Isn’t He the Cutest?

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  • Kimberly

    Absolutely! And always has the sweetest smile!

  • millie

    You are right he is the cutest thing. Like others have said he really is growing up.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you a Mark dancing again. We have been looking
    at your interviews with Mark and you look so beautiful,

  • amy

    Super cute doll, his smile melts my heart. I bet its hard to say no to that sweet face.

  • Terri

    Yes he is.


    He is precious! Beautiful child!


  • Abby

    He has the most beautiful eyes. Can’t believe how fast he’s growing. Such a handsome boy!

  • Christine Randall

    YES, HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!! Growing up fast…cherish every minute!

  • Bruce

    I follow you. Seems like you are getting fewer & fewer comments. Has your followers fallen as much as it appears? I think you are a great Mother & such a nice person.

  • Georgia

    Tripp is the absolute cutest, Bristol.

  • Keri Norton

    Definately Bristol!
    Keep up the good work with God’s help.