A Kitchen Witch’s Samhain: Ancestor Altars, Divination and Dumb Suppers

It is the end of summer and the third and final harvest of the year, a time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and a time to celebrate the lives of those that have passed and to remember and honor our ancestors. Oh … and eat lots of sweets. Read more

Super Witch…or Stressed Out Witch?

One comment I hear a lot is along the lines of “I can’t be a proper witch, I don’t have the time”. I think a lot of the problem is caused by people believing that witches get up at dawn to collect the dew from the plants and in the middle of the night to pick herbs at the right moon phase. Spend all morning bent over a cauldron making lotions and potions. And then the afternoon is dedicated to meditation and spell work and of course the evening is jam packed full of rituals. Who would be able to do all that and still find time to get the children to school, do the housework and make the dinner? (It does sound like a perfect dream life though.). Read more

Moon Magic: Samhain & October, When the Gopher Looks Back…

Obviously, October is particularly special because of Samhain (Hallowmas/All Hallows) at the end of the month. It is a period between times. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp and clear as the dark nights begin to draw in. The veil between the worlds is said to be thinner at this time. Remember those that have gone before you and honour your ancestors. October lends itself to drama and atmosphere. It is a good excuse to make the most of this time by overloading on the witchy decorations. If you can work some magic outside then even better. Get a fire going and plenty of candles on the dark evenings. The October full moon is an especially good time to work divination of all kinds. Read more

Kyphi Incense: Things That Delight in the Night

I recently discovered a pot of kyphi incense in Glastonbury in the delightful shop Starchild. I had heard about kyphi before but had never used it. It has the most amazing scent! Kyphi (kapet) is an ancient Egyptian incense blend burnt for use in ritual, healing and within the home. It was believed to be made from ‘things that delight in the night’. Although recipes for a similar incense were also created in ancient Greece. Read more

A Kitchen Witch’s Autumn Equinox (Mabon)

A Kitchen Witch’s Autumn Equinox (Mabon) – The Autumn Equinox brings about the balance of equal day and night. It is a time to not only celebrate the second harvest of the year but also to give thanks for all that we have, to look back on the warm summer months and all that they have brought us and to welcome the colder, darker days and nights ahead. Read more

Moon Magic: September, Spider Web on the Ground at Dawn

What does the moon for September hold in store? What magic should we be working and what do we celebrate in this month? Read more

What Is a Witch? What Do You Think of As a Witch?

Just within witchcraft there are hundreds of different ‘trouser legs of reality’ (the term is blatantly stolen from the amazing Sir Terry Pratchett). I am a Witch and quite often referred to or refer to myself as a Kitchen Witch but does that cover it all and what on earth is a Kitchen Witch anyway? Believe me I get asked that a lot. Read more

What is ‘Advanced Magic’, What Does it Mean to You?

As I was browsing through my book shelves looking for something I realised I had a couple of books that included the term ‘advanced magic’ in the titles. It got me to thinking about the question – what is advanced magic and what subjects does it really encompass? Read more

Messages from the Otherworld…or just mishaps?

We all have a ‘run of bad luck’ from time to time but is it just bad luck? Maybe it is messages from the gods, the Otherworld, the angels *insert name of divine*? How do you tell the difference? Is there even a difference? And will cake help? Read more

A Kitchen Witch’s Lughnasadh

My Kitchen Witch way of celebrating Lughnasadh and of course there is food involved! Read more

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