Albertina II

The thing about a good quality museum is that you can linger and appreciate it all, without the 'glazed over' effect of being in a huge museum where you simply can't take it all in, and as a result you race from one room to the next looking for key items. This is not an issue at the Albertina. Impressionism was for the most part killed off by the First World War, and what replaced it was Cubism and Abstract art among other things. This museum has a small sampling of the latter, but a clear … [Read more...]

Impressionism in the Albertina

While there are many fine museums to be explored in Vienna, if you are a fan of the paintings of the Impressionists, then you will want to go to the Albertina across from the Mozart cafe and the Opera House in central Vienna. Here's what you are looking for.....The museum is perhaps most famous for the most famous of all modern Austrian paintings--- Gustav Klimmt's The Kiss.....But it is the permanent loan exhibit of a private collection of Impressionist art (and Cubist and … [Read more...]

Frost and Fall and Ginko Trees

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This is What happens when your Students have Far Too Much Time on their Hands

Cut and Paste this mysterious link into your browser..... and prepare to try and identify certain Asbury faculty disguise.... … [Read more...]

On the Making of Papyrus

The only ancient description we have of the making of papyrus is that of Pliny the Elder in his Natural History Book XIII. He wrote in the latter half of the first century A.D., and while some scholars have questioned whether he had actually seen the process due to some of his remarks, even if he got it second hand, this is valuable first century information...Pliny, Natural History, 13.74-82Paper is made from the papyrus plant by separating it with a needle point into very thin … [Read more...]

Chester Beatty Papyrus 45 in Vienna

Some of the most important early papyri of the NT are the Chester Beatty Papyri housed in Dublin Ireland, EXCEPT for one piece which can be found in the papyrus museum in the basement of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna. The small fragment which is found there is from the Gospel of Matthew containing Matt. 25:41-26:39 (Pap. Vindob. G. 31974). And sparing no expense, here it is.....This papyrus likely dates to the third century A.D. The Gospel of Matthew was the most copied … [Read more...]

Scary Papyri II– Self Help Medicinal Cures

Medicine in antiquity was one part home remedy, one part common sense, and one part Hippocratic let the body heal itself. But the desperate also would go to the gods and the healers, and what passed for ancient doctors and medicine. Such treatments as listed above could be of relevance to NT studies, as it seems quite possible Paul had eye troubles (see Galatians 4.12-16 (why the metaphor about tearing out their eyes and giving them to Paul). Since the eyes were viewed as the windows of the … [Read more...]

Polling Questions I Wish I’d been Asked!

Joel Pett is our local pundit cum political cartoonist in the Lexington newspaper...... … [Read more...]

Scary Papyri I– I want my Mummy

The Kunst Museum in Vienna in fact houses several museums, including the papyrus museum in a small room in the basement, and the Ephesos museum in one of the upstairs great halls. Despite both being rather small, there were some very important items in each, and we will begin, appropriately enough for the end of October, with paintings on top of mummy sarcophagi, and some mummy wrappings from the Greco-Roman period (yes, you are right, those folks don't look very Egyptian. They are Greeks and … [Read more...]