Magical Food for the Summer Solstice (Litha)

The Summer Solstice – Litha – 20th-23rd June Following on from the Beltane theme of celebrating life this sabbat is also about the abundance of beauty on our planet and all that she provides for us.  Ideal food to share is honey, fresh vegetables, citrus fruit, summer fruits, summer squash, salads, herbs (such as basil, fennel, lavender, lemon verbena and thyme), ale and mead and of course if the weather is good … anything you can chuck on the BBQ.... Read more

Riding the Hearth…not the hedge

Riding the Hearth…not the hedge After reading this you may think either: This witch is totally bonkers. She is completely off the rails mocking the system of the Craft. It is just a witch trying to find her own unique pathway, that works. Hopefully you will think I am option number 3 but I am happy to come under option number 1 as a back-up.  Please don’t think of me as option number 2, I promise you The Craft is my life... Read more

Best Get Out the Good China…and Magical Tools

Best get out the good china…and magical tools Many years ago (probably about 25 or so) I had a complete Royal Doulton dinner service that was quite expensive and a set that I kept in a cupboard ‘for best’.  It came out for celebration meals and when we had guests over.  For the rest of the time it sat hidden away.   For every day we used a cheap and cheerful set that didn’t matter if it got broken or not.... Read more

Pagan Children: Mine and my pathway

Pagan Children: Mine and my pathway . Never hidden My children know what I am and I have never tried to hide anything from them.  There are altars about our home and I work magic in the house when they are around.  They have also attended open rituals with me but up until recently only as spectators because they were too young to be left at home alone! Questions and answers I have also answered any questions they have had... Read more

The Goddess Blodeuwedd

The Goddess Blodeuwedd Flowers, beautiful as she…forged of nine blossoms She grants wisdom to those who wish Although a curse bestowed upon her, Blodeuwedd still gives us courage When all is lost, a light of hope in the darkness My goddess Although the goddess that looks after me, chastises me and kicks my butt into action is the Cailleach and has been for many years. Although I still work with other deities as they present themselves to me.  I don’t... Read more

Where Do You Work Your Magic, Spells and Charms?

You may not know, but I write books and have been lucky enough to have had them published.  Although I am still amazed (and very humbled) that people actually want to read my waffle…but anyway… I am currently starting work on a new manuscript for ‘Spells & Charms‘ which will hopefully be the first book in a Kitchen Witchcraft series.  I always write a list of contents and plan a structure before I start working.  One of my notes for... Read more

Behind the scenes: An open ritual

Behind the scenes: An open ritual My coven holds open rituals on a regular basis so I thought I would share how we put the open rituals together and what goes on behind the scenes.   It does take an awful lot of preparation and organisation… Setting the date As there are several groups in our area that get together to celebrate the sabbats we tend to go ‘off piste’ and work with rituals for particular themes rather than calendar dates. ... Read more

Magical food for intent; get your magical foodie on

Magical food for intent Foods can be used for their specific intent.  We have all heard about the aphrodisiac power of oysters and the healing powers of homemade chicken soup, but you can add your own intent to any of your cooking.  Use the lists below to give you an idea of what foods work for which intent or go with your own intuition. Charge each item as you add it to the pot, visualise your desired outcome.  You could... Read more

Make it personal…bodily ingredients in magic

Make it personal…bodily ingredients in magic Now this is a subject that you will either find absolutely fascinating or you will skip quickly past this and either is absolutely OK. It is your pathway, your journey and therefore your choice about what you include or don’t but here it is just in case… Your body is the vessel that carries the magic, the energy and the intent but it is also very unique and individual to you.  So, if you... Read more

The Magic of May and Beltane

The magic of May and Beltane The magic of May and Beltane – and so begins the active part of the year, the earth is sending forth new life, the sap is rising, the birds are singing and growth is all around us. This month is all about passion, power and raw energy, the fertility of new life and growth and the union of male and female energy in whatever form…nuddy prod games optional… The male and female energy is... Read more