Want to know what to work into your love spells? These are just some suggestions, as always I encourage you to trust your own intuition and go with what works for you… Read more

Many animal spirit guides will come in the form of winged creatures and these have carried magic with them for thousands of years.  Many deities have bird sidekicks and all manner of winged fanciful creatures – legends and myths are full of them. Read more

This is a bit of an unpredictable month. The weather never knows what it is doing. The first signs of spring are making an effort (depending where you are in the world of course) and then the snow dumps on top of them. But the signs of the earth beginning to awaken are there…somewhere. The year spreads open before us full of potential even if we have to wrap up warm in seventeen layers of clothing still. Read more

It is totally your call as to whether you are comfortable using animal parts in magic whether it is in spell workings, divination or on your altar to honour the animal. Personally I find them very useful and a way to honour the animal. Read more

The beginnings of Spring…apparently, although this can be difficult to connect with if you are still covered in snow. When the earth begins to stir and life begins to awaken. It is the time of year when livestock will start to give birth to the first young of the year. It also marks the centre point of the dark half of the year. The farmers start to plough their fields now in preparation for planting. Read more

The beautiful full moon in all her glory: Her magic and correspondences. A full moon is not just for divination! Read more

Sometimes there are situations that warrant action or reaction and sometimes it is not easy to decide what course to take. Read more

I tend to work a lot with meditation and divination in January to gain insight and ideas for the coming months. Look within and really ‘see’ what needs to be done, sorted, tweaked or re-balanced to create the life you want. My recommendation is to take this month slowly. Most of us ate too much last month and it would probably have been an incredibly hectic month. So take your time getting back into routine (I love a good routine too). Read more

Witchcraft into the wilds book launch I am very excited for my thirteenth book to be published…thirteen has to be lucky right? Witchcraft into the wilds will be officially released on 23rd February 2018 although it is available for pre-order now, if you feel the urge… Read more

When the evenings draw in early and the festive spirit is upon you, making Yuletide crafts can be great fun for both adults and children. Read more

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