Sunday School Stud

  • SueB

    Very precious. Praying you all stay grounded in the Lord.

  • Gilly

    An elevated gas fireplace surrounded by carrara marble. Pretty good for an unwed mother who has been “picked” on so badly by the LSM.

    • chris

      Thats why she “wrote” a book. So we all know how bad she has it. Its been tough for her. After Mary, she is only the second unwed mother to have a child.

      • Gilly


      • daisy


  • Carol Bridwell

    What a handsome little man! He’s adorable. :)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    The boy ia all spiffed up and ready to go give praise unto the Lord and to give thanks for all his blessings and for having a great Mom.

  • aaron krohn

    Is he Tripp Palin or…..
    Dennis the Menace??

    After all, Dennis looked all spiffy and handsome and……GOOD…….
    in HIS best Sunday duds!!

    But WAS he??

    Ask his next door neighbor, Mr Wilson!!

    LOL……Just joking!!

    Tripp is absolutely adorable!!

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, Bristol! Tripp is super handsome in his Sunday school duds! Charlie’s super cute! Tripp definitely gets his sense of style from you, Bristol! Very dapper!

  • Richard Head

    At what church does he attend Sunday School?

    • bob

      The witches church.

    • daisy

      You don’t really think you’re going to get an answer do you?

  • David

    They are both pretty cute. Looks like they like posing for photos.

    • daisy

      Duh..this was a photo.

  • O. P. Ditch

    Did you really mean “stud”? How about “dude” instead?
    2    [stuhd] Show IPA
    1. a studhorse or stallion.
    2. an establishment, as a farm, in which horses are kept for breeding.
    3. a number of horses, usually for racing or hunting, bred or kept by one owner.
    4. a male animal, as a bull or ram, kept for breeding.
    5. a herd of animals kept for breeding.

  • trisha Holderfield

    and He Is A Handsome Guy too