The Great Santa Lie Truth

Here I am, writing about Santa again. In years past, I’ve written a lot about Santa. Last year I just didn’t want to get into it, because it seems like one of those conversations where no mutual ground is gained nor understanding reached. Basically Santa is a convenient excuse for bloggers to tell people they’re [Read More...]

Early Morning Radio Show!

I meant to put this post up last night, but instead I fell asleep at like 8 while singing Liam his lullaby. I am not sorry about that, either. It’s 6:28 am and I feel fantastic. This could quickly become a new way of being for me. Anyway, I’m going to be on Hearth and [Read More...]

I Like My Domesticity Dystopian

I haven’t wanted to blog since my post on millennial moms made the rounds on facebook. I ended up getting tagged in the comment section of one and…wow. I really wish I hadn’t read those comments. Here’s the thing, y’all. It’s not that easy to be as brutally honest about my life as I am. [Read More...]

Conversations with the Ogre

Me: “I know you’re crazy busy with finals and everything, but I need 2 hours of your time tonight to deal with Christmas presents and money and everything awful.” The Ogre: “Sounds good. How about I feed the kids dinner first and clean the kitchen?” Me: “I love you. You’re amazing. Now let’s do this [Read More...]

Just Some Stormtroopers Twerking

Yesterday the Ogre told me I was totally losing my pop culture cred since I’ve been posting all this serious, boring stuff. So here, for your amusement, are the things I am endlessly, shamelessly delighted with these days. Stormtroopers twerking Harry Potter/Twilight Dance-battle And my fave, Star Trek vs. Star Wars Maybe tomorrow I’ll write [Read More...]

The Domestic Art I Most Aspire to Master

[Read more...]

In Praise of Folly

Remember last year,  when we got a puppy? In case you’ve forgotten, this is what I wrote about Folly way back in 2013: The mess, the smell, the training, the chewing, the barking…all that pales in comparison to what a dog can bring to family, if she’s loved and trained properly. Oh, last year me, [Read More...]

Conversations with Tank

Me: “Linc, why? Why? Why do you do things like eat Expo markers and shove Legos up your nose? Look at this, child! Look at what I just pulled out of your nose!”   Tank: “Linky naughty-pants. I sowwy, Mama. Kiss?”   [Read more...]

Sienna Embraces the Art of the Guilt Trip

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Those Pathetic Millennial Moms

A delightful comment on my post about sewing on buttons spawned a rather, uh, interesting facebook debate the other night. It began with an observation about this seeming trend for younger, millennial moms to act as though the domestic arts are an unattainable fantasy, yet at the same time unworthy of our brain power. Instead [Read More...]