Writer’s Block, in GIFs

At first, I was all

Then I had some thoughts, and spent several days writing post after post that vaguely sucked. Every time I tried to fix and finish them, I was like

Yeah. I actually got so bored with my own thoughts that I just gave up and left seven nearly-completed posts on the drafting board. I was feeling all

so I asked the Patheosi how they overcome writer’s block. Sam Rocha advised me to read Paris Review Interviews, because “it will either make things better or make them much, much worse.” I’ve never had writer’s block like this, and the idea that it could get worse was intriguing, so I picked that one.

Since my writing process is exactly like Ann Beattie’s, I decided that the problem wasn’t me, but blogging. So I sat down to write fiction instead, all

but my brain was like

So instead I deconstructed this article from Cracked and became irrationally annoyed at how much they ignored the innate zombie defenses that render their stupid arguments moot, because zombies are totally possible, dammit! Upon realizing that I’m basically a one-woman Team Zombie, I was all

So I decided to write this post instead. And now I’m kind of like

But I have no more thoughts.

If you need me, I’ll just be

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