The electronic pagan and the book witch

There are many forms of learning available: I started as a book witch, progressed to an electronic one and then went out into the ‘real’ world – each experience was different but none more important than the other. [Read more…]

Cooking with the Moon phases

The power of the moon is incredibly strong and affects our moods and emotions. And most of us will be used to working with the cycles of the moon rather than against them, going with the flow so to speak can make our lives much easier. We can also tailor the foods we eat to the phases of the moon to tap into that power and to work with the rhythm of our bodies and emotions too. [Read more…]

Sign the magic with your own name

How do you make magic? Do you follow recipes, spells and ritual instructions written by others to the letter…or do you make your own tweaks to it or do you just ‘do your own thing’ completely? [Read more…]

Mix ‘n Match Deities: Should you? Would you?

Should you or would you mix and match the pantheons that you work with? I have done exactly that… [Read more…]

The daily devotions of a Kitchen Witch

How to work magic and daily devotions into an already busy life… [Read more…]

Animal Magic: Spell Working

The magical power in each and every animal – living, extinct or mythical can be used to assist you in your daily life and can be utilised in spells to aid you in certain situations. [Read more…]

Exploding spells: A cautionary tale

A cautionary tale about working with candle magic and the power of the new moon… [Read more…]

Rainbows: Working with the beautiful magic of nature

So, rainbows bring the magic of water, sunlight and colour. The rainbow usually appears after the rain so it brings hope, promise and healing. As it is a combination of water and sun energy I think it also works on our emotional level too. The rainbow also appears to be a connection between the earth and the skies or the divine so it works well for spirit or deity magic too. [Read more…]

Moon Phases: Does the full moon affect your sleep?

I think they key is to learn, be aware of and work with the moon phases as much as possible. That way you are working with the energy rather than fighting against it. And I don’t just mean the waxing, waning and full or even the dark moon phases but also the particular energies of each month. [Read more…]

Kitchen Witchcraft: The magic in your cupboards

The Kitchen Witch in me drives my intuition and I am a great believer in listening to it especially when I am working magic. I don’t want to use expensive exotic ingredients that have to be shipped from the other side of the world, I am happier using things that I have grown myself or items that I already have to hand. Magical ingredients should not cost lots of money (in my humble opinion). Every single item of food, ingredient you use in the kitchen along with all the herbs and spices has magical energy. [Read more…]