Adrien Brody Needs a Time-Out

for making Splice.

Ugh, shudder, shudder, retch. Grossest movie ever.

The most disappointing thing about this totally creep-tacular and cringe-worthy movie is that up until the point where it devolves into bestiality and violence, it actually brings up interesting ethical questions. Ehhh…well, look, it actually brings up interesting ethical questions for Hollywood. The fact that questions of morality are even tangentially mentioned is enough to give it an A for effort in my book. And they could have done something very interesting with it, like a modern-day re-visiting of Frankenstein.

But instead we got totally nasty creature/human sex/rape, with a side of violence and a heavy dose of feminist self-righteousness.

And now you must excuse me, because I have to go pour bleach into my brain.

  • Elizabeth

    I have never heard of this movie and I will never, ever see it. Yuck! I love and appreciate visual art, film art, literary art… but sometimes these people take the short cut and just try to shock the heck out of their audiences.

  • Pregnancy Miracle

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