Almost 7 Quick Takes Friday


I would rather be doing this than typing, but I’m afraid I’d never get up again

Well. We survived the first week of school. And may I just say that even when you wake up at roughly the same time as you usually do, waking up and immediately springing into action as opposed to stumbling around and drinking coffee for an hour makes the days seem so much longer. So, so much longer.

Endlessly long.

These days are made longer because the knowledge I gained over the summer, that hanging out with people IRL makes me a better, happier person, has resulted in me making, like, multiple playdates a week.

Multiple. As in more than one.

Most of these are with mothers who I’ve only hung out with once or twice (since that’s basically everyone in Ave Maria), so I figured I should wait until the third playdate before bringing my handy-dandy playdate bible.


Tragically, the Google image search I just ran to find that picture informed me in no uncertain terms that I am clearly an alcoholic and need help, because drinking is an ADDICTION and drinking around your children is GROUNDS FOR CPS INTERVENTION!!!! 

I really hope CPS can handle the case load of every child in Italy and France. Because those parents aren’t just total slobbering alcoholics on playdates…they drink all day long. It might be time to turn those entire countries into giant inpatient rehab facilities.


Sometimes the internet makes me grumpy.


Other times, like when it tells me that I could actually really find really real buried treasure, it makes me insanely happy.

Until I remember that treasure hunts require the hunter to be able to read a map. Then I get grumpy again.


In times of dire grumpiness, nothing makes me smile like the Postmodern Essay Generator, via Gizoogle.

Here’s the first sentence, in case you’re not convinced enough to click the link:

“ ‘Sexualitizzle is part of tha absurditizzle of truth,’ says Marx. Well shiiiit, it could be holla’d that Sartre suggests tha use of postmaterialist hoodizzle ta challenge hierarchy.”


Clearly I’m scraping the barrel to come up with these quick takes. I can’t even think of one for this one. Or the next one. So here’s Dylan Moran, to bring the funny into your Friday (language warning!):

YouTube Preview Image

Happy weekend! Go see Jen for more quick takes.

  • Heidi

    Thank you for introducing me to Dylan Moran! I needed a few laughs. :)
    Found you via 7QT and would love for you to check out my blog! :)

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I knew this already- but somehow the idea of southern Europe being constantly drunk explains an awful lot.

  • Casey

    The website about the treasure hunts is very neat. It makes me want to go to New Mexico and find buried treasure RIGHT NOW!

  • Jenny Uebbing

    Oh man, that’s my playdate handbook too.

    And after some extensive research, I can report that Italian women don’t even get drunk. They just sip wine all day long and smoke skinny cigarettes and look generally fabulous. It’s genetic, I think.

  • Monica Dix

    LOL! Now that school has started, just for fun, I get up at 4:30. (Yes, that’s A.M.) just so I can sit around drinking coffee for an hour (or write) so that I can get through the next 18 hours of selfless angelic giving…