Prayers for Liam

Hey guys. I’m hoping that I can borrow some prayers from you. I promise to give them back the next time you need them.

Liam is going to be *gulp* circumcised today. Because he has a bit of an odd condition in his nether regions, it requires a full-out surgery, complete with anesthesia and loads of paperwork. Oh, and fasting. That’s right, my poor child has not eaten in three hours and won’t be eating for another five. Worst. Day. Ever.

So could we have some prayers? Most specifically, could you pray that Liam gets through the surgery healthy and mostly intact, that I don’t lose my mind, and that the doctor knows what he’s doing and doesn’t look like he did on Wednesday, when it appeared that he’d been hit by a bus that morning?

Special mini prayers for intercession that find their way up to the ears of St. Francis Xavier and Venerable Bede would be pretty great too. I don’t think they’ll leave their namesake hanging.

Thanks guys. If all goes well I’ll be back later this evening for quick takes.

  • The Sojourner

    Prayers for you and Liam and everyone else.

  • KT

    Everything will be fine! But definitely prayers are coming your way. My nephew had a similar surgery last year and we were all so nervous (of course everything was fine and yours will be too!)My daughter had tubes in her ears and it required fasting, getting her up at 4 am and waiting like a nervous wreck while I trusted a stranger with my baby! It's an awful feeling but it will pass :)

  • Daphne

    Bill and i will pray for his fast recovery and your patience…I am so sorry to hear he had to have an additional surgery. He is so darling and we just adore him.

  • Living for the Lord in 2011

    Oh you poor thing…nothing worse than a mommy with milk and a baby who wants milk but they can't get together…Take care! Nurse him lots when it is over!!Prayers also to St. Thomas Aquinas on his Feast Day!