You Don’t Have to Agree on Issues to Get Along (Thanks, Louis Van Amstel!)

I laughed when someone forwarded me an article titled, “DWTS Pro Louis Van Amstel Is Rooting For Bristol Palin – Say What?”

Apparently, in an interview about Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, Louis gave his opinions on the new season and had some nice things to say about me:

“I’m rooting for Bristol, she’s a very down-to-earth woman…”

He also said he felt for me, since I don’t have any dance instruction and am competing against amazing athletes with great natural talent. I think WetPaint, was surprised that Louis was so positive about me, since he’s openly gay.

However, as I’ve written before, we don’t have to agree about politics or the Bible to get along!  Thanks, Louis, for the kind words and I look forward to seeing how you’ll be a part of this new season!  (Your tweet was mysterious!)


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  • Sharon

    By the time they are four years old, gay children know they are different. When people (Christians and others) ask them not to pursue this life style, they are asking them to do one of two things–live with (or marry) women/men and pretend to be straight, or live a very lonely life. Ask people who have been in this situation. It’s inhuman to ask anyone to live alone, unless it’s their choice. They are truly “born that way.”

  • Robert Augustine

    Dance can be enjoyed by everyone and how refreshing to see that an apparent political disagreement has not stopped Louis or Bristol from a respectful dialogue about thinks upon which they do agree and tolerance in a time of such intolerance. Freezing out people with whom you disagree is not a constructive solution.

  • jojo

    SMH at the mean comments by even Mark’s friends and biggest fans (some of whom he knows by name at speaks to them at his concerts).
    ‏@ billinlv
    @ kayell99 @ do_fan Wish Mark the best but don’t think Bristol is going to be the draw she was & she did dance poorly!
    13 Aug ‏@do_fan
    @billinlv I always want the best for Mark but this is going to be tough. She is a known quantity now and is not liked nor can she dance!
    13 Aug @billinlv
    @do_fan yeah. Don’t think she’ll get the sympathy of those who don’t like her mom or the support from those who do this time.
    9:49 AM – 13 Aug 12
    13 Aug ‏@do_fan
    @billinlv No. People know her and will decide purely based on her this time and she can’t compete with this field dance wise

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  • Drew

    Vkip the word you speak of was written by man not god. God speaks to everyone not just you or the people who wrote the bible. The problem with many “Christians” is you always want everyone else to follow rules you can’t even follow yourselves and you pick and choose which rules to apply.
    Also you should read more about the cult of Mormonism before you vote in the upcoming election. You should be more concerned about what they do with the teachings of the bible and how they “adapt” them for their cult.

  • Jacinda

    Being gay is someone’s sexual orientation, nothing more. I don’t understand why people straight and gay feel the need to make this such an issue. What people do in the bedroom needs to stay private (gay or straight).

  • Gilly

    Very telling Timbit that NONE of these good Christians stood up for gay citizens being denigrated by your pseudo. They can say all day long that they “hate the sin but love the sinner”. Baloney. They hate gay people. Period. They can’t reconcile their fragile belief system which both creates and condemns gay people at the same time. So they insist that gays choose to be gay. Even though commonsense tells them this is not true. They would rather hold on to their bible then treat people with respect. If there is a god…surely they will be judged for this someday.

  • Marcia

    Timbit, you haven’t been banned by Nanxy or called out by any of Bristol’s fans because the despicable things you wrote are how they truly feel. Sad, really.

    And what you wrote about Louis is spot on.

  • makya

    your the disgusting guy that has nothing better to do then make fake profiles just to go around and start stupid shit!! You need to get a life!! your the kind of person that makes this world the way it is never looking forward always wanting to stay in the past get over your damn self and grow up TIMBIT!!!!

  • Juleen

    Timbit, Get over yourself and that hateful anger. If you act nice, people will love you. Jesus loves you.

  • Cindy

    Truth hurts Marcia and Makya. Timbit exposed the Palin fans for who they truly are.

  • Marcia

    HI Cindy. I think you wrote thd wrong name there. I am in agreement with Timbit.

  • Cindy

    Sorry Marcia. For some reason it displays the posts out of order for me sometimes here.

  • P.J. Agnew

    Sorry, but you have no clue what you are talking about. I don’t hate gay people, I hate the sin…just as I hate my own sin and other sins described in the Bible. I am not righteous, quite far from it really. We will be judged according to our sins ultimately ~ however, with Jesus Christ things can be set right. It seems that you might actually want to read the Bible because you kinda making assumptions that are off the mark.