Goodbye, Martina – You Were Great!

When I saw that Martina Navratilova was the first celebrity voted off Dancing with the Stars last night, I truly felt for her.  Every single star on that stage is taking a risk, getting out of their comfort zone, facing down stage fright – and in some cases – two left feet.

At least, that’s the way it was for me. When I first was invited to participate in the show, my mom asked me what I thought about participating, I remember saying, “Well, I can’t dance, and I’m not a star…”

I realized I’d have to move to Los Angeles, live in an apartment, and rehearse with a professional partner twenty hours a week. But the worst part of it was that it would all be aired live!

I was nervous about it, and my parents were too. In fact, DWTS producers had approached my dad but he turned it down because he didn’t have time.  (Um, can you imagine the pressure of being my dad’s dancing partner?  After being married to my mom all these years, what kind of partner would possibly suit him?) As you probably already know, I packed my truck and drove 3,600 miles from Wasilla to Los Angeles.

I definitely had an adventure!

I hope Martina can look back at her time without regret.  She truly gave it her all and looked great in her classy and elegant dresses.  By the way, though the tennis star is 55 years old, she and I wore the same dress!  During my season, I wore a black costume when I danced the Argentine Tango, and I noticed she was wearing it in one of her promo shots.  (I put a side-by-side of both of us at the top of this post. Look how serious Mark and I look!  You’d think we were checking out a car crash instead of dancing on a show!)  Martina looked fantastic on Dancing with the Stars and showed a dedication from which we could all benefit!

Now that the tennis legend is out of the running, who are your favorites?  Of course, I was so proud of Mark – can you believe that he and Katherine tied for the best dance of the night in the first week?  And then that jive was amazing!  (I loved what the producers did with the “Casino” style staging.) I’d say they hit the jackpot with that dance.

Who’s going to take home the mirror ball trophy?

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  • David Kramer

    Bristol, DWTS is a fantasy created by the media to create a fairy tale. Maybe you should attempt to address real issues instead of addressing things that only you and others that have enveloped the limelight of the US culture. Just saying. Talk about what happened in your life before the stardom or fame smacked you folks like a sledge hammer.

    • Andy Sandoval

      David, do sense a little bitterness? YES!

      • David Kramer

        No bitterness, just saying. The stardom the Palin family because of the hate driven by the left should be used to further their beliefs. Is their something wrong with my opinion?

    • Wall

      there’s one in every crowd

      • David Kramer

        Excuse me?

    • Tim

      David, If you don’t like a blog (or the blogger), why do you continue to read and criticize? Just ‘stumble’ to something else… Bristol, thank’s for writing… And you can write about whatever you want – it is YOUR blog.

      • David Kramer

        Excuse me? There is a comment section, if you do not like my comment, you can comment elsewhere. See the argument you bring up?

  • Canadian Observer

    Bristol, do you regret your decision to dance in the Gorilla suit?

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    The black lace dress suited you AND it looked very good on Martina too. In a life filled with pain, disappointment, betrayal, and lies it is good to have a little fun once in a while to distract us from reality, and this is why shows like DWTS are so valuable.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are such an inspiration to sooo many young AND old people!! I like your attitude, the Palin hallmark “Just get out there and DO IT!” I never followed your life because I’m a political junkie who follows your mother and father. But since that day that you called out that homosexual and exposed his anger I’ve really gain HUGE respect for you. And learning more about you only adds to that respect.
    Keep bloggin!

  • Angie

    I am really looking forward to this season! I’m rooting for Melissa Gilbert, but there are a lot of talented people who could take home the mirrorball trophy!

  • Michael Sipe

    Martina was my pick to be the first to go. Although I really like Melissa Gilbert, I think she may be next. Just depends on how much of a fan base she has and whether they will stick with her no matter what. I am reserving my vote for the best for a few more weeks. BTW, I have about a 95% batting average guessing what the judges will give each dancer. Len is usually one point less than the others unless he happens to say he loved the performance. Then he might vote with the others. I enjoy what ever you want to talk about, Bristol. My wife and I support you 100%.

  • Larry

    I think the judges and the audience made the right decision on who to let go first week, M did give it a good try. Ignore the comments of the first poster, I enjoy your blogs and Love your family! Weird using the same dress, but both of you looked good in it!

  • RoadKingCarl

    I am rooting and voting for Katherine and Mark!! I am fascinated with the lighting designs on the dance floor! DWTS a first class great production!!

  • Larry

    Should have been ignore the David guy that made the bad comments, not the first poster, He was the first poster on the page I viewed. My Bad!

  • Mary

    I applaud you Bristol for your broad range of interests, despite how some are so critical or at the very least condescending of your choice of topics of interest.

    Evidently ‘they’ forget that though are now a mom, having assumed responsibility for any bad choices you have made but ALSO for giving birth to and rearing your beautiful little boy…you are also still a very young woman with many interests! Evident also is the fact that life is not all roses and pleasure and fanciful interests…and NEITHER is it all SERIOUSNESS and BUSINESS. You are correct to have a broad range of interests and enjoy your years of being a young woman! Just remember always to remain ‘young at heart’ as you grow older! Love you, Bristol….and love your mom and the rest of your lovely family!

    • Anonymous

      Broad range of interests? Levi-bashing, Obama-bashing, homosexual-bashing, Dancing With The Stars… what was the other thing?