Full Moon: Her magic and correspondences

The beautiful full moon in all her glory: Her magic and correspondences. A full moon is not just for divination! Read more

To Curse Or Not to Curse?

Sometimes there are situations that warrant action or reaction and sometimes it is not easy to decide what course to take. Read more

Moon Magic: January and the moon when wolves run together

I tend to work a lot with meditation and divination in January to gain insight and ideas for the coming months. Look within and really ‘see’ what needs to be done, sorted, tweaked or re-balanced to create the life you want. My recommendation is to take this month slowly. Most of us ate too much last month and it would probably have been an incredibly hectic month. So take your time getting back into routine (I love a good routine too). Read more

Witchcraft…into the wilds

Witchcraft into the wilds book launch I am very excited for my thirteenth book to be published…thirteen has to be lucky right? Witchcraft into the wilds will be officially released on 23rd February 2018 although it is available for pre-order now, if you feel the urge… Read more

Yule/Winter Solstice Crafts

When the evenings draw in early and the festive spirit is upon you, making Yuletide crafts can be great fun for both adults and children. Read more

The Winter Solstice – Yule

The shortest day and the longest night, it is from this day onwards that we start to get a little bit more sunlight each day. The Oak King and the Holly King fight once more with the Oak King winning this time to reign over the waxing period of the year. Read more

The Magic of Yuletide Spices

There are certain spices that we seem to associate with Yule such as ginger, cloves and cinnamon. They taste fantastic and appear in lots of holiday recipes. But did you know they all come packing a huge magical punch? Read more

Moon Magic: December and the Winter Solstice (Yule)

This time is not about shopping and material things, but it is about the existing positive energy of the season. Spending time with family and friends. Wishing compliments of the season to strangers and bringing festive cheer wherever you go. Read more

Confessions of a Christmas Witch

I admit it…I know it is early, but I have been struck by the Yule fairy…well and truly. I LOVE the festive season…I revert to being a total child at this time of the year, in fact I don’t think I have ever lost that sense of awe. Read more

A Little Bit of New Moon Magic

Every new moon I set intentions in motion to keep the money flowing so that bills can be paid, and abundance comes my way. Read more

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