You Don’t Have to Agree on Issues to Get Along (Thanks, Louis Van Amstel!)

I laughed when someone forwarded me an article titled, “DWTS Pro Louis Van Amstel Is Rooting For Bristol Palin – Say What?”

Apparently, in an interview about Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, Louis gave his opinions on the new season and had some nice things to say about me:

“I’m rooting for Bristol, she’s a very down-to-earth woman…”

He also said he felt for me, since I don’t have any dance instruction and am competing against amazing athletes with great natural talent. I think WetPaint, was surprised that Louis was so positive about me, since he’s openly gay.

However, as I’ve written before, we don’t have to agree about politics or the Bible to get along!  Thanks, Louis, for the kind words and I look forward to seeing how you’ll be a part of this new season!  (Your tweet was mysterious!)


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  • Bree Merr

    Louis as always been gracious and he was gracious here. Timbit if you were playing games to manipulate a response that you wanted then maybe you should stop being manipulative. I have wondered about where you stand and just did not respond because you came across as not real. So say what you want to say and stop playing games. This issues about the “unfairness” may be real and should be handled by your representives who profess to serve his people. You speak of the Palins as if they are so lowly in your eyes, so how are they responsible for this problem? How are they going to fix this problem since you think they are so lowly? Why don’t you go to someone you admire and think is so intelligent and influential and easily manipulated by you. If you are wasting your time with such lowly unintelligent people then why be here? Do you see the dichotomy?

  • jojo

    Bristol, If Sabrina Bryan is voted on as the fan favorite Mark will be switched to her since he wanted her originally, and Louis would get you, or TPTB will just have him dance with Sabrina, but her & Mark fans want them re-united… hopefully Kyle will win the vote LOL.

  • SueB

    Great post, Bristol. You and Mark will do great. You have wonderful chemistry and your dancing last time was awesome.

  • Kim

    I am a Christian. I do NOT hate gay people. Society wants people to believe that we HATE them because that belief will always cause division. I do believe homosexuality is a choice – a behavior that is chosen by the person. God loves everyone. He sent His son to die on the cross for all of us. Gay and not-gay. He is able to help anyone who desires to change their life – their behavior. However, if people chose to live a gay lifestye that is their choice and the rest of us do not have to agree. Nor do we have to change the definition of marriage.
    My father died and my Mom had to buy inheritance tax. So, I’m not sure I follow the unfair to gays inheritance tax issue. Set up a will and have all you assets go to your partner.

  • Kim

    Gosh, take a moment to think before you say/post something. The ugliness is not necessary. It only fuels the anger and hurts hearts. Gilly, I promise you – I do not hate gays. I cannot speak for every Christian but the ones I know and spend time with do not hate anyone. Disagreeing does not equal hate. My heart hurts for you – I cannot imagine how painful it is to feel hated. I am praying for you.

    • Cindy

      Kim are you unaware of the number of gay people who have committed suicide this year alone after being so bullied in school? Christians tell the gay community they are an abomination and will not go to heaven. Christians tell the gay community they are disgusting. The Family Research Council ( an evangelical group) along with the National Organization for Marriage( another evangelical group) routinely spread fear and hatred about gay people. They say that gay people prey on children and abuse them, that gay people spread disease and lead immoral lives. They turnout by the hundreds of thousands to a fast food restaurant to let the gay community know they are unwanted and not equal. If you really mean the words you say you will work with the Christian community to stop this treatment. Regardless of what your church or god or holy book says these people are Americans and deserve to be treated equally and with respect. That Christians of all people don’t get this is mind-boggling.

      • VKKippy

        This is not a pro gay or anti gay website. Christians do not say that gays lead an immoral lifestyle–GOD says that in His Word. As Christians, we follow God. All people were created by God in His image, and for that very reason alone, they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Period.

        • Cindy

          So you blame God. Ever wonder why God needed man to write down his word? He created the entire universe but couldn’t produce a simple book of rules for us to live by?

          • Mariah

            Cindy, why hate?? Me as a Christian was and even today bullied. You throw out your stats. Tell me this then, why are you grouping people?? If you want equal, then why are you not?? This world is not perfect, nor will it ever be. Yes, some Christians bully. But don’t some gays?? And some of other goups. Yes, we all bully. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. We as people are not perfect. You should look at it as it is. We as People, not Christians or gays, but People, are not Perfect!!! We should Love, but people don’t. So we make the best of what we got.

  • chelsie

    I love you bristol! (:
    I am probably one your biggest fan.
    You are one of my role modles!

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  • CJ

    All I have to say is, Louis Van Amstel is a sweetheart!! I mean, “ya just gotta love him!” When I read what he wrote, I wanted to give him the biggest HUG!

    Thank you, Louie!!! And MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU, and KEEP YOU; The Lord make his face to shine upon YOU, and be gracious unto YOU; The Lord lift up his countenance upon YOU, and give YOU peace for your gracious, kind, loving and compassionate heart toward Bristol :)

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, I saw that article yesterday morning and sent him a nice tweet. That was super sweet of him. Class act. My guess is he will be paired with Sabrina, if she gets voted in. Or maybe Carson. Haha

  • Kimberly

    I am rooting for you too, Bristol!!!