Really, Michael Voris?

OMG. Simcha had this on her facebook feed this morning and I watched it out of curiosity, having never paid much attention to the whole Voris phenomenon except idly chuckling at that inane “Lenten cruise” thing. But this.

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This is so embarrassing. No wonder people call us wing-nuts. Um, hey, Michael? Guess what America wasn’t founded on? Catholic principles. Actually, the people who founded America were pretty much running from exactly the kind of “benevolent dictatorship” you’re talking about here so…just no.

You wanna know what really gets me about this whole thing, though? The assumption that only a “faithful” Catholic, whatever that means, can be unselfish. That everyone else in the world is utterly self-absorbed. “Looking in a mirror,” Voris calls it.

Well that’s just a steaming crock of shit. Don’t excuse my French, because I totally mean that word and no other word will do it justice. Two of the most unselfish people I know happened to raise me and they’re not Catholic. But my parents believe in Christ, raised me with an objective sense of right and wrong, loved me enough to let me suffer the consequences of sin, and loved me enough to forgive me. They love me enough to handle the pain of my conversion to a different religion and the rift that is between us now with grace, love, and a true desire to understand. They are truly good people, who are deeply concerned about the common good of our country and absolutely do not vote based on what they can “get out of it”.

Some of the most wonderful, least selfish people I’ve met are professors at UD. They’re not Catholic. One’s a Buddhist. Another’s a mish-mash of Eastern Orthodoxy. And by God, these people are beautiful souls. Brilliant beyond belief, and getting paid pennies because they want to teach, to shape minds and souls, and the students at UD want to be shaped. They could be teaching at Cambridge or Oxford, but they chose UD because they wanted to impart knowledge, not accumulate glory and wealth. That’s pretty damn unselfish. And they shouldn’t vote, because they’re not “faithful Catholics?”

Don’t even get me started on the whole “faithful Catholics (emphasis on the faithful)” thing. I guess in Voris’ imaginary Stepford Monarchy, us women would have to submit to blood tests to prove we’re not on artificial birth control before voting. Or perhaps our bedroom activity should be recorded, to make sure no one slips a condom in there? He’d definitely have to invest in lie-detector tests, just to make sure no one votes and has those nasty “homosexual inclinations” at the same time. And I guess I’m out, since I love the Novus Ordo, wouldn’t know which side of a mantilla faces up, know how to do a wicked keg stand, and am a convert. I’m given to understand that us converts “don’t really count” as faithful Catholics. That we’re muddying up the waters with our Muggle bloodlines. Especially Mark Shea, since he’s a convert and a scummy Commie Lib.

This kind of crap gets my blood boiling. I love Catholicism, but I definitely love it in spite of self-proclaimed “faithful Catholics” like this guy, not because of them. Thanks a lot, Michael Voris. The rest of us are now going to have to spend valuable time apologizing for your holier-than-thou bigotry and trying to convince people that this actually isn’t what Catholics should believe.

Dear people of the internet: this isn’t what Catholics should believe. Now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have to


*I eventually posted an apology for this unseemly post, which you may find here. I am leaving the post up because it’s good for me to have a public reminder that I can be a real jerk.

  • Kristen

    Just when I think he can’t say/do anything, stupider, worse, or whatever…sister, my blood is boiling too. I’m the daughter of one cradle Catholic and one convert. I guess that makes me a filthy half-breed. Oh, and I’m raising children with a lapsed Protestant father…I guess when I thought Voris couldn’t sink lower I was giving him way too much credit for actually having restraint.

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  • James

    There was a lot more of this garbage pre-Vatican II, especially among those of Irish descent. (Protestantism was associated with English misrule; Catholicism with Irish patriotism.)

    My mother, a half-blood, got the “Angry Pre-Vatican II Irish Catholic” nuns who told her that her Protestant relatives were going to hell. She knew it was bullshit even though she didn’t know that the word “bullshit” existed. Unfortunately, her sister was not so fortunate to have a BS detector at age 7 and has since left the Church.

    Voris is using the Catholic Church as a way to feed his own anger. What makes me mad is that good people DO get confused by this. Both the well-intentioned Catholics who think “wow, Voris is right, I really must NOT be a faithful Catholic” and those who think “Voris is nuts, and so is the Catholic Church.”

    And yes, this gets my blood boiling.

  • Elaine

    I’m pretty sure “faithful Catholic” means you receive on the tongue and that your daughter isn’t an altar server and that you hate heretical hymns like Amazing Grace. At least that is my impression from his videos.

    • Bill

      While one does not have to receive on the tongue or can agree on disagree on whether girls can be alter servers..Amazing Grace is theologically problematic…

    • Andrew

      Amazing Grace is a protestant hymn and has no place in the Mass. Protestantism is a heresy.

  • Kate Friend

    I didn’t watch the video because, well, I didn’t want to and I certainly don’t regret my decision. But thanks for reminding me of Dr. Crider’s belly laugh ringing down the Mall. I needed that this morning.

  • Elaine

    I’m pretty sure “faithful Catholic” means you receive on the tongue and that your daughter isn’t an altar server and that you hate heretical hymns like Amazing Grace. At least that is my impression from his videos. What he said recently about women chasing men out of the sanctuary took me aback. He can find something wrong with everyone, except his own self. If he thinks he is evangelizing, he is doing it wrong.

  • Tom

    In fairness, this is kind of old and he backtracked on these claims to some kind of watered-down-still-not-very-good version of them. Less than benevolent dictatorship, more than actual democracy.

  • Tirzah

    I wonder how long Michael Voris has to stare into the mirror to get his hair to look like that?

  • Maggie

    Well, I don’t care for democracy in particular, and I haven’t watched the video, but only Catholics should vote? Does he really say that?! How ridiculous!

    And don’t you know that UD is an evil, evil, fake Catholic university because not all the professors are Catholic, and it’s abandoning its Catholic identity for the sake of academics? (Like being both Catholic and having really high academic standards are incompatible…) I’ve honestly heard rubbish like that before.

  • GroupOne Cideb

    Oh my, this a total distortion and straw man of Michael Voris about a video to which he already cleared and apologized about his mispeaking, Michael Voris is a fully and really faithful catholic that fights and denonunces dissidency and liberal influences in the Church, instead of mocking Michael Voris who is completely faithful to Catholic teaching, why don’t you better attack the National Catholic Reporter that dares to call itself catholic with all its liberal influences against the Church’s teachings?

    • calahalexander

      Actually I had no idea he had apologized about this, as this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Voris video. Can you provide a link to that for me? As far as denouncing the NCR, I’ve never really gone there so I’m not sure why I would. This showed up in a news feed (as I stated) and was not something I hunted for. I’ll denounce anyone who is willing to split the members of the Church into “faithful Catholics” and “unfaithful Catholics” and imply that they know who those people are. It’s frighteningly like the “saved/unsaved” mindset I grew up in.

      • Cordelia

        Yes, yes, YES! That saved/unsaved/certainly-more-saved-than-thou mentality – I grew up with it, too, and I still try to run far away whenever it appears again. Few things drive me more bonkers within the Church than people dividing into factions and pointing fingers – God save us from “denominations” within His Church! I loved your whole post, Calah; thanks for putting this all into words.

    • Mark Shea

      It’s not a “straw man” when you *LET THE MAN SPEAK FOR HIMSELF*. Sheesh. He said what he said. He appears to have backtracked because this particular video got wide exposure and well-deserved derision. His “flawless” fidelity to the Church’s teaching has not, however, prompted him to retract the puff piece he did for noted Jew-baiter E. Michael Jones, nor to retract is slanderous suggestions that Bp. Mulvey was part of a gay liberal cabal bent on destroying Fr. Corapi, nor motivated him to back off on his habit of perpetually accusing people of “lies and falsehoods” when they are often merely differences in taste, nor of sliming people who receive communion in the hand as Priscillianist heretics. The reactions to Calah here from the Cult of Voris mirror the sort of thing his cult does again and again. The don’t go after modernists or progressive dissenters. They go after faithful Catholics and *label* them progressive dissenters. It’s really quite remarkably cowardly. They *pose* as brave paladins of Orthodoxy, while beating up people like Calah or Simcha Fisher, because they are butthurt pansies who dare not step outside their Fortress to engage the world. So they go on Lenten Caribbean cruises and pretend they are doing some brave sacrificial thing to fight Modernism and, when Simcha laughs at that, they marshal their energies to destroy the livelihood of a woman on a modest income trying to raise a very large family. Bullies, cowards and cultists, the lot of them.

      • Andrew

        Stand back, nurse. We’ve got a clear case of VDS (Voris Derangement Syndrome) here. Better call a whaaaaaaambulance, and stat!