New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 20: Matt 21:1-11, 23-46; 23; John 12:1-8

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We're getting into the last week of Jesus' life. Since it was on sale, I picked up The Last Week: What the Gospels Really Teach about Jesus Final Days in Jerusalem, which follows Jesus through his last week, with particular focus on Mark's Gospel (the earliest of the four.) I'll quote from it a bit in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Eric Huntsman has a chronology of the last week of Jesus' life here. … [Read more...]

Short Gospel Doctrine Lesson 19 and Book Review of The New Testament Made Harder

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I've gotten behind, due to some unanticipated red-eye travel cross-country, spontaneous camping in Nauvoo with extended family, intensive home-improvement-on-a-tight-deadline, etc. I'll try to catch up by taking a page out of a new book. I've received a review copy of James Faulconer's The New Testament Made Harder- Scripture Study Questions. Faulconer is a philosophy professor at BYU, who previously wrote Scripture Study: Tools and Suggestions (Amazon, Maxwell Institute) and a lot of other th … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 18: Luke 15

Today we're covering less territory. In fact, we can focus entirely on one chapter. What’s the setting? A stereotypical collection of tax collectors and sinners on one side, scribes and pharisees on the other.  The second group criticizes Jesus for associating with the first group. Jesus responds to them with three parables. … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 17 (Updated)

All about the Benjamin?

Today's lesson covers a grab-bag of parables, many about money. Before getting to them though... … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 16: John 9-10 (Updated)

The uncovered pool of Siloam, looking west.

Two chapters of John today. … [Read more...]

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 15: John 7-8

Bits and pieces this week. … [Read more...]

NT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 14: Matthew 18:1-35; Luke 10:25-37

Two parables today, that of the unjust servant, and that of the good samaritan.First, though, a practical note based on Matt 18:8. "Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire." … [Read more...]

NT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 13: Matthew 14:21-17:9

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Today is a bit harried. We've been on the road, my wife successfully defended her PhD, and we're on the road again. Consequently, I my original commentary is minimal.Today's reading covers several interesting stories, including the "key" discussion at Caesarea Philippi and the Transfiguration. … [Read more...]