Just What I Need

Seriously, this is the hypochondriac’s dream. It beats WebMD by a million miles. Just what I need to maximize my paranoia. Try it out! Maybe I’ll be back with a real post if I can tear myself away from histrionic self-diagnosis.

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  • Cordelia

    Oh, my! The site is pure comedy… Here’s a quote (caps for emphasis are mine):

    “Female adults are MORE LIKELY THAN AVERAGE to have certain conditions:
    * Endometriosis
    * Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    * Uterine fibroids
    * Idiopathic irregular menstrual cycle
    * Menopause”

    That’s an adventure in understatement! I mean, how many males or children suffer any of those conditions AT ALL?

    And even though I listed all my wretched symptoms (and my female adulthood), they fail to diagnose “pregnancy”…

  • Pnkn Moonshine

    OK, this website is dangerous ! I went there this morning after reading this post, and typed in “general malaise”,because I wasn’t exactly “up and attem” yet. Then the site demanded another symptom, so I typed in chills, because I was sitting next to the wood stove which also was not yet up and attem. Diagnosis – too many possibilities.
    Then I did all my morning routine stuff and left to pick up a freecycle freebie, which turned out to not exist. Then I went and did a couple more errands, rushing because I thought I had left a pot of soup on the stove on “warm”. On the way home, I myself was “warm”, so I opened the car windows.
    I ate supper (first meal of the day because of course I was attempting to remember that this is Friday and I am Catholic). I wasn’t actually hungry, but I attributed that to having read the post about serious dieting.
    Well now it’s past bedtime and I am awake because I have “general malaise” and major “chills”.
    So be careful.

    However, I am feeling much comforted by reading Jimmy Akin:
    Not that there is much chance that I would ever be a captured woman. I am wondering if the theology works in reverse, though…..