Friday Night Must-Read

Seriously, read this post.

As my mind stopped listening and my heart nearly stopped beating I fought back tears of confusion and anger.   I thought back to the waiver I signed at my doctor’s office refusing genetic testing and requesting not to be given knowledge of any abnormalities or disabilities.  I thought of your daddy who was so far away.  How would I tell him this news?  They couldn’t be right.  There was no way, was there?  Wait!  You’re a girl!  A girl.  We’re having a girl!?  Daddy was supposed to be here with me to hear this news.  It is our news.  They stole our news. 

“Ma’am.  Ma’am!  I’m sorry, but we need your attention.  Because of your age and this being your first child we recommend that you do not attempt to carry to term. The chances of having a stillborn or late term miscarriage could potentially risk your fertility later on should you choose to try to conceive again. There are things we can do now that would make it less complicated.”

Those words will always burn in my mind.  “less complicated.”  “we recommend that you do not carry to term.” “Because of your age.”

What do those things even mean?!  How can they be said to a mother?

(Read the rest here)

This is an amazing story. I cried when she got to the part about tears rolling down her husband’s cheek in the delivery room. And she captured the pressure and overwhelming fear that doctors have the power to instill in parents perfectly. Go read it!

Oh, okay fine, I also love it because they chose a totally awesome name for their first daughter. Great minds, you know.

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