Lolo, Gabby, and Trashing Good Role Models

How many of you loved watching the Olympics?

I so enjoyed seeing the gymnasts fly through the air and the runners going at such amazing speed.

But what I didn’t like was seeing how those Christian Olympic athletes were treated.

Lolo Jones was criticized for admitting she was a virgin, and Gabby Douglas was criticized for thanking God for her gold medal, and even for her hair!?

Those girls should be looked up to in our culture, not ridiculed.  I want Piper to have strong female role models, and Lolo and Gabby are so much better in the spotlight than the anything-goes type of celebrities.

So, thank you, Lolo and Gabby for sticking up for your beliefs and giving God the glory!

Here’s a Bible verse for both of you!

“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.” (Luke 6:23)

  • Megan M

    Felt so bad for the way Lolo was ridiculed for not winning – she came in 4th in the Olympics people…that is amazing and something none of us will ever do and she missed a medal by a couple tenths of a second, that’s a bummer for her so we should be trying to cheer her up not tear her down! Gabby is young and going to be herself so keep on thanking God Gabby! 2 great athletes and people

  • ImaLindatoo

    Way to go Bristol…..and ladies, keep smiling while you’re doing it-it drives the haters CRAZY :)

    I’m also so confused by the Liberals. They were silent on their other scolding eating meat, except MO had the nerve to chastize Gabby on Jay Leno. AS IF. MO is the first to continue eating HER PIZZA, RIBS, FRIES, fat laden pate, etc, to scold Gabby for an Egg McMuffin WTF? But thank you Gabby for letting them know you chowed down heavily on chicken and other meat for the high protein to strengthen your muscles. LOL

    PETA … Bill Maher…….dare I say PAM ANDERSON….quiet because it will hurt Barry from Indonesia?

    • Marcia

      Imalindatoo, the First Lady was joking with Gabby about the Egg McMuffin. If you bothered to watch it you would see they both were having some fun.

  • bellagrazi

    Jeez, is this how shallow we’ve really become as a nation?! Congrats to two extraordinary women! By the way, Piper also has you and your mom as strong female role models. As do millions of other girls/women. Just sayin’. PS: That second link isn’t working.

    • Mariah

      You see, we as a nation went down!! Today, I talked about my faith in class because someone asked. Now, I have to deal with threats, hate, and other beating on me. What I said in class was video taped and might go on youtube and facebook. I have ro be in the office studing tomarrow. A rummer spread. Now, I am just pure trash. Our culture is full of it!!

      • zee

        I think in many ways our culture has improved. However, in ways like you have noted and this article has noted, our culture has drastically regressed. All you can try to do is be as principled as possible and not stoop to a low level to reply to them.

  • susan

    Gabby was also criticized for not wearing a more “patriotic” uniform. How do you feel about that?

  • Thomas

    Bristol, who cares? Just another knock up teen with a High School degree.

  • http://LoloandGabbybeinggreatChristianrolemodels Cheryl Walker

    Lolo and Gabby’s courage along with Bristal and your Mom are blowing this world’s system to be a follower out of the water. This world wants people to have one leader then expects everyone to join their club and bow down to its rules as puppets. Christians to have their own belief in our Omnipotent Savior and will die naming Jesus our Messiah thento even be willing to stand alone against the world! People become so enraged that they don’t have that same courage to be so secure and to not love in the fear they live. I am so proud of those in the public taking advatage of their position to speak for Godly Principles! Thank you.

    • Marcia

      Cheryl, this world wants people to have one leader? What?????

  • http://LoloandGabbybeinggreatChristianrolemodels Cheryl Walker

    Thomas – if you say Who cares, then why would take the time to involve yourself? You have an obvious issue with yourself that needs to be brought to God himself one on one by you in pray. I will also pray for you as an obvious hurting heart in this world. Something in your burst of rudeness and finger pointing to Bristol who has actually publicly discussed with courage her situation and does NOT complain BUT works hard at moving forward as MATURE teenagers do. She has now proven herself to now be a very strong independent, wise, young woman. Bristol will be extremely smart to NOT settle now for just any man out there. I have no doubt now by emails from guys like you to realize there are very few men even WORTH her time to consider as a possible future partner for her life and her son.

  • Mark Miller

    Your link on Gabby is broken. Looking at the article on Lolo didn’t look condescending, from what I read. It just talked about her saying she wanted to get it out there that she’s a virgin to explain why she’s single. What’s offensive about that? She’s the one who talked about the “30-year-old virgin” tweet. That’s the only thing I could make out that might’ve made her feel sheepish, but she brought it up.

    • Bill589

      Others have brought it up. I’ll try to find a link.

  • David

    I enjoyed watching the Olympics – there were a lot of great performances.

    The News Media seems to want to focus on the Negative – the bad things that happen – instead of the Positive – the good things that happen – and people watch too much of these Negative News Programs and are affected by all of this Negativity without realizing it.
    When these News Programs get too Negative, maybe people should just change Channels.

  • Jessica seivane

    I completely agree with you Bristol. To bring negative light to such a positive experience is so typical of negative people. Way to give these women the positive attention they deserved. freedom of speech is beautiful until it becomes ugly and hurtful. Thank goodness for our father in heaven keeping us strong and walking at our side for strength and courage.