She is ancient…

She can appear to be fearsome and she is most definitely powerful as the hag of winter, woman of stones, bone mother, a goddess of death, the dark mother, the harvest goddess, an ancestress who rules the dark half of the year and is as ancient as the earth itself but she does have a nurturing side, she is the spirit of the land and allows us to peek at the wisdom we need to let go of what no longer serves us and look forward to what is yet to come. Read more

Halloween in England

Although there is a lot of folklore about All Hallows Eve originating from parts of the UK which is probably correct – I hate to disappoint people…Halloween as we know it with the fancy dress, carved pumpkins and trick or treating only really came to England about fifteen or so years ago (from my personal recollection anyway). Read more

Full Falling Leaf Moon – October 2016

Sunday 16th October full moon is in Aries but moves into Taurus so what does that mean magically? Well…the full moon in Taurus does bring a steady, earth element kind of energy with it – Taurus is a bull after all… There are several things to focus on with this full moon such as bringing energy back into whatever you are doing and finding a way to balance your feelings, emotions and what goes on in your every day life. Read more

Moon Magic…the beginnings

Since man has walked on this planet I suspect he has always looked to the stars at night and it wouldn’t have taken him very long to work out that the moon had regular phases. Not only would man have worked with the seasons but he would also have had to pay attention to the moon because on a dark/new moon it would have been pretty black at night so his hunting would have been done during the day, however on the nights of the full moon he would have been able to track nocturnal animals to bop on the head for his supper. Read more

Remember your manners…

Dressing your altar and leaving offerings of food and flowers is an excellent way to say thank you when the gods have come through for you. Read more

The Missing Mabon…

I always feel sorry for the Autumn Equinox (Mabon to use the modern name) as it seems to get swallowed up on the tide of Halloween/Samhain planning. Read more

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual You will need: A cauldron (or dish with a dark inside) half filled with water A small silver coin Cast the circle: Maiden cast this circle white Free from shadow, pure and light Mother cast this circle red Cast any negativity from our head Crone cast this circle black Grant us the knowledge that we lack This circle is now cast unbroken. Calling the quarters: I call to the East and the Element of Air, you who… Read more


Croning I love the idea of a croning ceremony. The word crone is derived from the word cronus (time) and it means the wisdom gained through life long experiences. Krone also means crown. To become crowned crone then acknowledges that you are a wise woman who has gathered up the fruits of her experience into profound and sovereign understanding. The wise crone becomes the resource of wisdom for her community and a source of inspiration for her circle of cronies…. Read more

The High Priestess malarky…

The High Priestess malarky…At a recent festival I was asked what made me a High Priestess? My answer was this: Although my path now is that of a Kitchen/Hedge Witch when I first started I trained in Wicca and I worked through the three Wiccan degrees (with two different groups) and eight years after starting my study (with a slight hiatus in the middle due to having a baby) I was honoured to be given the title in a ceremony… Read more

Do what works for you…

Do what works for you: My thoughts for today… Working with the Craft Working with The Craft is very personal, everyone will walk their own pathway and take a very individual journey. I don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way to work with anything within The Craft whether it is how to cleanse and charge your crystals, how to make a poppet or what herb to use in spell work. There are lists on the internet… Read more

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