, instead. Just in time for a famine, too. At one point (here your verses begin) the King of Samaria is walking along when one of his subjects comes to beg him for help. The King demands to know what she wants of him, since he’s not in much position to help anyone — at which point the woman reveals another woman propositioned her to kill and cook her own son so they could both have something to eat. And now that it’s the second woman’s turn to cook and kill her son, the second was hiding him. The king goes nuts, screams and rips open his own shirt in passion. He does not punish the crime, and within a couple of verses, he blames the whole affair on Eliseus. You’ll notice this is not a positive moment.

            Pro-abortion? What planet are you from?

            Look, Boss, in the future, could you screen your own verses? It’s not my job to clean up your mess.

          • Will

            Cal-J, I don’t have the time at the moment to go through each of your rebuttals. I will later tonight.

            However, if you note in my response you replied to, only certain passages were speaking to abortion. The others were referencing infanticide and the murder of young children, since your original post that I replied to referenced the “value of children.”

          • Will

            Read my reply to Cal-J.

    • JoAnna Wahlund

      “I am a Christian and I support the right to choose death for innocent children.”

      Fixed that for you.

  • Christie

    Fantastic and perceptive conclusion. Even the way these prayers are worded sound like long-winded and apologetic explanations. Who are they trying to convince, themselves or God?

    • Pope Benedict XVI

      Me!!!! :)

  • Guest

    The funny thing about prayer- it sometimes get answered in ways we don’t expect. A prayer for humility will result in humiliation- and then the asked for humility. A prayer for patience will mean a long wait, and a desperate need for that same patience. A prayer for gentleness around an abortion clinic might just result in true gentleness to those clothed only in the warmth of their mother’s womb. Perhaps the abortionists prayers will be answered, but while they will be surprised by the results, we will not.

    • musiciangirl591

      you know what they say, there’s more tears over answered prayers than un answered ones

  • Samantha Gossard

    Jesus pointed out that the Samaritan woman’s actions were shameful, but he did not shame her. He spoke to her and reminded her of her blessed humanity. However, a Samaritan woman would be FAR more alienated and discriminated against in that time than anyone in this culture could claim to be right now.
    I’m a (newly confirmed!!!) Catholic :-) and have always been pro-life. I’ve been reading a lot of St. Catherine of Siena, and much of her writings talk about the gentleness of JESUS. They are praying for this ambiguous “cloud of gentleness.” May we be, as Christ’s body, the gentleness of Jesus himself. “Gentle Jesus, Jesus Love,” as St. Catherine puts it. We love the lives of the unborn fiercely and shamelessly, but may we be gentle in our love toward our neighbors. I’m by no means perfect in this – I have QUITE a long way to go my brothers and sisters. I just have a feeling that if Jesus were walking the earth today, an abortion clinic is where he’d be hanging out. I know that sounds trite, but I think it’s true. How do we love our neighbors more than ourselves and live out the Holy Eucharist we partake?

  • Whoahed

    No way, this blog is way too cool, just found it today… God Bless this blog!

  • Phillip

    God will always draw something good out of this. It may be the beginning of the change of heart of some of them. God works in mysterious ways.

    • Pope Benedict XVI

      No he doesn’t. My dawg has everything planned out. You would know this if you read the bible yourself…I mean my predecessors and I chose all the books anyways….silly Phillip.

  • Kristen InDallas

    Marc I generally love your posts, but this seems a bit on the self-righteous side and seems to be stirring up a lot of pride in comments below. (I say this because I believe you are capable of recognizing that you can do better).

    God is the judge of prayer, not us. And yeah, the mockery is infuriating for we little people with pride, but God isn’t prideful, and God is not mocked. (Not in the He’ll bam you with lightning bolts if you try way, but in the it doesn’t even register way). He can make the most out of whatever is offered up, no matter how meager or distasteful the offering.

    I’m not only elated that these folks are actually praying, but I actually hope their prayers are answered! Reread each of those prayers with the light of truth on them. They all have the potential to do great things if they are answered by God who knows best (maybe not answered in the way the person praying intended, but who’s prayers ever are?).

    I bet one of the biggest differences between those that get an abortion and those that don’t is a lack of calmness (about being a parent) and (familial) love. Let’s pray EVERYONE is embraced by enough love toward these children to turn their hearts. And yeah, let’s go ahead and pray that our protesters do their work in a way that shows women the light and love without shaming or condemning them as people who (like all people) have sinned. I imagine it will be quite effective. And the best one – “Today we pray for women to throw away their secrets and claim their histories with power and truth” including women who have gone through an abortion and been torn apart by it, who can stand up and tell other women that “This is not the easy road… trust me I know.” Let these women cast off the chains of guilt and shame and stand up for the truth and the future of these young women and children.

    • Sagrav

      I appreciated your more level headed response to this post than most of your fellow god-believers, but I don’t think any amount of calm is going to stop people from wanting and needing an abortion. A lot of the women choosing abortion simply don’t have the financial or family assistance necessary to raise a kid. They are faced with three choices: live in abject poverty with a baby that you never wanted, take a huge (and possibly permanent) financial hit by taking the pregnancy to term and try to find an agency to give the child to adoption, or abort the pregnancy and try to recover the shattered pieces of your life.

      This doesn’t even take into account those pregnancies that are the result of rape and/or incest. While some mothers can emotionally disconnect their pregnancy from the method of conception, many cannot. What they are experiencing is a hateful thing that was inflicted on them against their will, and hard core anti-choice protesters are telling them that they must bare these injuries permanently. When they have to wade through throngs of screaming protesters calling them whores and murderers, it adds insult to injury.

  • Maria

    “Day 14: Today we pray for Christians everywhere to embrace the loving model of Jesus in the way he refused to shame women.”

    Oh yes, let’s all pray that the procedure of abortion magically erases the shame of a woman having an unwanted pregnancy! I mean, it’s not like there’s any emotional aftershocks that compound this shame or anything. Yeah, let’s pray for abortion, which only shames women MORE when it is revealed that they chose to keep their unplanned child and be fired from their job! Let’s pray that it stays completely and irrevocably legal! That way, women and children can be further objectified and commoditized, since if a woman is poor and unable to take care of her children financially, then we are saving the government’s welfare money–it’s not like these are actual PEOPLE we’re talking about here.

    In all seriousness, let’s pray that the atrocious social stigmas against women are abolished. Pregnancy isn’t the problem–it’s society.

  • mary york

    THis is so good. I just cannot get over it.

    • Pope Benedict XVI

      I agree. God (yes I can say this because I am the Pope after all) do I get off to Catholics who are so fired up about their faith. It just makes me so hard. Keep up the great work. I’ll put in a good word to my homeboy Jesus, next time I talk to him…oh wait, I’ll do that right now since I’m da pope-a.

  • Cmerie81

    And this one? “Day 28: Today we pray for the women who travel hundreds of miles to get an abortion. May their determination be rewarded with spiritual strength.” Seriously?! Who is falling for this?!

  • Lee Johnson

    I have a slightly different take on the 40 days of prayer: It means we’re getting to them.

    J. Budziszewski argues in “What We Can’t Not Know” and the “Revenge of the Conscience” that pro-choicers are well aware that they are wrong on abortion. Their own consciences propel pro-choicers forward — they cannot leave well enough alone and just have peace about it — their consciences must be satisfied, but can’t be in a pro-choice position, because they know through natural conscience that abortion is murder and calling it choice is a lie. So lie begets a bigger lie. Now pro-choicers must try to come up with prayers to justify what they’re doing.

    It must be exhausting. By copying pro-lifers’ praying, they are entering into a new phase.

    I recall being down in Philly a few years ago, and I saw some insecure Catholic high schoolers on the sidewalk in front of PP, praying the rosary. Across from them were “escorts,” apparently to help women come into the clinic and guard them, I suppose, from these high schoolers. I was walking by. The escorts were sour-faced and heavy of spirit, sanctimonious, peeved, and tired looking. The high schoolers looked insecure. But as passed by the high-schoolers, I felt the Holy Spirit, just a lightness of spirit, God delighting in their prayers.

    Pro-choicers are tiring themselves. They must deny their own consciences, and to do that, twist reason, language, philosophy, and now, prayer. What they can’t get is peace about it. I’m sorry for them. Their answer of course is to turn the other way.

    Some will. We get more every day.

    I will pray for those praying 40 days of prayer, that the eyes of their heart may see what it’s been telling them all along, what they’ve been denying all along, but know.

    • Sagrav

      Yeah, you are getting to them. Well, your fellow protesters are getting to them. Specifically, the protesters who feel that it is so important to stop the “baby holocaust” that they need to set off bomb and shoot at abortion providers. Violence has a way of making people feel nervous.

    • Pope Benedict XVI

      Pray, pray, pray!!

      Meanwhile, I can grant you an annulment for all of your sins for only a small fee of either $20 a mass to your parish, or a couple thousand upfront to the mi casa in da vaticano.

      Your choice…

  • Dan F.

    All I can think of is Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Go ahead, PP, call on your god, see if she will listen. No? Perhaps she’s in the bathroom? perhaps she’s taking a nap? hmmm. Now, here, let me call on the Lord God Almighty.

    • Will


    • Sagrav

      Yes, yes. Your invisible sky being is SO much bigger and better than their invisible sky being. Surely he will smite all those mean ol’ Planned Parenthood workers.

      I mean, the vast majority of their services are for women’s health and have nothing to do with abortion, but that sh*t doesn’t matter to Yaweh. Yaweh only cares about them fetuses.

    • Pope Benedict XVI

      Since I am infallible, I decree you shall burn and rot in hell.

  • Vivien

    Day 29: Today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise. Seems to be a true enough prayer. I don’t think they realize that if this prayer is answered “yes”, that women will be led away from PPH and abortion. Oops! Or they’re just in denial about what they are promoting.

  • Michael Joens

    All 40 days and beyond: Today we pray for all those who lost their lives to abortion because their own mothers chose to kill them. Many of them would be teenagers or adults now and enjoy life if they had not been killed in the womb.

  • Tamquam

    Seems like these prayers are dangerous things and I wouldn’t want to be around them, around the “prayers” of these prayers or anyone who consorts with them. Clearly they are not praying to a god in any way related to the Blessed Trinity, for those prayers would have some congruence with Who He Is. Seems to me that they are praying more to an idol such as Moloch. I postulate that such idols are the physical fronts for demons, creatures of implacable evil. You can tell they are evil because their deeds are NOT congruent with YHWH, but rather the enemy.

    Here’s the thing that makes this dangerous. Praying to idols attracts the attention of the evil spirit behind the idol. Though intangible, these spirits can and do create real effects in the world. What these folks are doing is letting a bunch of these malicious creatures loose, abetting and encouraging them. What happens next ain’t gonna be pretty.

    So I’m with St. Paul, who gave someone over to Satan to be afflicted until such time that he gave up his evil ways and got himself straightened out again. Repentance is an option that is always open. May they choose it sooner rather than later.

    • Will

      That was sarcasm right?

  • SavannahRob

    I’ve been to church recently, it was boring. Congratulations on learning to work Internet memes, clearly the people of Planned Parenthood are the stodgy old men in this room and not you. No, you’re just the defenders of child-rapers. The enablers of ancient, sexually-repressed men pedaling recycled tall tales.

    This is such an enlightening discussion, isn’t it? You mischaracterize your enemies, their beliefs, and their motives- instead of showing love, no matter how difficult- and they can do the same to you.

    • Frank

      You know what they say…

      If you are bored than you are boring.

      • SavannahRob

        Marc wrote:

        But seriously, a good sign that a man is praying to a being other than God is this: His prayers will be boring.

        It’s obvious enough that they’re not praying to God. It’s far too boring even to be Satanic

        So we’ve settled it. Marc is boring (per Frank) and Mass is possibly Satanic (per Marc).

        • Tom B

          and SavannahRob is boring per Everyone.

          • Will

            Nice rebuttal! Not…

  • Guest reader

    So, when you say, “These old folks have no idea what prayer is,” you are making it clear that “old folks” are dodders, are disconnected, have lost the ability to think, reason or remember.

    NICE PHILOSOPHY !!!! “Old folks” is a negative name to apply; old folks are useless to society; old folks can’t think or have valid opinions!!

    Now, does the Pope agree with this? I mean, we non-Catholics already know that about 60 – 85% of U.S. Catholics think the Pope is a nice guy but don’t follow his advice nor teachings if it gets in the way of their own personal lifestyle…… So, maybe you are representing an American Catholic idea that the elderly need to shuffle off, that they can’t be trusted to speak, that their opinions don’t count.

    Yeah, that makes the rest of your disconnected ranting and name-calling really, really valid.

  • NotaFan

    “Day 25: Today we pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by their religion. May they learn to reject fear and live bravely.” In other words “Today we pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by their religion. May they learn to reject their religion and live in sin [and then somehow avoid hell's penalty]“

  • Pope Benedict XVI

    People, people, people….and fellow Catholics.

    We all know the real reason I am pro-life as is the church: mo’ parishioners = mo’ money!! Same reason I and the church are against contraception.


    Papa Benny

    • priest’s wife

      I know, I know- “don’t feed the trolls” BUT

      anonymous- I challenge you to read the theology behind the pro-life stance of the Catholic Church AND
      DINKs have more money to use on charitable giving, so the ‘big’ families of 3, 4, 5 have less to give to the Church

      • Pope Benedict XVI

        How are you a priest’s wife my young Catholic female? That is contradictory?

        Even though allowing priests to marry would enable them to give real and experienced advice on marriage would be….well TOO LOGICAL!

        • John son of John

          Lol priest don’t and can’t marry while they are celabite. A few married Anglican clergy etc…. In some rare cases have decided to become catholic and to become celibate and be priests. Believe it or not sir. Troll you do not have to be a priest to be celibate.

          • Pope Benedict XVI

            I do not recognize Anglican’s…as they were a church created because they couldn’t follow my rhetoric! They’re leader wanted a divorce and that’s why he created that church! HOW DARE HIM!!!

            And I know about priest’s being celibate…durpa durpa durp. I’m the Pope for goodness’ sakes. I was asking how young Mrs. Priest’s Wife could be the wife of a priest, as I so decreed that priests may not marry, John son of John.

          • Frank

            Wow you are not even clever. You should be embarrassed!

          • Pope Benedict XVI

            How dare you question your pope’s infallibility! Burn in hell you heathen.

          • JustAGuest

            Um, not quite. The Eastern Catholic Church has married priests, and is in full Communion with Rome. Celibate priesthood is the Latin/Roman tradition, but it is not universal for the Catholic Church, AND it could be changed. Oh, and it isn’t that a priest can get married, but that a married man can become a priest.

  • Korou

    Day 35: Today we pray for girls everywhere, that
    they may have every opportunity for education, sport,
    health, art, and vocation.

    That sounds like a very nice thing to pray for.

    Day 31: Today we pray for all discrimination against
    women to cease.

    This also sounds like a good thing to ask God for.

    Day 34: Today we give thanks for abortion escorts
    who guide women safely through the hostile gauntlets
    of protesters.

    Well, I imagine that workers at Planned Parenthood would be sincerely grateful for people like this. Isn’t it natural they would include these in prayers of gratitude?

  • Thom

    God mandates abortions. If you truly are Christian, you would’ve read Numbers and known the following passage well.

    23 “‘The priest is to write these curses on a scroll and then wash them off into the bitter water. 24 He shall make the woman drink the bitter water that brings a curse, and this water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering will enter her. 25 The priest is to take from her hands the grain offering for jealousy, wave it before the LORD and bring it to the altar. 26 The priest is then to take a handful of the grain offering as a memorial[e] offering and burn it on the altar; after that, he is to have the woman drink the water. 27 If she has made herself impure and been unfaithful to her husband, this will be the result: When she is made to drink the water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering, it will enter her, her abdomen will swell and her womb will miscarry, and she will become a curse. 28 If, however, the woman has not made herself impure, but is clean, she will be cleared of guilt and will be able to have children.”

    • Frank

      You don’t really understand scripture do you?

  • Sarah

    Hi I am only sixteen and and tomorrow is my third abortion! Pray for me please!

  • hal

    not one prayer for adoption….just prayers for killing babies…….truly sick

  • hal

    when the eartquake …..and water shortage hit eureka…..these jerks will get God’s reply…….

  • hal

    it is the height of hypocrisy to pray to God to somehow legitimize killing babies……….if God does not do something awful to eureka then he owes and apology to sodom and gamorhha……..please God protect the killers of babies…..>>>>>>truly a sick sick request

  • dsat

    You’re a pretty arrogant son of a bitch aren’t you?

  • Dawnyel Marie Brownson

    So What if they want to pray? who are we to judge? Do you get it? it’s the woman’s CHOICE!! PP doesn’t magically pop in to your bathroom after you have a positive test and push abortion on you. They tell you about ALL the options. They have pamplets on Open adoption and birth control all over the place. 97% of what they do is birth control related. But that’s only if the WOMAN CHOOSES to walk in there. I don’t get why so many people are against the practioners, when its’s the women walking in there that are ignorant, or in a horrible situation. Some paren’ts or guardians force their daughters to have abortions as to not shame the family. There are many situations, and we will all eventually be judged for our actions, by GOD. Why are YOU judging?????? That in it’self is ungodly..