So I’ll Be Embarrassing Myself on Relevant Radio Tonight…

Sorry for the silencio this week. We’ve been doing the doctors’ appointment thing, plus I have bronchitis. But I got antibiotics today, so yay.

If you have access to Relevant Radio, you can catch me tonight on A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas at 6 pm ET, 5 PM CT. I’ll be joining the two Gregs (that’s the Deacon and the Doctor, for the uninitiated) for a roundtable discussion on – you guessed it! – babies in Mass.

Listen, guys, you can call into this radio show (I think), so if I start incoherently babbling or start replacing all my syllables with “ummmmmmmm” PLEASE call in and say “Calah” (you can pronounce that “Kay-luh” or however you want, really) “dude, stop saying umm and pull it together!” I’ll have Twitter up during so you can tweet at me too. Don’t tweet long things though. I don’t want to get distracted and have to be like, “Um, Sheila, can you repeat the question? I was reading this tweet.” I plan on sounding like a stay-at-home mom who has recently developed mild social anxiety and converses almost entirely with toddlers. Deacon Greg and Dr. Popcak talk to people professionally for a living, so I’m not at all nervous about this situation. I may have to occasionally pause for sips of liquid courage.

I cannot wait to soundly embarrass myself. Ora pro nobis. See y’all on the other side.


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