Really, Michael Voris?

OMG. Simcha had this on her facebook feed this morning and I watched it out of curiosity, having never paid much attention to the whole Voris phenomenon except idly chuckling at that inane “Lenten cruise” thing. But this.

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This is so embarrassing. No wonder people call us wing-nuts. Um, hey, Michael? Guess what America wasn’t founded on? Catholic principles. Actually, the people who founded America were pretty much running from exactly the kind of “benevolent dictatorship” you’re talking about here so…just no.

You wanna know what really gets me about this whole thing, though? The assumption that only a “faithful” Catholic, whatever that means, can be unselfish. That everyone else in the world is utterly self-absorbed. “Looking in a mirror,” Voris calls it.

Well that’s just a steaming crock of shit. Don’t excuse my French, because I totally mean that word and no other word will do it justice. Two of the most unselfish people I know happened to raise me and they’re not Catholic. But my parents believe in Christ, raised me with an objective sense of right and wrong, loved me enough to let me suffer the consequences of sin, and loved me enough to forgive me. They love me enough to handle the pain of my conversion to a different religion and the rift that is between us now with grace, love, and a true desire to understand. They are truly good people, who are deeply concerned about the common good of our country and absolutely do not vote based on what they can “get out of it”.

Some of the most wonderful, least selfish people I’ve met are professors at UD. They’re not Catholic. One’s a Buddhist. Another’s a mish-mash of Eastern Orthodoxy. And by God, these people are beautiful souls. Brilliant beyond belief, and getting paid pennies because they want to teach, to shape minds and souls, and the students at UD want to be shaped. They could be teaching at Cambridge or Oxford, but they chose UD because they wanted to impart knowledge, not accumulate glory and wealth. That’s pretty damn unselfish. And they shouldn’t vote, because they’re not “faithful Catholics?”

Don’t even get me started on the whole “faithful Catholics (emphasis on the faithful)” thing. I guess in Voris’ imaginary Stepford Monarchy, us women would have to submit to blood tests to prove we’re not on artificial birth control before voting. Or perhaps our bedroom activity should be recorded, to make sure no one slips a condom in there? He’d definitely have to invest in lie-detector tests, just to make sure no one votes and has those nasty “homosexual inclinations” at the same time. And I guess I’m out, since I love the Novus Ordo, wouldn’t know which side of a mantilla faces up, know how to do a wicked keg stand, and am a convert. I’m given to understand that us converts “don’t really count” as faithful Catholics. That we’re muddying up the waters with our Muggle bloodlines. Especially Mark Shea, since he’s a convert and a scummy Commie Lib.

This kind of crap gets my blood boiling. I love Catholicism, but I definitely love it in spite of self-proclaimed “faithful Catholics” like this guy, not because of them. Thanks a lot, Michael Voris. The rest of us are now going to have to spend valuable time apologizing for your holier-than-thou bigotry and trying to convince people that this actually isn’t what Catholics should believe.

Dear people of the internet: this isn’t what Catholics should believe. Now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have to


*I eventually posted an apology for this unseemly post, which you may find here. I am leaving the post up because it’s good for me to have a public reminder that I can be a real jerk.

  • Bob

    “Democracy is an experiment that is doomed to fail.”
    Wow. If he had said that at the beginning of the video instead of the end, he would have saved me some time.
    I’m glad that at least some of the comments here have focused to a degree on the “Vorisees” and not strictly on Voris. Voris is just a Catholic-flavored Ann Coulter, a demagogue who says absurd things to get attention.
    Either way, I really don’t worry about Voris. I worry about people who agree with Voris, and the extent of my concern is directly proportional to the number of such people.
    What exactly is the size of Voris’, um, “following”?

  • jmom

    Wow! A benevolent Catholic monarch who will govern us all and take care of us? Because that worked so well in past centuries! We are called to be people of the light, but we as Catholics ARE SINNERS. We are just blessed to know forgiveness and the grace that comes from His infinite mercy. Great post, Calah!
    And by the way, your post about going to confession in a different town and struggling with NFP is something I also struggle with. I have 6 wonderful kids and am finally on the “other side” of post-nursing cycles, but there is still lots of abstinence and I am 41. That also started me thinking about how even though I listen to Catholic radio often, there is nary a mention of the struggles of young, homeschooling Catholic moms just trying to lead their littles to Heaven. I know ending abortion is paramount, but if those of us really living these teachings don’t have a voice or support, how will that play out with our children seeing it as such a difficult vocation? That post got me crying and thinking…God bless you!

  • jmom

    And BTW, I used to do quite a kegstand myself (back before I had bad knees and vertigo and really discovered this beautiful Catholic faith). :)

  • KAT

    You lost me after the first three letters. What good come follow?

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  • Jessica

    As a fellow convert (from secularism), I am puzzled by the whole “converts can’t really be faithful Catholics” thing, as I was just having a conversation with an Eastern Orthodox friend of mine, who is also a convert from secularism, in which he said that converts tend to pull the Church back to orthodoxy. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just wondering who is saying such things.

    • Jessica

      Just realized that my last post may be ambiguous or confusing. Of course I don’t think that converts can’t be faithful Catholics. What I meant to say was that I’m not denying your experience of hearing people say that, I just found it surprising because I’d never heard it.

    • calahalexander

      Unfortunately I’ve seen it in quite a few comboxes. Statements to the effect of “converts bring confusion because they don’t understand the true teachings of the Church” or “the Novus Ordo is really only for converts because they’ll never be true Catholics”, etc. If you haven’t seen it, count yourself lucky to have not encountered the nastier strains of trad-Catholic orthodoxy.

      • Maria

        I don’t have any experience of this, but as a convert and a trad myself, I have to say I’ve seen an awful lot of enthusiasm for converts among trad circles. In fact, many believe that converts are more Catholic than a lot of Catholics-from-birth. So I am not sure it’s a fair generalisation.

    • Sherry Weddell

      I’ve encountered it numerous times as well. Even on the road in major speaking situations. So much for St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church. So much for Blessed John Henry Newman (who will probably be made a Doctor of the Church as soon as he is canonized.) So much for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, etc.

      The idea seems to be that if you didn’t drink in a deeply Catholic culture with your mother’s milk, your mental and imaginative capacities to grasp “genuine” Catholicism is already fatally flawed and the flaw can never be remedied. Baptism is powerless, apparently, as are the rest of the sacraments, prayer, worship, study, the intercession of the saints, docility to the magisterium, and the obedience of faith in general against the terrible crime of being raised “not Catholic”. (I remember reading one blogger who actually asserted that English-speakers aren’t capable of real Catholic discourse because English is a “Protestant” language and can’t “carry” genuine Catholic concepts.) One idea that I’ve encountered several times is that converts are likely to like the Novus Order because they are missing the “Catholic” internal radar that magically lets “real “Catholics know the NO is bogus. If only our evil non-Catholic mental hard drives could be wiped clean at baptism and Traditionalist Catholicism 10.4 installed. Until the technology is available, the best we spiritual muggles can do is shut up and sit at the feet of those whose blood is pure, drinking in their “deep Catholic” wisdom. Or something to that effect.

      • Al

        I have experienced being on the outside as a convert….here’s what I do though….I……ignore it….

  • Karen

    So, Catholic monarchy is a great idea? He needs to address this guy. Or Louis XV of France. Or Madame de Pompadour, Madame du Barry, Pedro the Cruel, Alice Perrers, Jemimah Shore, the Borgias (that family even has one saint, but mostly not), the Medicis, and, well hundreds of others.

  • John C. Hathaway, OCDS

    You might want to try reading St. Thomas Aquinas’ _Treatise on Kingship_, and Bl. Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors, but first start with Pope Benedict XVI’s _Caritas in Veritate_, which says that:
    1. All politicians have an obligation to obey the Truth
    2. Jesus Christ = the Truth
    3. The Catholic Church = the only authentic witness of the teachings of Jesus
    4. All politicians have an obligation to obey the Catholic Church.
    I realize that the notions that democracy is bad, modernism is bad and secular pluralism is bad are alien to most people in our society, but cussing and swearing, the mark of modernist rebellion, doesn’t really make the case for modernism.

    • Andrew

      Great points, John. It’s not surprising the direction America is heading. We are basically a liberal society founded by Deists.

    • bill bannon

      So the Catholic Church is the only authentic witness to Christ? Where….in documents? Did Christ come to establish a library? The Amish women dressing modestly while our high school girls hike up their school uniforms to mini length in some areas is a delusion? We just had 4% of our priests rape boys for forty years and 66% of the hierarchy cover it up and make its long life likely. We had no Pope get enraged at it even though George Weigel said in “Witness to Hope” that John Paul II was the most informed man on earth in a biography that never mentioned the scandal as a failing of Popes also in the few moments he skated past it.
      Did Christ come to establish a library? From 1253 to 1816 Rome believed in burning heretics even though Christ praised a good Samaritan in His best known parable…Samaritans were heretics who changed a sentence in the Pentateuch to make Mt. Gerizim the beloved place of God. They were not allowed to work on the temple by Esra and delayed its building. Yet Christ told all His followers that the only one of ten cured lepers thanked Him and that man was a Samaritan…a heretic who rejected the prophets and only believed in the Pentateuch. Christ was saying what Jessica was saying…stop looking at the perfect library as Church and start looking at behaviour as Church. Christ kept noticing the real people of God in the Samaritan heretics IF they came across with behaviour which the Samaritan woman at the well did not in her past as Christ pointed out. Did Catholicism point out Christ’s Affinity for the Samaritans when Pope Innocent IV decided to make burning heretics mandatory on secular rulers in 1253? No. We have no long encyclicals on Christ and Samaritan behaviour….the thankful leper and the good Samaritan.

      • bill bannon

        correction….mixed up Jessica with calahalexander.

      • Ted Seeber

        I suggest you read Nostra Aetate. The Catholic Church is the only religion that has the fullness of Christ’s truth, all others do NOT. That does not mean that truth can’t exist in those other religions, it can. But it is always hidden behind original sin.

        If Jesus Christ is just a benevolent dictator, then I want to know why anybody is still Catholic. Oh yeah, maybe it is because democracy has given us the Stock Market, 55 million deaths from abortion, and the world’s largest standing army. In comparison, a benevolent dictator looks pretty good.

        • bill bannon

          I suggest you name a Pope who took any emergency measures to stop priests from raping boys prior to the media pulling the sheets away. I suggest you explain why uneducated Catholic girls can be excommunicated for abortion latae sententiae but over a hundred educated pro choice Catholic pols cannot be excommunicated for enabling her because no one has time to change canon law even though Benedict several years ago amended canon law in another area.

  • JoFro

    How old is this video? Maybe you should try and get hold of him and see if he still holds to these views.

  • Oregon Catholic

    I think of Michael Voris as a modern day Pharisee. In love with the letter of the law but completely missing the Spirit. The one’s Christ criticised as having no love in their heart and heaping up burdens on other’s backs. I listen to Sister Ann Shield’s radio program each day and she had a great comment this morning. She said (I paraphrase) there are those who make the Law their God instead of allowing the Law to lead them to God. The former are how I see a lot of the rad trads like Voris. Love has little to do with what they are about.

    • Andrew

      Ahh, ye olde “Pharisee!” attack, how original. You forgot to accuse him of being “judgemental” as well, I’m sure it just slipped your mind. Voris is not a “rad-trad” by the way, he’s in full communion with the Church.