How I Really Feel About Levi’s New Baby

As you have undoubtedly heard, Levi just welcomed a baby with his girlfriend last week.  Immediately, people wondered how I would respond to the news that my son Tripp has a new half-sister.

Which strikes me as a little odd.  Though I don’t have much interaction with Levi, of course I’m happy for him.  A child is a blessing and I know they are experiencing the joys (and challenges!) of having a newborn.

Tripp sent the new baby flowers, and we both wish all the best for her!

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  • Cathy

    What happened to Gino. You two seemed so much in love together. I thought we might be getting another wonderful Palin in the near future for Tripp to play with.

    • melinda

      Tripp isn’t a Palin, he is a Johnston. There has been no name change. As for Gino, that was another fling. Too bad Bristol encouraged Tripp to call him “daddy”. Then there was Joey Junker. Next? Who knows…..

  • Nightbird

    Ugh, I think ‘whatever’. I feel sorry for the baby. Tripp has a great family and men in his life to follow as examples. This one may not. That’s sad.

    • ladydawnelle

      I agree with Nightbird

    • James

      Wow, how terrible to think like that.
      For the record the new baby has two great parents and an extended family that is over the moon. She is already spoiled rotten. Tripp is also part of that family and Bristol has been working with Levi lately to make sure Tripp sees his father.

      Remember there are two sides to every story, Levi loves both of his children dearly and wants to be in both of their lives regardless of what you have heard about him.

      • rebecca

        what we have heard and what remains to be seen are 2 quite different things. no one is making assumptions about levi, rather going by his own track record that he himself created!!! by the way, james… much are you getting paid to monitor blogs and say things that make levi look good??? i’m sure a lot of us are curious about that one. but, in case you are saying things because you, too, are a single dad, please get all the facts straight before voicing your ‘opinion’. do you really, honsetly think bristol would keep tripp from his dad??? i think not!!!!!

      • Truth101

        James, You are so full of it. Bristol just said in an interview that she has no contact with the sperm donor. Ricky is living with his extexded family. The drug addict mother and the stripper sister. Maybe Ricky and the stripper sister can get a gig and strip together.

  • Bekah

    Ok, looking at the comments here and trying to figure out how Isabella’s even fits into this at all. Really? You actually said that?
    Bristol, thank you for taking the high road here once again and doing what is right as well as setting the positive example for Tripp.
    Take care girl and God bless

  • Dana

    Good for you!! Very classy. Was very nice to send the flowers too.

  • hesnotmypresident

    Good girl sweetheart! Best way to handle it. Hopefully Levi will be preoccupied with his baby now and quit telling lies about you and your family. Tripp is adorable, and you are a great mom. Never believe anything else!

  • Kathy Sleen

    I hope the daddy grows as the baby does and you can someday attend little sisters birthday party with your boy. It would be best for the children. I make a point of telling the grandchildren the good things about their Dad. You could say to Tripp ” He sure was good looking and so are you.”

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, you are always extremely gracious. A child is always a blessing. Tripp must be thrilled to have a new baby sister. Hopefully, one day you will give him more little brothers and sisters.

  • Truth101

    Bristol, It is amazing. Ricky Hollywood knocks up another girl. Ricky Hollywood trashed your family for money. Ricky Hollywood could care less about his son unless there is money attached to it. Ricky Hollywood owes thousands in child support. Ricky Hollywood can’t afford one child and now he has two. Ricky Hollywood the umemployed bum.

    The corrupt MSM could ask so many questions about that lying bum but they want to harass you about that lying turd’s second child out of wedlock.

    • Ralph

      Levi Johnston is not an unemployed bum. He has a job as an electrician.

      Your tone is so Christ-like.

      • rebecca

        out of all of that, the only untruth is that he has a job? wow!!!! thanks for establishing that the rest is true……i think we all knew that, though!!!

        • Truth101

          Ralph, Have you not heard the latest from the lying scumbag Ricky Hollywood? I can’t keep up with all of Ricky’s lies. The latest is Ricky Hollywood is an unemployed oil worker. Maybe Ricky should contact the liars at Yahoo to correct that story.

      • NanaJ

        Did he actually get a license as an electrician or he is just a helper? Sunny says she is a school TEACHER. I understand she was just a helper at pre-school.

        • Heather

          Sunny never said she was a teacher. She is a PRESCHOOL TEACHER. Nice way to take something out of context. Daycare is often considered preschool. Most of them actually teach instead of just babysitting.

        • Truth101

          Ricky Hollywood is an unemployed bum but he just got a check for $800 from the Alaska fund so that should hold him over for 1 day.

  • john norton

    Keep on Truckin …

  • Steve

    You certainly have more character than Levi Bristol. good for you!