I know I’ve been the worst blogger in the history of blog-dom lately. I’m really sorry. Screen time has been necessarily limited because of migraines, and I’ve also been trying to keep myself and the kids busy to keep our minds off the fact that the Ogre has been gone for five weeks.

But guess what? He comes home tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Sorry for annoying you. But that’s how excited and happy I am: even Aileen Quinn, the most annoying Annie in the history of Annies, can’t annoy me today.

Other good news: I finally had my long-awaited appointment with the neurologist this morning. The first thing he said was, “So you have pregnancy-induced migraines? The best thing for that is to not have any more pregnancies.” If I had a dollar for every time a doctor has told me that, I could probably actually afford to pay all our medical bills for this pregnancy. But then, God bless the man, he listened as I gave him a medical history and said, “so how about we just give you the meds that have always worked in your past pregnancies?”

Wisdom, I tell you. The same wisdom my OB has been staunchly ignoring for the past several weeks. I literally breathed an audible sigh of relief and said, “Thank you, doctor. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that.”

Then I went to the pharmacy, and here I sit, in front of my long-neglected and dearly missed computer screen, without even the slightest hint of a headache for the first time in weeks. Weeks.

I’m so happy right now.

Other good news: Sienna was accepted into the academy just down the street from us, and the State of Florida offered us caboodles of money so we can actually afford to send her! She starts 1st grade on August 20. She’s beyond excited. All her friends in our neighborhood go to school there, and they all walk to and from school together, and she’s been watching them do this enviously since we moved here in January. Now she gets to be a part of that! And I don’t have to worry about homeschooling for next year! (I realize I’m totally abusing my exclamation-point quota. Sorry. I’ll try to tone it down.)

That does mean that the next two weeks we’ll be really busy with uniform and school supply shopping, paperwork-gathering and faxing, and all kinds of other craziness, but with the return of the Ogre and the blessed relief of appropriate pharmaceuticals, I think I’ll manage to get it all done and get back to blogging on a regular basis. I’ve actually got about a half-dozen posts that I started in the past few weeks and then abandoned when a migraine forced me into a dark room, and I’m eager to finish those and get them published.

If you didn’t venture into the comment box from my last post, though, you should. I never responded, although I appreciated each comment, because I thought I stated my case pretty clearly in the post itself and didn’t feel that I could add anything in the comment box. There were some interesting points brought up, and a little spat ensued which I will admit to heartily enjoying. Actually both sides made me laugh, a lot. I don’t think that was the intent, but I find comment box altercations to be amusing more often than not.

I have to go catch up on laundry and housework now, but in the wake of Chicken-gate I want to share one of Leah’s latest posts. I don’t talk about homosexuality and gay marriage on my blog for a variety of reasons, and this post sums up one of the major reasons I feel ill equipped to discuss it online with the requisite compassion and clarity: for many people, it’s not hypothetical. It’s their actual lives and their actual families at stake. I know how I would feel if someone threatened my family, especially a faceless stranger on the internet, and I can pretty much guarantee that I would not remain objective, nor keep my emotions out of the discussion. I think Leah’s post is important for everyone to read and keep in mind when the subject comes up, especially in the too-often-brutal world of the internet. Here it is. It’s a short post, and worth the read.

See you tomorrow!

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