How I Really Feel About Levi’s New Baby

As you have undoubtedly heard, Levi just welcomed a baby with his girlfriend last week.  Immediately, people wondered how I would respond to the news that my son Tripp has a new half-sister.

Which strikes me as a little odd.  Though I don’t have much interaction with Levi, of course I’m happy for him.  A child is a blessing and I know they are experiencing the joys (and challenges!) of having a newborn.

Tripp sent the new baby flowers, and we both wish all the best for her!

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  • NanaJ

    Blessings to you and Tripp, Bristol. The flowers from Tripp was most gracious.

  • Pooja

    very good. Interesting

  • Heather

    Some of you people are quite a show.
    1) Sunny isnt a teacher. she is a PRESCHOOL TEACHER. Nice way to take things out of context. Most daycares teach and are considered preschool because they do more than just babysit.
    2) Levi has a job as an electrician. Who the crap cares if he is a helper or not? If he is getting paid, does it matter?
    3) Levi is behind on child support because it is some crazy amount. Child support was set on what he made when he did Playgirl, the book, and other side gigs. Granted, he probably should have filed a modification for child support once he no longer made that sort of money. Most people…average people…dont have career politicians for parents. Levi’s mother gets disability. He is simply just your average Joe.
    4) Whatever Levi and Sarah Palin say about each other is their business.
    5) I think it was sweet Bristol sent flowers from tripp.

    • Truth101

      I see you are a Ricky Hollywood lover?
      Ricky Hollywood is an unemployed oil worker. That is his latest lie.
      Ricky Hollywood is behind on his child suppport payments because the scam artists that talked that loser into lying about the Palins took all his money.
      Ricky Hollywood is a lowlife scumbag that trashed and lied about the Palins for an easy buck. I am sure that drug addict mother and batty sister were right there whispering in his ear to do it for the money and for us. The Hollywood liberals used that scumbag up and now look where he is? He is back at home living in his drug addict mom’s basement.

      Sarah Palin never talks about that lowlife scumbag. He’s the creep that injects the Palin name into all of his problems.

      All the nasty lying shiz that scumbag loser said about his son’s family is out there and someday Tripp will read and see it. That is your Ricky Hollywood and the scumbag piece of shiz still won’t shut his mouth if he thought there was a free penny to put his pocket.

      Ricky Hollywood is scum.

      • Cheryl

        Wow, do you know this family personally ? I am always interested in knowing how people get their info before I judge people. I do not know Levi but I need more first hand knowledge before I can blame him for EVERYTHING..

  • aaron krohn

    I think your wishes for Levi’ the Liar’s newborn will go unfulfilled.
    And who better to know this??
    What has Levi the Liar done for Tripp….except to provide (during a date rape!!) the sperm from which he grew??
    He’s given no money and no emotional support….to you or to his son.
    He’s a total LOSER!!!

    I just hope that someone gets that new baby taken away from Levi the Liar… he’ll have a good chance to grow into a family who really cares for their children….even if it’s a foster family!!

    I know you’re a Christian who believes in forgivance and redemption…..but in Levi the Liar, you have someone who does NOT deserve your good wishes!!

    • melinda

      Aaron, that tale of alleged date rape at the start of Bristol’s book is not when Tripp was conceived, but rather when/how Bristol allegedly lost her virginity. She continued to have sex after that and eventually Tripp was conceived.

  • CJ

    Bristol, once again, you have taken the high road in a sensitive situation.
    Tripp is so Blessed to have a mama like you :)

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  • Brooke

    But didn’t you express horror in a previous interview at the idea that Tripp might have to go to school with 10 half-siblings? That was certainly a mature, responsible comment to make as his mother by the way…

    • autumng

      Probably directed at Levi’s lack of ability to keep his pants zipped up and continuing to spread his “seed” before he’s wed.

      • melinda

        Actually autumng, that’s a family trait of Bristol’s. Bristol, her brother, her mother, her grandmother……

  • politicaljules

    I think the moral of the story here is…. Bristol is over it. We should strive to be over it too. It is not to drag everything through the mud again. Sometime very soon we aregoing to have to act like grownups.

  • Sarah

    Brooke, I think her whole logic about the situation is how it’ll effect Tripp in the long run. Other kids may make fun of him for having half-siblings and/or because of who his parents are. And like PoliticalJules said, all in all, Bristol is over it. Very sweet of you to send Tripp’s sister (half or not, they’re still related to an extent), flowers on his behalf :).