I Pledge Allegiance to Trader Joe’s

The Ogre brought home a toy airplane for Liam from his last conference. Liam was instantly attached to it and has been sleeping with it every night and taking it everywhere. Even to Trader Joe’s. Where he accidentally left it in the grocery cart. We realized we had left it there as soon as we got home and I immediately called the store. The blessed man who answered put me on hold and checked every cart in the parking lot, but didn’t see it. He said he would leave a note for everyone else to keep an eye out for it, which I appreciated, but I didn’t really have much hope that it would turn up.

This was a serious blow. Little Liam has been wandering around for two days asking where his airplane is. He even cried last night because he didn’t have it. The Ogre has been combing Amazon to try and find one that is similar and not outrageously expensive, but hasn’t had much luck.

This morning I got a phone call from the manager, who not only found the airplane but wrapped it up and put it in their store’s safe with my name on it, so we could come get it next time we are out there. Liam is beside himself with glee. So am I, for that matter.

Trader Joe’s, you are the best company ever. Your employees are the best ever. They treat people like people, they never act like they’ve never seen SO MANY children before, they always check the eggs before they put them in the bag, and I LOVE them for it.

I hereby declare (again) my unwavering loyalty to Trader Joe’s. Like Scarlet O’Hara, I declare as God as my witness, I’ll never go to Whole Foods again!

(I probably will, though, because their meat goes on sale and yours doesn’t. But I always bring my Trader Joe’s reusable bags into Whole Foods, because loyalty.)

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(PS: the writing of this post was in no way influenced by Windmill Cookies and Chariot wine.)

(PPS: Please bring back the raspberry and brie phyllo rolls! Those were so good.)


  • http://www.thewinedarksea.com/ Melanie B

    I wish I could give you the raspberry and brie rolls my m-i-l left here when she moved to Virgina. I’m the only one who is eating them and I feel guilty.

  • Mark.

    When they opened a location near me I had to move. Now they’re opening one 55 miles away Real Soon Now, supposedly. Probably some disaster will strike. I sure have carried a lot of groceries from TJ’s on unfamiliar public transit or in rental cars in places from Oregon to Arizona (or was it New Mexico?) to Minnesota to Georgia. Packed suitcase with tea-tree oil soap a few times too.

  • CS

    How wonderful. I know how those little toy attachments go.
    Did I ever tell you the story of how my puke-tastic littlest pulled a major job in their store? They were so, so kind and reassuring, cleaned it all up (wouldn’t let me), switched out my cart and groceries and even gave him a TJ’s shirt to wear because he had ruined his clothing. I fell in love that day with four people at once.

  • jen

    TJ’s is awesome. I interviewed at their headquarters a few years ago and was bummed not to get the job because I would absolutely love to work for them.

  • Daphne Adkins

    They have a customer for life!

  • Mary

    So funny, I just wrote a post last week professing my many reasons for loving Trader Joe’s! They just came to our town!!!! We used to live in an area that had them and I have been missing them for five years and now my dreams have come true.

  • anna lisa

    Ah yes, Trader Joe’s… Who could ever buy cookies in a regular grocery store again?
    How many times has that tasty little sample become my lunch, with their tiny cups of coffee? ( My preschooler demands a cup too…yes, I get weird looks, but its mostly cream)
    Except for their sausages and bacon,their meat dept. stinks. The fruit can be a little sketchy, and their organic milk costs the same as Whole Foods, only Whole Foods has a better happy cow rating, The half gallon size doesn’t cost more, cartons are healthier than plastic, and a bunch of them can be stored in the fridge, stacked.
    Oh,,,one more thing, their upper management knows how to throw a party too. We stumbled upon their corporate party at a swanky Hotel in Pasadena, four years ago, and my husband begged me to crash with him.
    In a crazier day I might have succumbed to the temptation.