To witchy wear or not to witchy wear…

Having been through many wardrobe changes in my life; hey I was a teenager in the 80s complete with ra ra skirts, pixie boots and neon leg warmers (oh how I wish it were still the 80s…) but my dress sense has changed over the years depending on my age, where I was working and what I was doing at the time. Read more

What’s your label and where do you fit?

Do you label who you are? When I give a talk or introduce myself I usually feel the necessity to give myself a label to let people know what ‘branch’ of paganism I follow but it can be difficult to pin point it. I then question why I feel the need to put myself in a neat little box with a precise label on because I generally fight against being compartmentalised…and I think it is a combination of several things: Read more

December will be magic again…

December IS magic whatever way you celebrate it. Whether it is on the winter solstice or the 25th, it is about celebrating, bringing the joy and spreading the cheer. Read more

Lost your connection?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “I have lost my spiritual connection or connection to my pathway, how do I get it back”? Firstly…remember you aren’t alone – it happens to us all, it really does. Life likes to throw us challenges and slip blockages into our pathway – all of these and the usual mundane life stuff can get in the way of our spiritual journey. If it has happen to you don’t panic. Read more

The Moon…what’s yours called?

Each monthly moon has a name and these are different in each culture, region, country, faith or religion – many, many different names but usually they refer to the season, the weather or what the people are up to at that time of the year. Read more

Moon Science

The clever science bods reckon that when the Earth was in its infancy there was no moon at all *gasp*…then on some undetermined date a rogue planet smashed into the Earth like a cosmic game of pool, this caused the rogue planet to be obliterated and knocked a chunk off the side of the Earth too. Read more

Into the dark depths of November…

It is a good month to work with the dark gods and goddesses but I do like to bring a bit of flare into it because my chosen deities for this month are two Loas…Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi who sweep into November with colourful rum infused mayhem. Read more

October New Moon Magic with added Scorpio

The new moon in Scorpio is a good time ‘just let it go’…don’t hold onto negative stuff because all it really does is fester and you are the one that suffers, trust that karma will kick butt on your behalf. Read more

She is ancient…

She can appear to be fearsome and she is most definitely powerful as the hag of winter, woman of stones, bone mother, a goddess of death, the dark mother, the harvest goddess, an ancestress who rules the dark half of the year and is as ancient as the earth itself but she does have a nurturing side, she is the spirit of the land and allows us to peek at the wisdom we need to let go of what no longer serves us and look forward to what is yet to come. Read more

Halloween in England

Although there is a lot of folklore about All Hallows Eve originating from parts of the UK which is probably correct – I hate to disappoint people…Halloween as we know it with the fancy dress, carved pumpkins and trick or treating only really came to England about fifteen or so years ago (from my personal recollection anyway). Read more

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