Why Am I a Witch? And Not Something Else?

Why am I a witch and not something else? There are many factors involved and only a small part of it is cake… [Read more…]

Finding a Higher Power: My Story

The question was posed “finding a higher power; what deities are important to me and how did I find them?”
Well…here is my story of mix ‘n match deities finding me. [Read more…]

How I Found Paganism; From a Kitchen Witch

The question posed was ‘how did you find paganism’? Well I guess to be honest it found me…and it was witchcraft in particular. [Read more…]

Working Magic in the Month of July

July should be full of sunshine so work magic with the energy that the sun brings. It is nearly the time of harvest to work towards the fruition of goals [Read more…]

Medicine bags and mojo bags: Magic in a pouch

A medicine bag contains items that are charged with your intent and each item is a guide for the spirits/divine/deity to help them understand what the outcome you desire is. Your medicine bag once it is put together is essentially ‘alive’ with energy and it will need to be looked after and can be ‘fed’ with magic powder. [Read more…]

Magical Food for the Summer Solstice (Litha)

Magical food to celebrate the summer solstice… [Read more…]

Riding the Hearth…not the hedge

What happens when your years of hedge riding hit a block? You go back to the drawing board and start again, finding a way that works for you… [Read more…]

Best Get Out the Good China…and Magical Tools

Do you have altar decorations and magical tools stuffed away in cupboards? Do you have magical items that you only use on special occasions? I say … ‘bring out the best china’ and celebrate every day… [Read more…]

Pagan Children: Mine and my pathway

I am the only pagan in my family with my husband being probably what you would term an atheist (unless you count the faith of rock n roll). We made a conscious effort to have never preached or led our children on a particular religious pathway of any kind…however… [Read more…]

The Goddess Blodeuwedd

Join me as I delve into the mysteries of the goddess Blodeuwedd; intrigue, betrayal and total woman power… [Read more…]