Rockin’ Love Songs

My parents are coming tomorrow, and I have tons of cleaning to do, that damned dress to finish, and our whole family to get to the doctor since we’ve all been in various stages of coughing/hacking/dying/whining/eschewing melodrama all weekend.

But instead I’m going to join Betty Beguiles‘ love song link-up. I figured there would be an excess of Ella Fitzgerald over there, so I decided to bring the awesome. I’m nothing if not a world-class procrastinator. (Oh, and if you hate watching YouTube videos, you might want to skip this post. Also, no, there’s nothing wrong with Ella Fitzgerald, I just like my love songs with a little more rock and a little less roll.)

Let’s start things off right with Janis Joplin. I love this song. It’s so sad and sweet and wonderful:

YouTube Preview Image


This is the song the Ogre and I danced to at our wedding. It wasn’t my first pick, but for some reason the Ogre wouldn’t agree to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” (A hangover from my early college Almost Famous obsession.) I’m glad, actually. I love this song and I think it was perfect for us.

YouTube Preview Image


A love song for the ages. Words cannot express how much I love this song. I think it’s the truest love song ever written. (Brief language warning.)

YouTube Preview Image


The Ogre sings this song to me when I’m in a bad mood:

YouTube Preview Image


And he sends me links to this song when he’s gone to conferences or (sob) when he has to go to Vegas to teach summer classes:

YouTube Preview Image

Now I want to watch Benny and Joon.


Because I can’t make a list of love songs without including one totally adorable sap-tacular one:

YouTube Preview Image

(Seriously, how cute is that song?)


One of our newly-discovered favorites:

YouTube Preview Image


And finally…I’m deeply sorry for this, but it would be dishonest of me to make a list of my favorite love songs without including at least one hair-metal ballad. There’s no accounting for my taste.

YouTube Preview Image

(I’ve seen The Scorpions in concert twice and they have not aged well. Just FYI.)


Oh here, here’s a hysterical Irish drinking song in case you need to wipe the hair metal out of your brain…when love goes wrong, I guess.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to join the link-up, write your own post and go over to Betty Beguiles’ place to link it. Happy Tuesday!


  • Hallie Lord

    It won’t surprise you to find out that Ingrid is my favorite out of all the above. ;)

    • calahalexander

      No, not surprising, but I don’t blame you! That song is so adorable.

  • Anne

    I am shocked you made it through UD without hearing Wagon Wheel played to death! But then again, I still love it never gets old for me.

  • jen

    i seriously heart the proclaimers. i dance to that song every time i hear it, even in the middle of the supermarket.

  • Jennifer

    I love The Proclaimers…in fact I post this song at regular intervals in Fb!! The Dubliners song is hilarious…when I saw the link I just KNEW it was going to be that song. Am I detecting a bit of green blood here? Hello from rainy Ireland xx

  • Kelly

    Seriously, how did you go to UD and never be exposed to Wagon Wheel? It was one of my year’s Rome songs–so thanks for the link!

  • Kristin

    Just found your blog and it took me back a few years to a time when I had 4 in 6 years and a traveling hubby. Now there are 8 and the hubby still leaves far too often — I can deal better these days with one kid who drives and a few who like to cook! You too will get to this point all too quickly – best of luck with your pregnancy and kudos to your mostly great taste in music – we love the Pogues!!!