Vote for Me While I’m Not Blogging

Sorry dudes. My parents have been in town for the weekend so I’ve been busy basking in their wonderful parent-ness. I missed them so much. I’ll be off the internets till tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’ve been nominated for an award in a couple categories at Bonnie’s Sheenazing Blogger Awards. The categories I’m nominated in are Funniest Blog, Most Inspiring Blog, Best Mommy Blogger, Smartest Blog, and Blog with the Best Memes. I really wish there had been a “Blogger Who Refuses to Let Go of the Oxford Comma or the Old School Style of Capitalizing Words in Titles” category, because I would sweep that shizz, but alas. Don’t vote for me for funniest blog though, vote for Wifeytini, cause she’s hi-freakin-larious. Or vote for whoever you want. Cause this is a democracy, yo! Go, ye uninformed voters, and sully up the informal internet polls!


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