Bragging Just a Little

Okay, let me be a proud big sister for a moment.

I’d just like to say how proud I am of my sister Willow. She graduated from high school more than a year early!  And she did that while holding a job, and helping out with Tripp, Trig, and Piper.

Now she’s starting new adventures. On my upcoming Lifetime reality television show, you’ll get a sneak peak into her future.  What do you think she’ll do next?  Here’s a hint: she’s not quite finished with her education yet.  Any guesses on what career she’ll pursue?  (By the way, the show will probably air in June — thanks for all the questions about it.  I’ll definitely let you know when to tune in!)

And speaking of Willow, this week her best guy friend asked her to Prom.  While this is always a fun (and potentially awkward!) time of high school, I thought the way he asked her was just perfect. Check out the YouTube video he made for her below.  But before you go and start saying it was “so sweet,” note that she sent him back a picture that had a box marked with a check mark next to the word “Duh.”

Yep, that’s my sister!

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  • Nicole

    Congrats to Willow!!!!!!!!! God’s blessings to her and you!!!!

  • Bonny Batman

    It is really quite fun to read your blogs. It sure does beat the usual nonsense about some poor misguided rich kid who is looking for exceptence by stealing, or getting drunk and driving, or taking drugs and embrassing themselves and their families. I think there is definitely virtue to being raised with a close family, and out of the main stream of disrespectful self centered rich. There are many decent rich people in this country, but we usual hear about the Hollywood wayward crowd. Good to be able to read positive fun info. Thanks and good luck to Willow. Take care guys Thank You

  • Lynda Armstrong

    God Bless you all..

  • Holly

    Cute, cute, cute! :)

  • Rosali Elzig

    Very good Willow! Hope you can remember my son Bryce. He is too graduating from high School a year early when he’s only 16. He used to attend the some Middle School with you. Congratualions to Willow and Bryce. Way to go! God bless their lives with a bright future.

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  • Robert

    Bristol, we already loved you on behalf of your mom.
    But we love you also just because of you.
    Your wonderful family is so blessed to have you!
    May God bless all of you!

  • Shelley

    How romantic! Tell Willow she better hang on to this guy. There aren’t many of those types out there.

  • Sam

    That’s wonderful Bristol. Your sister will always be the best friend you ever had.

  • blackbird

    I say a snow machine mechanic and I like the dude, very cool.