This is the festival where we celebrate the fertility not just within the Earth but within the union between the God and the Goddess and between humans too, ’tis the season to celebrate getting naked …  Read more

This is the two or three days when the sky is dark and you cannot see the moon at all, hence the term ‘dark’.  Often considered to be part of the new moon phase, but I like to keep them separate.  I think the dark moon has a magic all of its own. Read more

You can use crystals as an aid to meditation by just holding one or two in your hand or placing one on your altar and if you are lying down you can balance a crystal on your heart or third eye chakra. But you can also journey with and into the crystals themselves. Read more

We are working off the back of the spring equinox and heading towards Beltane, everything is alive and buzzing with energy. Read more

Yep, I know – the phrase ‘Mercury retrograde’ usually strikes terror into the heart of many a pagan or planet follower.  It has a reputation for causing absolute chaos with machinery and equipment breaking down, computers going haywire and any mishap or accident gets blamed on this poor ole planet, but why? Read more

If I am sitting down for a long meditation session or with a specific meditation journey in mind I often make a loose incense blend to burn to help me, there are lots of lovely incense ingredients that are good for incense blends, Read more

Drinking a special tea blend before you start your meditation can help you focus, here are some ideas to get you started but experiment with herbs and spices you have in your kitchen cupboards, see what works for you. Read more

All sorts of crafty goodness for your Ostara celebrations. Read more

You can begin to feel the change.  The earth is waking properly albeit that some parts of the globe may still be covered in snow, but the sun is gaining in strength.  As the month progresses we will start to see and feel that spring air.  Plants, animals and humans are feeling those familiar stirrings…oeerrr.   Everything is fresh, new and young. Read more

I receive quite a few queries on a regular basis asking about spells to protect children, especially if they are being bullied.  Bear in mind that I have experienced this situation as a parent myself.  I have made some suggestions below, they won’t sit well with everyone and they won’t be relevant to all, so take what works for you and your child, if it helps.  They can of course be used for adults, because bullying doesn’t just happen to children.  As a parent our first reaction is to break out the Viking in us and go on a rampage…whilst this may make you feel better initially it probably isn’t the best course of action…and quite frankly I don’t have the beard for it… Read more

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