Things You Can’t Unhear

Crimeney, this day started out on all the wrong notes. First, I accidentally ate a cookie for breakfast, then I missed my run because of rain and a late start, then I read this which linked back to this and then I watched the video and dear God, this song is awful.

YouTube Preview Image

And because I’m postpartum, I cried. I cried at crass emotional manipulation posing as Christmas music, and now I hate myself.

For the record, this is my favorite awful Christmas song:

YouTube Preview Image

Because Shane McGowan, that’s why.

And this is my favorite actual Christmas song:

YouTube Preview Image

For pretty much the same reason as above. And yes, this so totally counts as a Christmas song, and don’t let the Crescat tell you otherwise.

Now I’m off to Whole Foods to celebrate elitist consumerism with the snotty, child-hating masses. Pray for me.


Update: Charlotte just broke my phone. Is 10 am too early to start drinking?

  • The Crescat

    HA HA HA HA… you cried!

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  • Rebecca @ Shoved to Them

    That was awful! Thank you both for that earworm. You suck.

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Calah, seriously — I spent a long time at Adoration praying for you and for Lincoln. You need a girl’s night out. Badly. If I lived closer, I’d take you out!

    • Suzi

      I would take her out the next night. Or joing you…

  • Natalia R

    Gah! How horrible!
    (I am ashamed to admit that I cried too. Darn pregnancy hormones!)

  • Jennifer Fritz

    I love Whole Foods and I love my local Goodwill too!! Happy shopping and yes, I’ll pray for you!!

  • Cordelia

    Ooo, yeah! I wish I could come along on that girls’ night out! I am weeks done with the first-trimester now – AND STILL SICK. And so depressed. And so grateful to have somewhere among friends to come and complain…

    I know *exactly* how a person can “accidentally eat a cookie for breakfast”. You rock.

  • Lena

    No, 10:00 am is not too early to start drinking because it’s 12:00 somewhere.
    I accidentally had a milk shake last night with bad result.

  • NYa

    Fairytale of New York: yessssss, best Christmas song ever. Really.

  • MelanieB

    Gah! That is one terrible song. I couldn’t even make it to the end. Had to stop the ick. Thank you for at least providing the palate cleanser of Shane McGowan. Fairytale! Phew! Trying to go to sleep with that other thing in my ear would have given me nightmares.

    Ditto to what Elizabeth said on the girls night out. Why does Florida have to be so far away. I’d love to take you out for a drink or three or four and sing Pogues songs at the top of our lungs until they kick us out of the bar.