Prayers for the Lillard Family – Updated

Way behind on posting and emails, but I wanted to put this up. It’s an email I received from a reader last week.

Hi Calah,

I have a prayer request that I’m trying to pass around the web. A family I know lost two of their four young daughters and (much less importantly) all of their material possessions in a terrible house fire last night. Their oldest, 8, is in the PICU at Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. with extensive burns and smoke damage to her lungs. More information here:

If you could pray for physical healing and spiritual peace, and pass along to others, that would be so appreciated. If you post about this and your readers would like to know where they can help, donations are being taken here:

Thank you

I’m sure you’ll all join me in praying for this family. What a dreadful tragedy.



Here’s the latest from Becca, who originally emailed me:

Prayers are the main thing right now. If people are interested in helping financially, there are two funds that are taking online donations right now:, and There is also a Facebook page with details about all of the fundraisers and donations drives, here: Readers can also contact me for more information or help directing them to ways to help.

An update: Morgan (the 8 yr old daughter) is out of ICU and is healing well. 
Thanks so much!


  • Becca Balmes

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m the emailer, and I just want your readers to know that Morgan, the 8 yr old daughter who survived, is out of the ICU and her healing process is going well. If you would like to know how to help, a Facebook page has been established to keep track of all the (many!) fundraisers and donations drives. Most are local to the Frederick, MD area, but there are several online stores that are donating 100% proceeds for some time. More information can be found here:

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  • Margaret Bronzi

    I, too, am local to this tragedy, I live in Frederick, MD. I still cannot wrap my head around how hard this must be for the Lilliards. I have four kids, all the same ages as theirs and it just breaks my heart to think about what that family is going through. That being said, I am overwhelmed by the local community and the outpouring of support, not just financially but spiritually too. It makes my heart smile to think that the heavens are being stormed with prayers for the Lillards. And, now I know it’s not just us local people, but people all across the U.S. who are raising them up in prayer.
    My husband just told me that the car wash this afternoon raised $15,000. Chick-fil-a had 3,000 people show up on Tuesday for their fundraiser supporting the Lillards. The response is phenomenal. Not that money could ever replace the loss of their children, but this community is taking care of the Lillards and making sure their needs are met, as best we can. Thanks for posting this, Calah.