Please Pray for Fr. Maguire – Updated

Can I please ask for your prayers for the most wonderful priest in the world, Fr. Robert Maguire? He is a Cistercian at Our Lady of Dallas, and he teaches literature at the University of Dallas. He is the priest who brought me into the Church, convalidated our marriage, and baptized Sienna. He is in the hospital with a serious respiratory illness. He was in the ICU yesterday but is being transitioned out, thank God. He has particularly asked for the Divine Mercy chaplet to be said on his behalf, which I find so fitting. If the merciful will be shown mercy, then Fr. Maguire has it coming to him in buckets. Truckloads, even. He’s the only priest I’ve ever known who is endlessly merciful but never indulgent. You can find the chaplet here.

Many, many thanks in advance.


*Update: Charlotte told me on facebook that it was not a respiratory illness, but  strep throat that abscessed and went septic. They had to surgically clean out the abscess and now he’s on major antibiotics. So please, redouble the prayers. Quadruple them if you can.

  • MeanLizzie

    I will pray, Calah, especially the chaplet, right after supper, before I do Vespers.

  • Old Broad
  • Leila Miller


  • czar

    This is exactly why I love UD so much. Not only does it provide a harbor and a home for spiritual and intellectual giants like Fr. Maguire, but it also facilitates the spinning of this amazing, delicate, adamantine web of prayer for him.

  • Michelle

    All my prayers for one of the best priests I have known.

  • DT

    I contacted the monastary. Fr Robert will be discharged later this afternoon.

  • MeanLizzie

    How is he doing, Calah?

  • Aileen

    Praying for him.


  • Harry

    Will do.