Happy St. Nicholas’ Day

I just wanted to pop in for a brief post and to show you that we discovered that Lincoln has curly hair after washing it last night. Look!

Further proof that he’s the milkman’s baby, says the Ogre. Who himself has curly hair.

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas’ Day, our favorite Saint’s Day ever, and since I scheduled Lincoln’s surgery for tomorrow morning I have to spend the afternoon making the most delicious St. Nicholas bread ever and a big dinner that will give us leftovers for a few days. Lincoln’s doctor assured me that the recovery would be speedy and “no big deal,” but I’m still preparing for at least two days of major baby drama. Just in case.

If you want to make this seriously easy, insanely delicious, and ridiculously impressive-looking bread, here’s the link. We always opt for the raspberry filling because who wouldn’t? And here’s a picture of it, which is not my picture, because somehow I have not managed to get a picture of it in the 5 times I have made it since last year’s St. Nicholas Day. I’ll rectify that this year.

I know it looks intimidating, but I promise if you follow the directions yours will look exactly like this, and you will be so proud of yourself that you will make it for every possible occasion for the next year.

Happy St. Nicholas Day, everyone! Remember to set out your shoes and punch a heretic!

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