Get This, Not That: Round 3

I’ll take a second and let you overcome the shock of an on-time post. Now that I’ve done the same, let’s talk about gifts for boys, shall we? Little boys, though, because those are the only kind I have any positive experience with. (For some reason, my brothers have never appreciated my Christmas gifts of [Read More...]

Get This, Not That: Round 2

Yeah, I know I promised you this post yesterday, but it’s the time of year when I panic, procrastinate, and go hide in my closet with my laptop and headphones to watch Love Actually. (<–Dear CPS: that is hyperbole. I would never, ever do that, unless everyone was napping.) Anyway, tomorrow is relative, right? Some [Read More...]

Get This, Not That (A Gift Guide for Errant Housewives): Round 1

Since there are only ten days until Christmas, I thought I should help you finish up your Christmas shopping while avoiding beginning my own. Two birds, one stone. Procrastination FTW! Like everything related to housewifery, gift-giving is an art I have not yet mastered. But someone might as well learn from my mistakes, so we’re [Read More...]

The Great Santa Lie Truth

Here I am, writing about Santa again. In years past, I’ve written a lot about Santa. Last year I just didn’t want to get into it, because it seems like one of those conversations where no mutual ground is gained nor understanding reached. Basically Santa is a convenient excuse for bloggers to tell people they’re [Read More...]

Early Morning Radio Show!

I meant to put this post up last night, but instead I fell asleep at like 8 while singing Liam his lullaby. I am not sorry about that, either. It’s 6:28 am and I feel fantastic. This could quickly become a new way of being for me. Anyway, I’m going to be on Hearth and [Read More...]

I Like My Domesticity Dystopian

I haven’t wanted to blog since my post on millennial moms made the rounds on facebook. I ended up getting tagged in the comment section of one and…wow. I really wish I hadn’t read those comments. Here’s the thing, y’all. It’s not that easy to be as brutally honest about my life as I am. [Read More...]

Conversations with the Ogre

Me: “I know you’re crazy busy with finals and everything, but I need 2 hours of your time tonight to deal with Christmas presents and money and everything awful.” The Ogre: “Sounds good. How about I feed the kids dinner first and clean the kitchen?” Me: “I love you. You’re amazing. Now let’s do this [Read More...]

Just Some Stormtroopers Twerking

Yesterday the Ogre told me I was totally losing my pop culture cred since I’ve been posting all this serious, boring stuff. So here, for your amusement, are the things I am endlessly, shamelessly delighted with these days. Stormtroopers twerking Harry Potter/Twilight Dance-battle And my fave, Star Trek vs. Star Wars Maybe tomorrow I’ll write [Read More...]

The Domestic Art I Most Aspire to Master

[Read more...]

In Praise of Folly

Remember last year,  when we got a puppy? In case you’ve forgotten, this is what I wrote about Folly way back in 2013: The mess, the smell, the training, the chewing, the barking…all that pales in comparison to what a dog can bring to family, if she’s loved and trained properly. Oh, last year me, [Read More...]