Things You Can’t Unhear

Crimeney, this day started out on all the wrong notes. First, I accidentally ate a cookie for breakfast, then I missed my run because of rain and a late start, then I read this which linked back to this and then I watched the video and dear God, this song is awful.

And because I’m postpartum, I cried. I cried at crass emotional manipulation posing as Christmas music, and now I hate myself.

For the record, this is my favorite awful Christmas song:

Because Shane McGowan, that’s why.

And this is my favorite actual Christmas song:

For pretty much the same reason as above. And yes, this so totally counts as a Christmas song, and don’t let the Crescat tell you otherwise.

Now I’m off to Whole Foods to celebrate elitist consumerism with the snotty, child-hating masses. Pray for me.


Update: Charlotte just broke my phone. Is 10 am too early to start drinking?

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