Radio Redux!

So, remember how I was on Sheila Liaugminas’ show on Relevant Radio last week? We barely got started before we had to stop, so Sheila invited us to come back for another hour. We pre-recorded it on Friday and it.was.awesome.

I’m not even kidding, it was so much fun to talk with Tod and Tom and Sheila about Synod issues. The conversation was fascinating and funny, so much so that I might even listen to it myself tonight, which I NEVER do. (I suffer from a debilitating case of filter-after-the-fact.)

Check it out here, on Relevant Radio, at 5-6 pm CT/6-7 pm ET. And be sure you read Tod and Tom’s posts for the symposium even if you don’t listen to the show, because they’re absolutely spot-on.

Tod Worner, “Who Writes Letters to Families? The Catholic Church, That’s Who” 

Tom McDonald, “Tech Addiction: Technology & The Synod on the Family” and “Alienation: Technology & The Synod on the Family”


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