The Pope's First Jesus Book— Chapter Seven

In Chapter Seven (pp. 183-217)  the Pope comes to grips with Jesus’ parables, and acknowledges his indebtedness to the classic work by Joachim Jeremias on The Parables of Jesus.    The Pope is conversant with the discussions of A. Julicher, trying to make a hard and fast distinction between parable and allegory, but as the later critique of Julicher has shown this doesn’t work. There were allegorical elements or features in early Jewish parables,  including in Jesus’ parables, and as Jeremias com … [Read more...]

Blame it on 'Rio'— Another 3D Kid Flick

For the record,   I enjoy childrens' movies, and all the more so if they are in colorful 3D, as this film was.   'Rio' is brought to us by the producers of Ice Age, and even begins with a short subject about  Skritch the Squirrel, and how he was personally responsible for the inter-continental divide.   This idea was more creative, (in terms of a story line)  than the whole of the movie Rio,  but more on that in a moment.Let's start with the basics.  The movie is G rated (not many of those out … [Read more...]

The Story of Jesus—- BBC Production

This is the filming I was doing for the BBC last Fall. I do not know when or where it will be shown over here, but you can follow it on Twitter I gather.   Both Tom Wright and I did episodes in this series, which will appear on the Sunday show. … [Read more...]

The Pope's First Jesus Book— Chapter Six

The subject of Chapter Six is the Disciples, and it is one of the shortest chapters in the book ( pp. 169-82).   The focus, as it turns out is on the Twelve or the apostles (a term the Pope doesn’t want to debate and thinks was eventually restricted to the 12).   The beginning point for the discussion is the fact that Jesus has formed a new family, a family of faith, not based on ethnicity, only based on adherence to him and his teachings, and so a more universal family.In dealing with Mk. 3.13 … [Read more...]

Boothe Review— 'The Conspirator'

What price peace?  Is it worth sacrificing justice and truth and freedom to have peace and quiet in a troubled land?   This is hardly a hypothetical question for knowledgeable students of American history, or even keen observers of current American life.  How easily the so-called Patriot Act was passed, taking away all sorts of freedoms and rights to privacy, especially when passing through an airport these days.And did a Tea Party-like movement rise up and protest the loss of these freedoms an … [Read more...]

The Pope's First Jesus Book– Chapter Five— The Lord's Prayer

The exposition by the Pope on the Lord’s Prayer in Chapter  Five is about as lengthy as the whole rest of the exposition of the Sermon on the Mount (pp. 128-68), and here we see the Pope wearing a more pastoral hat, so to speak.   After dealing with Jesus’ warnings about how not to pray (ostentatiously drawing attention to yourself,  verbosely, again drawing attention to yourself), the Pope reminds us that Jesus is teaching us to pray as he prayed ( a fact we can see in Jesus’ prayer in the Garde … [Read more...]

The China Doll

The china doll perched, perilous, upon the fireplace ledgeHer beauty unquestionable,  but pale  and with an edgeHer outlook seemed serene,  surveying her domainAs if there were no challenges, no  antagonists remained.Shining bright in morning light, no equals met her gazeShe glimpsed an unimpeded path to always brighter daysYet watching dark and dangerous, a creature lurked belowSilently he stalked her, ignoring her ‘no’.The leap on high took seconds,The fall w … [Read more...]

The Google Exodus

Thanks to alert viewer Jason Myers for the lead on this one.  Great! … [Read more...]

The Pope's First Jesus Book—- Sermon on the Mount 4.2

At the beginning of the discussion of the Torah of the Messiah (p. 100) the Pope takes on the difficult saying in Mt. 5.17-19, about Jesus coming to fulfill not abolish the Law and the Prophets.   The first thing I would want to stress about this is that the verb fulfill is the eschatological language meaning come to pass, complete, bring to pass (in the present).  Secondly, Jesus does not just refer to the Law, but to the Law and the Prophets, probably shorthand for the whole Hebrew Sc … [Read more...]