My very lovely publishers Moon Books have allowed me to create my own series of Kitchen Witchcraft books…I wonder if they know what they are letting themselves in for? Read more

I do believe that the basis of the Maiden, Mother, Crone idea is sound (with the fourth phase slotted in to bring it more up to date).  For me it works not just as phases in a woman’s life (there is a similar idea for men too) but it echoes the seasons, the moon phases and the turning of the Wheel.  But I do think that the titles are being taken very literally and if you do that, it doesn’t work so well. Read more

Meditation is a journey, the purpose of which is to calm your mind, bring about inner peace and to eventually just ‘be’.  This journey may take you years…enjoy the ride.  Don’t worry at first about the quality of the meditation itself just focus on becoming happier, calmer and more at peace – if that is achieved then your meditation has worked. Read more

Witchcraft is a magical practice but can also be a religion, a way of life. A witch is what you are, who you are and what you do. It is a truly beautiful and rewarding way of living your life. Read more

I think sometimes as a witch the moon tends to get pride of place and the sun perhaps takes a back seat?  But it is an incredibly powerful source of natural energy and magic.  Read more

I don’t mind Monday.  For me it is the fresh start to a new week, full of potential and possibilities, albeit that the alarm is not always a welcome beginning. Read more

Many stories are told of witches creating magic potions that would allow them to fly and the ingredients were said to be mixed with the fat from plump human babies… Read more

Let’s start with a wicked witch’s garden and by wicked, I mean just a witch, coz we are nice people really.  There are plenty of baneful plants to work with.  Read more

From the corner of my eye I saw movement in the garden and looked up to see the leaves on one of our shrubs twitching just above where we hang the bird feeders.  So I watched, and a bird hopped out to help itself to bird seed. My immediate thought was “oh it’s just a sparrow” and then I caught myself…it was a judgemental thought. Read more

Spell Working: Do spells work? Why didn’t they work? Following on from my previous blog post What is a spell? I would like to share some of my thoughts about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of spell working… Read more

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