Lolo, Gabby, and Trashing Good Role Models

How many of you loved watching the Olympics?

I so enjoyed seeing the gymnasts fly through the air and the runners going at such amazing speed.

But what I didn’t like was seeing how those Christian Olympic athletes were treated.

Lolo Jones was criticized for admitting she was a virgin, and Gabby Douglas was criticized for thanking God for her gold medal, and even for her hair!?

Those girls should be looked up to in our culture, not ridiculed.  I want Piper to have strong female role models, and Lolo and Gabby are so much better in the spotlight than the anything-goes type of celebrities.

So, thank you, Lolo and Gabby for sticking up for your beliefs and giving God the glory!

Here’s a Bible verse for both of you!

“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.” (Luke 6:23)

  • LauraJ

    Kind of off topic but it reminded me of it. Did you see Gabby on Jay Leno with Michelle Obama next to her? Gabby said she splurged on an Egg Mcmuffin from McDonalds and Michelle chided her for doing so?

    • Marcia

      Actually, it’s not off topic really LauraJ because this post is partly about good role models and that’s what the First Lady is. Her healthy eating and physical activity cause is a good one and she sets a good example. And if you watch the clip, she is clearly having some fun when she jokingly chided Gabby. And Gabby thought it was funny too.

  • Tom Wiley

    I love both of these ladies, it’s so refreshing to know that their are good young women out there with morals that haven’t been corrupted by our societies new loose morals!

  • Dianna

    So very true. I was so pleased to see them stand up for what they believe in.

    Enjoyed watching your dad and the other stars last night, on Stars Earn Stripes.

  • Rose

    There are girls as young as fourteen having sex. It’s so messed up. And now a beautiful young woman says she’s planning to wait and everyone ridicules her? The morals in this country are completely backwards.

    • Brenda

      You are so right they are backwards. If people would read the Bible they would know God’s heart and know that this precious gift was meant for that special someone and if we do not follow His word how VERY MUCH we deeply hurt Him.

    • zee

      I guess the one good thing about those who believe in more conservative type morals regarding this issue is that we are the new counterculture.

  • Firelight

    Amen!! Thank you so much for standing up for these girls. The Olympic coverage was embarrassing in the way our Christian athletes were treated. These girls are wonderful roles models who have worked very hard to get where they are today and should be treated with respect.

  • aaron krohn

    As a lifetime fan of track and field, I LOVE that you watched the Olympics, and that you admire Lolo Jones.
    Do you run yourself?? I know ALL the Palin’s have done sports, so have wondered what YOUR involvement has been (besides DANCING!! lol).
    I’m VERY involved with the Track and Field News (called “The Bible of the Sport”, it has news, results, and feature articles every month since 1948!!) Message Board, which is the magazine’s website’s “chat room” or discussion group.
    We post and comment about all sorts of issues about T&F.
    And Lolo, both about her great hurdling, AND about her virginity and fame outside the sport, has been a MUCH discussed topic over there.
    And a majority of people there have negative reactions to her.
    They joke about her sex life….or lack thereof.
    Actually, I think it quite ODD she’s still a virgin at age 30 (just turned 30 on August 5).
    But it’s HER choice, so who am I to criticize her.
    One thing I CAN tell you, though, is that I don’t think it’s for religious reasons.
    I think it’s more a moral or philosophical reason.
    She just doesn’t want to “give everything” to someone she doesn’t love!!
    BTW, Bristol, I LOVE the fact your mama named Track after the sport!!
    And that she’s an avid runner!!

  • Daniel Fedko

    Lolo and Gabby are real role models, we all need people of character who beleave in all GOD has given us.

  • Georgia

    Bristol, this article is wonderful. You make us all proud.

  • Bonny Batman

    I too was upset with the criticiism of our olympians. When you can walk a mile in the indian’s moccasins you can criticize the indian — for me out side of that — now is the only time sit down and shut up phrase fits. Wrote a blog on Team Sarah about that very thing. Thanks for comment, and you are right Piper as well as all other young girls need roll models, and not the Hollywood misguided models. Thank You

  • Gilly

    Poor Christians…so persecuted. Give me a break. Once again Bristol plays the victim card.

    • zee

      Everyone plays the victim card, whether on the right or the left.