On 9/11, Remembering and Thanking

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport as he heads back to Afghanistan after his visit home this summer. :(

On this September 11, we remember the thousands who died on that terrible day, the thousands more who’ve fallen defending us abroad, and the men and women who have sacrificed so much to defend us during eleven long years of war.  I’d especially like to thank my brother, Track, for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I love you and admire you more than you know.

  • Sharon

    Bristol, I’m so proud of Track and I appreciate his service to our country!! You keep up the good work!!

  • David

    I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard about the Terrorists Attacks on 9/11/01. It is hard to believe that our Troops are still fighting in Afghanistan 11 years after those attacks. Our Troops should have been brought home from Iraq after Sadam was captured and executed, and our Troops should have been brought home from Afghanistan after Bin Laden was killed.

  • Gilly

    I’m a White female, Non-Religious and Liberal. I’m a Democratic member since day one.
    Mitt Romney and his Party, and their sycophantic followers, and their Relgious Right thugs, have labeled me the enemy.
    They’ve branded me a likely feminist terrorist. I’m called evil for being gay. I’m called a slut. I’m called a reactionary. I’m called stupid.
    I don’t think Mitt Romney considers me worth worrying about.
    So I won’t consider him when I vote in November.
    He’s just a bad nightmare for America that needs to be defeated politically.

    • Mariah

      Wow!!! How Crazy!!! Just yesterday I was mobbed for being conservative…and many of my Tea Party friends Hurt Physically. One sent to the hospital. Some beating for being Christian!!! I have been branded the same thing just for being conservative!! Maybe we should stop Hating, and start Loving!!! think about these things before you speak!!!

  • Holley

    God Bless your Brother for his service!! My younger brother served with the army over in Iraq. Prayed for his safe return daily. He did return home safely! Praying for the families who have lost a loved one, from 9-11 and praying for our troops safe return.

  • Kelly

    You will be happy to know that I spent September 11th giving birth to our beautiful daughter Rachel (our third child). She arrived 3 weeks before her due date. After spending a week in the hospital with minor complications for both of us, we are back home now and in good health again.

  • Sue

    Oh loookie, a one of the palin-hater nuts is here.

  • AnnA

    Just keeping it real Sue!

  • jj

    What’s the matter with you? Take the hate to other sites and don’t use 9/11 and our troops as a guise to voice your inaccuracies!

  • Mariah

    Thank You JJ!!!!