Goodbye, Martina – You Were Great!

When I saw that Martina Navratilova was the first celebrity voted off Dancing with the Stars last night, I truly felt for her.  Every single star on that stage is taking a risk, getting out of their comfort zone, facing down stage fright – and in some cases – two left feet.

At least, that’s the way it was for me. When I first was invited to participate in the show, my mom asked me what I thought about participating, I remember saying, “Well, I can’t dance, and I’m not a star…”

I realized I’d have to move to Los Angeles, live in an apartment, and rehearse with a professional partner twenty hours a week. But the worst part of it was that it would all be aired live!

I was nervous about it, and my parents were too. In fact, DWTS producers had approached my dad but he turned it down because he didn’t have time.  (Um, can you imagine the pressure of being my dad’s dancing partner?  After being married to my mom all these years, what kind of partner would possibly suit him?) As you probably already know, I packed my truck and drove 3,600 miles from Wasilla to Los Angeles.

I definitely had an adventure!

I hope Martina can look back at her time without regret.  She truly gave it her all and looked great in her classy and elegant dresses.  By the way, though the tennis star is 55 years old, she and I wore the same dress!  During my season, I wore a black costume when I danced the Argentine Tango, and I noticed she was wearing it in one of her promo shots.  (I put a side-by-side of both of us at the top of this post. Look how serious Mark and I look!  You’d think we were checking out a car crash instead of dancing on a show!)  Martina looked fantastic on Dancing with the Stars and showed a dedication from which we could all benefit!

Now that the tennis legend is out of the running, who are your favorites?  Of course, I was so proud of Mark – can you believe that he and Katherine tied for the best dance of the night in the first week?  And then that jive was amazing!  (I loved what the producers did with the “Casino” style staging.) I’d say they hit the jackpot with that dance.

Who’s going to take home the mirror ball trophy?

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  • Mrs Bev Dennison

    I love your blog and I want you to know that I have shared your story with my granddaughter, who is 17 and a senior in high school. You are an inspiration to young ladies!

  • jan page

    It is hard for me to remember to watch since you aren’t on there, but I know your mom is pulling for Mark so I will, too.

  • Jeanne Swaney

    I voted for you Bristol, on Dancing with the Stars, my favorite show! Martina was great and classy, but totally out of her element doing ballroom dancing. Gotta give her a lot of credit! The judges, and the public, were very nice to her. I think that’s the way it should be. I am amazed at the all the ugliness that you had to put up with, based on people’s ideology. Because your mother calls out Obama, his defenders were there to trash YOU! Not fair. But you seem to have a thick skin, thanks to what you’ve been taught by your mom. Anyway, this will be a great season of DWTS, and here’s hoping that Mark (I’m a huge fan of his!) and Katherine will win the mirror ball! I do like Roshan too – man can he dance, and he proved he was more than just hip-hop Monday night. Made Len happy!

  • Linda Barbee

    It looks like Mark and Katherine could be the ones to beat. They were great with both dances. There’s lots of talented people this year and I’m enjoying it very much. I can only imagine the guts it takes to even try.

  • Joseph

    Haha. The same dress; how about that. Yeah I hated to see Martina go. But I look forward to her returning for the season finale to dance one more time just for fun. Yeah Katherine and mark are doing amazing! By the way, I loved you and Mark’s argentine tango! You both really got into character on that one!

  • Jan

    We’re voting for Gladys Knight in this household. Len is giving her lower scores than she deserves.

  • Jan

    Do you think DWTS cut the wardrobe budget? They recycled your dress and do not seem to have money to buy buttons for the men’s shirts. LOL

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  • Rick Patel

    Voting for Macho Mark Ballas and wondeful Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins.

  • Rena Dagenais

    Love your blog. I am a HUGE fan of your mom’s and you are truly her clone. Both very beautiful people that have so much to give to everyone. Much to be admired. Keep up the good work.